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The functionality behind LessLoss products
DFPC High Performance Power Cables Skin-filtering technology enhances the performance of power cords by filtering unwanted high-frequency noise, without inhibiting dynamic performance.
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Tunnelbridge Distortionless IC System Special circuitry creates a surrogate clone of the audio signal. Via the cableʼs tunnel and bridge design, the original signal passes distortion-free, while only the surrogate clone is distorted.
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LessLoss Digital Cables Using our reflection-attenuation network, we address cable-internal reflections that cause jitter. Simultaneously, 5 shielding methods work together to stop high-frequency induction, all the way up into the multi-gigahertz range.
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Audiophiles react to LessLoss We visited several audiophiles in the Philadelphia and New England area. Here they express their impressions using LessLoss products.
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Insights from our calibrated measurements