Bound for Sound reviews the Firewall

December 2008, Issue #190, author: Marty DeWulf
"Once broken-in, feel free to plug anything you want into it - it can take it. Power amps, once the bane of all power line conditioners can't faze it. The limiting factor in this instance is the wall itself."

"Whether I was using the Pass XA30.5 drawing over 200 watts continuously, or some monster class A mono amps, the Firewall was a non-limiting element. It's fair to say then that Liudas' goal of making a line filter that would in no way limit or reduce current from the wall was successful - hugely successful."

"I was shocked at what I heard. The impact of the Firewall on the Big Rig was greater than I had ever anticipated. Pulling it and going directly to the wall for power resulted in my system sounding as if it were in dual mono. The stage receded noticeably with center images becoming exceedingly narrow while lacking dimension. Where did the air go? There were huge holes in the soundstage, and what had sounded like a continuous spread of music from left to right, and front to back was all of a sudden distorted; almost lumpy in some places and empty of sound in others - the scale of one image to another was out of whack. In an odd sort of way, listening without the Firewall was almost like looking into one of those carnival mirrors that makes part of you look fat and other parts thin. It was obvious that the Firewall brought to the music substance and gravitas, a weight and density, especially in the lower mids and upper bass that had never been there before. At the same time, you've never heard the highs in your system until you've heard them with the Firewall in place. Cymbals and bells that were blurry or sshisshy without the LessLoss, came into superb focus with a nice sense of clarity and resilience."

"One thing that didn't change was the superb dynamic action of the system. Plugged into the wall only, the Big Rig had considerable pop and energy with good leading edges. This is the area where most AC line conditioners from other manufacturers fail, even if only by a little bit. Most conditioners soften edges and reduce dynamic differences, especially low level shading. The Firewall thankfully left in place the macro dynamic action and shading which Liudas put so much effort into preserving in the first place. Additionally, the Firewall improved on the micro dynamic graduations and energy contouring."
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Kaiser Acoustics on the Firewall

November, 2008, author: Rainer Weber, PhD., Technical Director of Kaiser Acoustics, maker of the cost-no-object Kawero! loudspeaker
"I never, never heard such a difference from a power filter. After one song I decided to switch our development system to be fed by a LessLoss Firewall."

"Sound stage is much more stable and the tone itself has the right harmonics. You can feel the body of the instruments. Wood sounds like wood. Brass like brass."
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Firewall at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest RMAF 2008

October, 2008, author: Jason Victor Serinus, Clement Perry, Doug Schroeder, Steven Rochlin
Stereophile: "Ecstasy"
Stereo Times: "Best and Affordable!"
Dagogo: "Spectacular sounding"
EnjoyTheMusic: "Best sound of show"
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LessLoss Firewall AC Line Conditioner

October, 2008, issue #189, author: Marty DeWulf
"For those of you that have already purchased LessLoss power cords, you know what this conditioner sounds like - It sounds like the power cords - but on steroids. Bring to mind every good thing that you like about the sound of the power cords, then multiply it by twenty, thirty, whatever. This conditioner imparts to your AC all the clarity, transparency and dynamic life that the cords impart, but more... much more."

"In terms of sonics, it's in a class of its own."

"The theory and concepts behind this design are new and in many respects revolutionary... there is nothing like it."

"It is new, truly new and based upon a different concept of power line filtering. It looks at everything from a different angle. Liudas hasn't restructured the laws of physics, he's just using them in a different way."

"The Firewall imparts a wholeness to the music through a window of pure transparency."
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