Hjemmekino reviews the LessLoss DFPC Signature

September 2010, author: Roy Ervin Solstad
"The DFPC Signature added more fullness and a level of resolution and detail the two others couldn't match."

"We believe that LessLoss DFPC Signature power cable can provide an enhancement just like a component change in your hifi system."

The article (in Norwegian) is here.
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Puresound reviews the LessLoss DFPC Signature

September, 2010, author: Roeland Vereecken
"The extended dynamics, the lowered noisefloor, the musicality and the ability to bring the musicians into the room."

"LessLoss cables lifted the musical interpretation for me made me better get into the music and I dare to say Bach's Mattheus Passion never brought me to tears in such a way as on that evening with La Petite Bande and the LessLoss DFPC."

"In a good high res system, this is definitely the cable to go for. It will almost literally blow your mind."

Original Dutch version here.
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6moons reviews the LessLoss DFPC Signature

August 2010, author: Marja & Henk
"LessLoss attacks environmental noise riding on power cables in a very special way."

"Bass was sumptuous, the midrange delicate and the treble airy and fast. There was absolutely nothing wrong with their performance in our system."

"...pulls you deeper into the performance and only lets go when the CD is stopped or the needle hits the final groove."
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Dagogo Reviews the LessLoss DFPC Signature

February 2010, author: Ed Momkus
"It isn't just superb in doing one or two things – it does everything well, whether detail, extension, transparency, performer placement, soundstage depth and width, PRAT, etc."

"I was able to easily demonstrate the DFPC Signature's superiority to visiting non-audiophiles, all of whom preferred the DFPC Signature without hesitation. In fact, the only cables that came close were the original DFPCs."

"...would typically fit in the $2,000 to $3,000 range but which sells for $1,150 on the LessLoss website, including shipping."
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