C-MARC Wins Double Awards at Mono&Stereo

August, 2017, author: Matej Isak
"Very inspiring performers to say the very least."

"The first minute instantly reveals how much potency the cables are able to carry. Not only with regard to sonics, but also to emotional transfer."

"One is really engaged because the interactive path between the performer and listener are bridged so well. At the end of the day, this is where the so-called magic resides. Not in a particular clinical dissection of the sound into constituent parts, but in potently rendering the message, that can evoke notions of the original aura of the music."

"These [C-MARC] products speak for themselves."

"true gems"

"An unexpected and most welcome lightness of notes floating and inducing overtones suddenly made more sense on a grander scheme of realism and drama."

"And "constitutional" is a word that describes the primary qualities of C-MARC cables. Their no-nonsense approach revealed what Kenny Burrell had to "say". It's all about the message with The Mule and Soul Lament and these C-MARC cables managed to deliver the essence and invaluable message of this music."

"Especially with Midnight Blue, where the musical energy is extremely dense, the C-MARC cables reacted within the true high end realm with no unwanted fluttering or mashup of chaotic dissection of the overtones."

"Even from the first dramatic moments of the Tchaikovsky symphony, the brass fanfare quickly reveals the high sonic performance of these cables."

"The LessLoss C-MARC cables, without artificial texturing, manage to really let loose the sound with impressive speed and power, thus forming that unmistakeable brass ensemble experience, usually achievable only from cable sets costing in the five digit range."

"Instead of an embossed laser-like etching of every single ornament, the LessLoss C-MARC cables portray the orchestra in a naturally informative, I want to say refreshing, way."

"When the first movement expands and grows, revealing Tchaikovsky's unmistakable emotional impact, then the previously mentioned "cloud" effect comes even more into focus, revealing all the individual instruments and human intention behind them, constituting the rich sonic "cloud". Like a dark cloud no longer able to hold moisture, a thunder storm is inevitable when the massiveness of the ensemble's tutti pours through these high gauge audio veins. It really is an emotionally moving experience."

"In the third movement, I noted the C-MARC cables' excellent revealing of the minute intricacies of ensemble pizzicato, something only an extremely fast cable can do."

"But, the real challenge with Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4 is yet to come. When in the fourth movement Tchaikovsky calls for con fuoco (with fire!), everything can easily fall apart. If the system's balance and especially the cables are not spot on, the giant harmonious cloud at once starts to dissipate instead of maintain a form larger than its constituent parts. C-MARC's liquid-like nature conveys the orchestra without stepping into the realm of diffraction and dissection. What really left a most lasting impression to me was the way that C-MARC was capable of materializing the orchestra with palpable gestalt. That impression is hard to forget."

"The progress made with the new C-MARC technology is a leap forward of such significance, that I'm more than sure easily convinced Louis to completely overhaul the entire LessLoss cable line."

"C-MARC digs deeper into the constitutional, quark-like particles, that are of defining factor in realistically reconstructing music from both an acoustic and emotional standpoint."

"C-MARC cables are also all very flexible and utterly easy to bend compared to all of the previous LessLoss cables. Their high flexibility and light weight make them much more easy to install."

"Several people wrote me from my initial postings about C-MARC with similar conclusions to mine and we all agreed: C-MARC is more than just worthy of its price. We're living in an era where new stratospheric priced cables appear constantly, and in this context it's not only refreshing, but highly inspiring to witness such grand performance at such reasonable pricing."

"[What I heard is] usually achievable only from cable sets costing in the five digit range."

"I really experienced a sobering moment as the transparency provided by C-MARC came from a completely other universe than expected. This type of resolution and depth is usually reserved only for the upper echelon players, yet the LessLoss C-MARC cables provide a seemingly impossible insight into this esoteric world, a world that is by default unaccessible at this price point (you can easily add a 3x factor and still have a difficult shoot-out)."

"It would be an understatement to call LessLoss C-MARC cables a refreshing, or even exemplary, stand-out product. In fact they are both revolutionary and evolutionary regarding the mountains they traversed on their way forward in the performance realm as well as the accessibility they provide in terms of affordability."

"For these reasons I wholeheartedly grant the LessLoss C-MARC Wire and Cable products both Mono and Stereo's Highly Recommended and Best Buy awards."

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Hong Kong's High Fidelity magazine praises C-MARC cables in 11 page review.

December, 2017
Download a PDF of the Table of Contents here and the 11 page review here. (It is all in the Chinese language.)
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