6moons review of the Blackbody (Part I)

March, 2010, author: Marja & Henk
"One or more Blackbodies strategically placed around our audio equipment alter the sound and help bring out more of the encoded ambient information into the playback venue. The Blackbody does not add anything to the sound or system. It effectively removes something that's intrinsically connected to electronic sound reproduction (the cleaned-up TV image is a nice bonus)."

"Having at least one Blackbody placed at the right spot makes a big difference in how we experience the music. The added spatial information—or better, finally revealed data purged from the former EM clutter—pulls the listener much deeper into the music. Bliss is in the details so to speak."

"After swapping of footers and repositioning of the Blackbodies on the PWD and the one behind the CD transport, we came to the only plausible conclusion. Electromagnetic fields can and will interfere with mechanical resonances. When a part of the enveloping EM field induced by either the equipment itself and/or other gear in proximity is eliminated, resonances earlier defeated by resonance controllers or tuning devices are neutralized as well."

"What happened was not minor. With three Blackbodies at work, the speakers fully detached from the music. With the fourth Blackbody, the room extended well behind the speakers. Though we think soundstaging is not the most important feature of a home system compared to imaging, when it is present and this realistic, it's a thing of beauty. We again used the computer building block as placebo and again had to conclude that it wasn't the weight or proximity of an object that was accountable for the perceived change in sound. "
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An introduction to the Blackbody is given by Srajan Ebaen of 6moons.com

March, 2010, author: Srajan Ebaen
"It proposes to address electro smog effects in a way that's never been attempted before."

"Electro smog? I won't do your homework for you. If you don't believe in the existence of electro smog [...] neither must you fret over [...] how a computer's Wifi module in your hifi might negatively impact other components. Why your system's performance keeps fluctuating despite no apparent changes. Why things in proximity to your gear impact it beyond acoustic reflection or absorption effects. And so forth. I applaud anyone investigative enough to pursue these matters in the hopes of coming up with something that makes a dent."

"Having spent a dinner with Louis Motek, Dan Wright and Jacob George during a Munich hifi show, I'd witnessed Louis recount anecdotes of his many unusual audio experiments. I was impressed by his obvious enthusiasm for the subject and his willingness to spend a lot of time chasing the devil that's in the details."
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Dagogo Reviews the LessLoss DFPC Signature

February 2010, author: Ed Momkus
"It isn't just superb in doing one or two things – it does everything well, whether detail, extension, transparency, performer placement, soundstage depth and width, PRAT, etc."

"I was able to easily demonstrate the DFPC Signature's superiority to visiting non-audiophiles, all of whom preferred the DFPC Signature without hesitation. In fact, the only cables that came close were the original DFPCs."

"...would typically fit in the $2,000 to $3,000 range but which sells for $1,150 on the LessLoss website, including shipping."
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6moons review of the Firewall

February, 2010, author: Marja & Henk
"Without the Firewall, there was a stream of somewhat disconnected tones masquerading as musical performance. With the Firewall, there was musical performance built upon coherent interplay filled with spatial cues, proper timing and dynamic accents."
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Dagogo reviews the LessLoss Firewall power conditioner

February, 2010, author: Ed Momkus
"...an absolutely unprecedented level of natural realism in every aspect of the musical presentation."

"...so much more expressive and three-dimensional."
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