Stereo Mecmuasi reviews the LessLoss DFPC Original

March, 2011, author: Merih Akoğul
The Turkish stereo magazine Stereo Mecmuasi publishes their DFPC Original review, giving their readers their highest recommendation.
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The LessLoss DFPC Signature comes out on top in a 6 power cord test run over the course of one year. Bound for Sound issue #205.

January, 2011, author: Marty de Wulf
"The Signature allows the components it's used with sound their best. Most power cords have a "sound" or character that they seem to impose on every component they are used with. The Signature simply doesn't do that."
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Stereo Times grants 2010 Publisher's Choice Award

January, 2011, author: Clement Perry
The LessLoss Blackbody is granted the 2010 Most Wanted Component Award from Stereo Times (Russell Lichter, Clement Perry, Moreno Mitchell).
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