The DFPC Reference is one of the very best

June, 2014, author: Danny Worth, author: Danny Worth
"fantastic refinement, liquidity, presence and an overall natural presentation, which really made for an enjoyable listen."

"a core sound of liquidity, exceptional detail and a smoothness that allows for leading edges to imprint their note into a wonderfully dark soundstage that oozes musicality and presence."

"defining realism, organic flare and responsiveness to the transient nature of strength, dependent on how intensely each note is struck or blown."

"Decay just dissipates magically into the blackness where notes are still emerging from, retaining overall rhythm through smaller delicacies and nuances."

"so genuine sounding and focused it just draws the listener right in"

"the breath that was added with the DFPC References allowed the graceful notes to shine... well polished with no smear or masking of itself."

"violin had a quality that one would imagine the musician to almost be in the room. The overwhelming realism really was something special within the acoustic space of the performance."

"rhythmic qualities were very strong and natural, detail rendition and dynamics were effortlessly proportioned in a busy soundstage"

"A cleanliness took over ... which had a smoothness to its edges ... that allowed me to really turn up the volume and let her wail."

"natural presentation coupled with masses of detail retrieval, undeniable purity and smoothness just culminates in a soundstage which is enhanced with such musicality, grace and presence that they can only be described as one of the very best power cables I have had the pleasure of listening to."

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DFPC Signature and Reference: Silent Cables with a Message

October, 2014, author: Werner Ero
As a matter of policy, Dutch audiophile print magazine Music Emotion only reviews gear distributed by official local Benelux distributors. On this occasion, they make an exception to their policy and feature a rare review of the DFPC Signature and Reference power cables, available directly from LessLoss.com.

"LessLoss products possess sonic characteristics that are clearly different and in some cases even better than most others."

"They are very balanced and smooth, without tiring fake accents or exaggerated highs."

"The first thing I was struck by was their unique nature compared to many others. Typically any such outstanding features would soon arouse my suspicion, but in this case it was an audible experience of positive technical characteristics."

"Largely neutral, smooth and highly resolving, coupled with a large and well layered sound stage."

"Both LessLoss cables featured a welcome black background and a structure of sound notably more stable than usual."

"The very high information density (DFPC Reference) is one of the first things you will experience with these cables. The beauty is that in this case it doesn't come at the expense of dynamics, expression or liveliness compared to many conventional filtering solutions."

"The Reference sounds more open, more refined in detail, somewhat more spacious and extremely well defined and delineated."

"In direct comparison, the Signature sounds somewhat more closed in and has a somewhat darker timbre. The advantage here is that where the Reference offers extremely high resolving power, where it may be just too much, the Signature can fit just perfectly."

"Considering their high performance, robust construction, tightly gripping plugs and very high standard of fit and finish, the pricing is relatively friendly. It's a healthy price / performance ratio."

"Their approach and their ideas are indeed refreshing, unusual and professional. Add to this their no-nonsense marketing, excellent workmanship, and product quality, we can rejoice in this valuable addition to the market. Their price tag is remarkably attractive, and delivery is notably smooth and hassle free."

"A must therefore for everyone who is in the market for really good power cables that not only offer high resolution, are 'honest,' tonally balanced and musical, but also provide an excellent means of protection from the effects of dirty power."
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Russian press names DFPC "without peer"

July 2015, author: Alexander Chechelev
"The effect of using LessLoss DFPCs in our systems is so clear and palpable, that it frankly seems improbable."

"In most other cases, their impact on the sound is barely noticeable or ambiguous at best, but here no one had any doubts about the benefits of the use of these cables in the system."

"Already during our very first listening session it became apparent that the improvement in sound quality covered all possible aspects - the stage depth, the clarity and articulation of the bass, the clear focus of various sound source images, etc."

"Indeed, compared with traditional filtering circuits, one doesn't feel a loss of dynamics, and the rate of attack does not suffer."

"The concept and implementation behind the LessLoss DFPC definitely works."

"This is a rare case of competent implementation of the original technical solution. It really helps to improve the sound quality of the system."

"Never before have any of us encountered power cords which were so effective that our entire jury was unanimously positive upon evaluation."
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