Firewall at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest RMAF 2008

October, 2008, author: Jason Victor Serinus, Clement Perry, Doug Schroeder, Steven Rochlin
Stereophile: "Ecstasy"
Stereo Times: "Best and Affordable!"
Dagogo: "Spectacular sounding"
EnjoyTheMusic: "Best sound of show"
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LessLoss Firewall AC Line Conditioner

October, 2008, issue #189, author: Marty DeWulf
"For those of you that have already purchased LessLoss power cords, you know what this conditioner sounds like - It sounds like the power cords - but on steroids. Bring to mind every good thing that you like about the sound of the power cords, then multiply it by twenty, thirty, whatever. This conditioner imparts to your AC all the clarity, transparency and dynamic life that the cords impart, but more... much more."

"In terms of sonics, it's in a class of its own."

"The theory and concepts behind this design are new and in many respects revolutionary... there is nothing like it."

"It is new, truly new and based upon a different concept of power line filtering. It looks at everything from a different angle. Liudas hasn't restructured the laws of physics, he's just using them in a different way."

"The Firewall imparts a wholeness to the music through a window of pure transparency."
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