Stereo-Head (Italy) reviews the DFPC Reference power cable

January, 2014, author: Matteo Turotti
"The improvement is immediately recognizable and very clear on both DACs used."

"The textured detail is increased without introducing listener fatigue. Even the general musicality, especially in the deepest bass articulation, is improved. The performance does not suffer despite the filtering effect, and remains perfectly intact."

"The music seems to come from outside the headphones. The result is very natural and pleasant, very similar to a power conditioner while being much less cumbersome."

"The most worrying thing is that usually when power supplies are filtered, dynamics is cut, but with the LessLoss DFPC Reference, this does not happen, and the dynamics come though at their best."

"Their construction is really good, and, in spite of their thickness, are flexible and easy to handle."

"These cables will significantly improve the performance of your digital source in the first place, but they also work really well on the amp, without sacrificing dynamics."

"The LessLoss DFPC Reference power cables are the best we've ever tried."
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Mono and Stereo published performance results with DFPC Reference

October, 2013, author: Matej Isak
"The LessLoss DFPC Signature power cord already thoroughly established itself among cables several times its price. Because of its real world performance."

"The DFPC Signature is the cable with which I can demonstrate real and instant change in a most easy and direct demonstration. Even non-audiophiles can hear the obvious difference. There's no listener prepping or special training needed. An instant shift in performance change is perceived."

"At the risk of appearing pathetic, I felt that my review itself owes it to the performance level of the new DFPC Reference to at least represent an attempt at doing it some justice."

"...pure electrical power fluidity, transparency and stressless impact. Not many power cables are capable of being such a transparent medium."

"The LessLoss DFPC Reference power cord offers both transparency and dynamic potency impressively. We're talking here not about jumping one or two steps upwards, but a whole flight of stairs in one step."

"The actual possible illusion of certain recorded musical events being not envisioned but in fact materialised is what separates the countless shiny offerings found on the market today from the very special ones which do indeed deliver the 'magic'."

"The new LessLoss DFPC Reference builds upon the LessLoss DFPC Signature series with serious, undeniable impact. They inherited the basic advantages of the DFPC series while adding a new dimension of what I'd venture to call 'dynamic simplicity.'"
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Mono and Stereo publishes first statement about the DFPC Reference

September 2013, author: Matej Isak
"The upgrade from the Signature is quite remarkable."
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