Mono & Stereo reviews the DFPC Signature

September, 2011, author: Matej Isak
"The LessLoss power cable made more than a subtle difference, more of a breakthrough and shift of paradigms."

"What happend was a major change in favour of music and the musical event."

"The LessLoss DFPC brought something fresh and natural to the experience. Everything musically related gained in perspective of fine live energy, that is shaped by music impact."

"LessLoss managed to incorporate their imprint, or the lack of it, in the flow of the audio reproduction."
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The Khaleej Times reviews the LessLoss DFPC Signature

June, 2011, author: Malcolm J. Gomes
"It delighted me, when I finally got an opportunity to review a power cord made by LessLoss, that although not cheap, made a significant difference and offered good value."

"A simple and elegant solution that is surprisingly effective."
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The Khaleej Times LessLoss DFPC Signature article continues

June, 2011, author: Malcolm J. Gomes
"It seemed like each musical note had been scrubbed clean, the silence between the notes were quieter and the music sounded so much more like the real thing. The difference was astounding."

"I never realised that there was so much of grunge in the sound of my audio system till I started using the LessLoss power cable. After a few hours of listening I realised that it also reduced the fatigue factor that comes from listening to distorted music."

"The next day I invited a few audiophile friends over for an audition just to see if they could detect the same difference that I'd heard. All of them heard a positive difference."
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The LessLoss DFPC Signature comes out on top in a 6 power cord test run over the course of one year. Bound for Sound issue #205.

January, 2011, author: Marty de Wulf
"The Signature allows the components it's used with sound their best. Most power cords have a "sound" or character that they seem to impose on every component they are used with. The Signature simply doesn't do that."
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Hjemmekino reviews the LessLoss DFPC Signature

September 2010, author: Roy Ervin Solstad
"The DFPC Signature added more fullness and a level of resolution and detail the two others couldn't match."

"We believe that LessLoss DFPC Signature power cable can provide an enhancement just like a component change in your hifi system."

The article (in Norwegian) is here.
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Puresound reviews the LessLoss DFPC Signature

September, 2010, author: Roeland Vereecken
"The extended dynamics, the lowered noisefloor, the musicality and the ability to bring the musicians into the room."

"LessLoss cables lifted the musical interpretation for me made me better get into the music and I dare to say Bach's Mattheus Passion never brought me to tears in such a way as on that evening with La Petite Bande and the LessLoss DFPC."

"In a good high res system, this is definitely the cable to go for. It will almost literally blow your mind."

Original Dutch version here.
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6moons reviews the LessLoss DFPC Signature

August 2010, author: Marja & Henk
"LessLoss attacks environmental noise riding on power cables in a very special way."

"Bass was sumptuous, the midrange delicate and the treble airy and fast. There was absolutely nothing wrong with their performance in our system."

"...pulls you deeper into the performance and only lets go when the CD is stopped or the needle hits the final groove."
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Dagogo Reviews the LessLoss DFPC Signature

February 2010, author: Ed Momkus
"It isn't just superb in doing one or two things – it does everything well, whether detail, extension, transparency, performer placement, soundstage depth and width, PRAT, etc."

"I was able to easily demonstrate the DFPC Signature's superiority to visiting non-audiophiles, all of whom preferred the DFPC Signature without hesitation. In fact, the only cables that came close were the original DFPCs."

"...would typically fit in the $2,000 to $3,000 range but which sells for $1,150 on the LessLoss website, including shipping."
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Bound for Sound praises DFPC Signature performance, issue #197/198

December 2009, author: Marty de Wulf
"[Louis] has done it. This new power cord from LessLoss is substantially improved over any power cord I have ever heard - it's materially and substantially better than his [DFPC Original], whcih was basically better than any one's cord already."

"[Louis] has done something special here; he has taken his power cord beyond the realm of previous power cords, and into those areas of power conditioning previously reserved exclusively for the most advanced and expensive AC line conditioners. To my ears, his Signature cords, all by themselves, are doing to the AC what the best re-generating AC line conditioners and large battery packs have done in the past, and maybe a little more."

"The new Signature eliminated what grain there was (something that I hadn't noticed until it was gone), stripped the musical landscape of artificiality induced by electronic noise, and added solid meat to everything from the upper bass on up. It is truly the finest cord in my experience."

"This new Signature cord strikes me, however, as having broken through another barrier for power cords in that it does many of those things that I have never before associated with power cords. Cords in the past made improvements, though they tended not to be dramatic improvements. The new Signature is the king of dramatic."
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Audiophilia.com grants the LessLoss DFPC Signature the Audiophilia Star Component Award

October 2009, author: Martin Appel
...praise for their high performance, neutrality and low price: "It is without doubt that the LessLoss Signature power cords must take their place in the top echelon of power cords."
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