Thank you for your interest in our Early Bird Credit program.

All Early Bird Credits which have been purchased to date remain valid.

They will be applied to any purchases of the new C-MARCEntropic Process Power Cable (and/or, according to your choice), to the new Blackbody v.2 product.

All inquiries as how to apply existing purchased Credits, and how to acquire even more credits, are to be addressed to Louis Motek by email on [email protected].

Together we will work out exactly what it is you want to achieve, and will apply existing Credits and desired further Credit discounts to your order.

So please, simply write to Louis Motek on [email protected] stating what your plan of action is and Louis Motek will inform you personally on next steps in order to grant you the best possible conditions for these new revolutionary products.

Purchasing pages are here:

C-MARCEntropic Process power cable product page

Blackbody v.2 product page