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Our (your) Bog Wood has landed!

Dear esteemed customers,

The long wait for the bog wood has finally ended. There was such an ordeal getting the maple version that we decided on oak. After the special patented treatment of the wood, both appear somewhat similar in texture, and both are about 20% denser and therefore heavier, but with the difference that the visible pores on the bog oak are just a little bigger.

Next step is to go ahead with the milling process. You will be happy to know that once that is complete, all we have to do is rub in a tiny droplet of special oil to the bog wood and we are ready to assemble the USB Firewall Keys and ship!

The milling guys are going to be able to begin milling in about a week's time from now. This means that we are looking at another, say, 2 weeks and we will then do an all-nighter to get these out to you as quickly as physically possible. You have waited long enough!

Pre-order price reduction will end

We will end the pre-order price reduction from 268 to 231 USD in approximately one week, so if you have not yet done so, now's your final chance to pre-order the USB Firewall Key before the price goes up. We look forward to it!

Fresh pictures

Please enjoy these pictures of the bog wood, which was delivered just an hour ago. The wood is not processed in board form. It is honed down to the required specification after the entire process of turning it into bog wood.

LessLoss Firewall module

The boards as you see them here are 8mm thick and about 44mm wide. The milling process will work them down to the exact size needed for the enclosure of the USB Firewall Key.

LessLoss Firewall module

The view from the edge of the boards shows how the bog wood process not only affects the surface of the wood, but is a structural change of the entire material through and through.

LessLoss Firewall module

​In different lighting situations and camera angles, the color changes, so here are two shots to give you a more general idea.

LessLoss Firewall module

It is not brown like oak and it is not black like ebony. It has kind of a grey or bluish moon glow color to it. One can definitely feel it is 100% natural. It doesn't stink at all. The oil is natural, too, and soaks in to enhance longevity and beauty. It is going to be a different oil than the one we use on the Firewall modules for power.​

LessLoss Firewall module

Thank you for your patience while we complete production.

Louis Motek  |