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Conditions for good sound quality soon to get only worse and worse

Dear Esteemed Customers,

Earlier I mentioned that there is a new development here at LessLoss. I would like to offer some background information in order to introduce the thematic material, in order that you consider the implications of what changes are to come.

The forces at work, the competition, the financial gains to be had, and everybody's short-sighted concern with return of investment, are leading to ambient EM conditions which are worse and worse for us who seek pristine environments for audio playback. We want to help maintain high audio quality in a modern world which is constantly raising microwave background radiation levels. We have already saturated the earth with radio frequencies. Indeed, there are none left in the modern world. The next step is to raise the frequencies to those close to the infrared spectrum.

5G is forcing its way onto the marketplace

There are voices to be heard who are speaking against such a change. Please take the time to listen to these speakers. It is not fear mongering, but rather a sane skeptical viewpoint which is quickly being drowned out by the large forces at work to propel this radiation onto every square meter of living space.

Dr. Sharon Goldberg Testifies at Michigan's 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing

Wireless wake-up call | Jeromy Johnson | TEDxBerkeley

"Electro-smog" is today seen as a funny word

Most mainstream thinking considers the invisible so-called "electro-smog" to be but a figment of imagination. The thinking being, that dissipative effects render such "smog" formation ridiculous. However, every piece of metal is an antenna, regardless of whether it is tuned to receive a desired frequency of signal. Fact is, everything receives radiation, regardless of whether the signal is then decoded or not.

As long as something receives radiation, it also gives off radiation. This makes perfect sense, for if it were not the case, everything would quickly reach infinite temperatures, even from the smallest amount of radiation.

Quantum physics went large steps in order to explain this

Here is a short video to describe what it is we are speaking of:

Cosmic Microwave Background Explained | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

In effect, on a very low level, we are introducing worse and worse ambient silence conditions for our audio systems to function well. The ambient EM atmosphere permeates all things, including our audio systems themselves.

LessLoss is working on a solution for audiophiles

In the past, we had a product called Blackbody which addressed this issue. It quickly got picked up by Gizmodo and Engadget as well as other popular blogs and became the laughing stock of the ignorant non-audiophile culture. We took it off production after initial wave of interest for it faded.

LessLoss BlackBody

The fact that you never see these for sale shows how coveted these units are by those who today are in ownership, and use them every day in their systems. About 1000 units are in use today, all over the world.

Re-visiting the Blackbody

Today we are working to further perfect this approach and to make a new product available which is:

-- Easier to use
-- More versatile
-- Smaller
-- Has a larger effective angle of effectiveness
-- Less in weight
-- Less in cost

It will provide a highly effective means of lowering the ambient background radiation around your system and to increase audible 'focus' of the sound. Much more beauty of musical intent becomes evident and, as such, works to create conditions much as they were in the past before such dramatic local EM pollution began.

We will provide more information about this project as we develop the product. This ambient noise field is the most abstract and least understood aspect in all of audiophile culture, but perhaps the most influential in terms of pure musical enjoyment, second only to the persisting mysteries surrounding cable burn-in and directionality effects when dealing with alternating current.


Louis Motek |