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C-MARC™ Loudspeaker Cable delivers top league performance: new press review

Dear esteemed Customers,

C-MARC™ is at it again, this time winning highest marks and recommendations from Hifi Knights online magazine.

LessLoss C-MARCLessLoss C-MARC

Some of the things said of the C-MARC™ loudspeaker cable in the review where:

"...the very best of their kind..."

"...the ability to extract the very essence of each major device with no drawbacks..."

"...allows a component to fully flourish yet remains unseen while doing so."

"...can be twisted, bent and tangled far more than the usual suspects... Routing in-between components is very easy with this one."

"...smoother, quieter, more organic..."

"...less veiled, more orderly, sported cleaner more lively background and served all nuances in more subtle and delicate fashion."

"...far better on detail retrieval and sounded cleaner yet not artificial at all. Not in the slightest."

"...its own character is no character at all."

"...did far better in showcasing what the AMP-13R is truly capable of and there was a lot to show. Not even one thing the Lithuanian did of lesser quality than the Excellence and the more I switched between these two vastly different cords, the more I acknowledged that the difference between 'em went far deeper than their voicing."

"...delivered more refined and sophisticated outcome."

"...sheer quality and class."

"...utmost graceful..."

"...fabulously black background for music, fine detail retrieval, smoothness, maturity, balance and insight..."

"It's meant for an enthusiast seeking to fully unlock his setup's potential to push it even further, yet with its core flavour intact."

" league performance..."

"...LessLoss C-MARC loudspeaker cable gets my vote..."

Click this image to read the whole review:

LessLoss C-MARC

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