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New Blackbody review / Firewall progress

Dear audiophiles,

The Blackbody has been reviewed by Russell Lichter of Stereo Times:


We have some pictures of the new Firewall for you. First of all, we'd like to show you some computer renditions of how the design will approximately look.

Here is a shot from the front of the Firewall.

This is the USA/Japan version. There is a European Schuko version planned as well.

This is how the Firewall will look from the bottom.

We are going to add a footing solution. What you see there is just the holes.

And here is a shot from the side.

The labeling is still in the works.

We have made our first prototype and have a lot of details to work out, but you can get a general idea from the following pictures. Some things will change still but we are getting closer to what we need to achieve.

Thanks for your interest!

Louis Motek
Managing Director
LessLoss Audio Devices