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Upgrade of Bindbreaker equipment feet now available!

Dear esteemed Customers,

We've created a new base plate for the Bindbreaker equipment feet. These are fully compatible with existing Bindbreakers, so instead of our usual upgrade offer of returning existing units, all you need to do is simply purchase the inexpensive new base plate and swap them out for your existing ones.

The new base plate features dimples which are set out in the same matrix as the vibration absorbing matrix of bolts at the base of the Bindbreaker.

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The prior version of the base plate had a flat surface onto which the matrix of bolts rested. The benefit of the new version is twofold: firstly, it greatly increases the surface contact of the upper main part of the foot to the base. This means that even more of the metal is directly mated to wood for better microvibration absorption. Secondly, this solution creates conditions which disallows any remaining axial microvibrations to 'slip and slide' between the main part of the foot above and the base plate itself. You can feel this by hand quite readily when you mate the two parts together. Holding together the main portion of the foot in one hand and the new dimpled base plate in the other, you will find it simply impossible to twist the two against one another. This added friction which disallows any twisting action means that much more of any existing axial vibrations will be confined to the loose topmost portion of the foot. From there these microvibrations are converted into heat through the mechanism within the hexagonal cap.

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The results in terms of sonics are obviously more natural, with an even lower noise floor than before. Hidden layers of detail in the performance of musicians is thus made evident.

Please note that with the release of this new version of the Bindbreaker equipment foot, there are only two changes:

(1) The color is now no longer dark grey, but instead a dark brown pigment is used. This serves only to clearly differentiate the new foot from the older version. This change results in no sonic impact whatsoever.

(2) The base plate now has the new dimples, whereas the older base plate did not have them and was made of bog oak.

To upgrade your existing Bindbreaker equipment feet, simply purchase new base plates on our web shop here.

You'll see two purchasing options: one for the entire foot assembly, and one for just the base plate itself. These base plates are priced at only 86 USD each and this price already includes shipping expenses worldwide. You will also see that with purchases of multiple units, quantity discounts are offered. You can get up to 10% off.

We are in stock of the new Bindbreaker equipment foot so we are in a position to serve you immediately.

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We continue to work hard at improving our art and look forward to serving you with this latest meaningful improvement for your audio system!

Thank you!


Louis Motek |