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First independent BlackGround review is in! Slight extension of BlackGround freebies offer!

Dear esteemed clients,

Upon special request, we rushed a handful of BlackGrounds, even before we had completed the silkscreen artwork on them, to Sven Boenicke of Boenicke Audio, for evaluation.

LessLoss BlackGround

Immediately upon assembly, this is what he had to say:

LessLoss BlackGround

"Added 8 pairs to mains."

"What shall I say... this is a psychedelic experience of dramatic magnitude."

"From what you wrote about it, I expected a lot, but what it does is not what I expected."

"The incredible thing about its effect is that it does exactly what my comdev and the newest gen. resonators we use do, but even stronger, of course."

"It’s that energy shift away from the glare and garbage especially in the top end into the organic, colorful, beautiful - the brown, red, orange and golden colors."

"That’s what I so love. Plus, it does something on the reach-out and communication level which is magic."

"Count me in to get many more of them. This has to go in products."

So, we can look forward to several upcoming BlackGround integrations into future Boenicke Audio products!

BlackGround 10x Power Base product update

Since there was a slight delay with the enclosure milling company, we've decided to slightly extend the Early Bird offer by 5 days, hopefully enough time for us to be able to share first pictures of the actual BlackGround 10x Power Base product and to include it in this Early Bird launch at a discount.

The BlackGround 10x Power Base unit will be a fully enclosed, Plug-and-Play ready, multiple BlackGround containing device with an IEC power inlet and an extra grounding terminal of high performance loudspeaker type binding post variety which will accept bare wire, banana and large spade terminations.

This will enable one to use only a single power cable for grounding purposes for any number of future BlackGround plug-and-play devices, as all of their grounds will be able to be connected by short C-MARC wires from binding post to binding post. We'll draw this all out for you later. We plan on releasing two more such devices in the future. One for loudspeaker signals and one for line level signals.

LessLoss BlackGround

LessLoss BlackGround

Dream Big

A future Dream System will thus look like this, requiring just four power cords:

LessLoss BlackGround

The grounding inter-connections for all the BlackGround Base units above would all be taken care of via neat loops of short C-MARC™ cabling using high quality spades and bananas.

The DAC above is our dual chassis Echo's End Reference Supreme Edition which has 28 integrated Firewalls throughout. It requires a single power cable and has three special C-MARC™ DC cables inter-connecting the two units.

LessLoss BlackGround


Louis Motek |