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Kawero! Classic loudspeakers in NYC!

Dear Audiophiles,

One of the comments we often hear with regard to the Kawero! Classic loudspeakers is: "These speakers need to be heard more often!"

Indeed, the Kawero! is a unique loudspeaker, made totally out of dense Panzerholz wood-based laminate. Nobody had ever done this before, and the results speak for themselves. (But you'd never know it until you heard them.)

So, I'm happy to say we have now set up the speakers in a truly exceptional setting, in a large brick and timbre conversion loft in New York City. Until July 4th, the loudspeakers will be on display there. If you want to, you can schedule a private listening session.

The sonics are exceptional, as is the system and the host. This private loft has hosted live bands and parties for up to 100 people at a time. It is a painter's and music lover's haven. Also a gourmet cooking showplace. For more info please write to me, Louis Motek on [email protected].

Don't miss this opportunity to hear the Kawero! Classics, along with 10 Blackbody ambient field conditioners in lower Manhattan. Then you yourself will be saying: "These speakers need to be heard more often!"


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