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Firewall Module Installation Manual has been published

Dear Esteemed Customers,

You will find the published print-friendly Firewall module Spec Sheet and Installation Guide on this page.

LessLoss Firewall Module

As of this date, we are still awaiting delivery of the larger terminals to accept up to 16mm^2 wire, so, although you are now welcome to place your order, we are not yet shipping the larger 16mm^2 version.

An interesting observation

Upon carrying out more and more tests with this new device, more and more intricacies are coming to light. One of them, described in the Installation Guide, is that adherence (or otherwise) to proper connection during the very initial use of the device will determine the ultimate performance one can achieve with it. Also, it is advised that only fresh wires, wire which have never been used before, be used to connect the unit. The Firewall Module assists in the burning in of these wires and thereafter their directionality and phase use has been determined, for life! From then on, the wire will never perform as well if connected in a different direction or phase. Strange, but true! Determined through careful experimentation and listening tests. It's not the device which is finicky, it's the underlying mysterious truths that have always been at play, but which we are only now discovering through its use!

Another baffling observation

​Also, the following test was carried out on a very long loudspeaker cable run (>30 ft. long). Using two FW modules in series per channel, the following three ways of connecting the FW modules were carried out and compared:

(1) At the amp end, between the amp outputs and the long cable run to the speakers.
(2) At the speaker end, between the end of the long speaker cable and the speakers.
(3) One at the amp end, and one at the speaker end.

It is interesting to note that the performance was best using configuration (3) above. Subjective impressions were such that (1) made the sound seem more to emphasize the venue's acoustics and the ensemble aspect of the music performance. (2) made it sound as though the microphones were not omni, but cardioid, emphasizing more the locality and detail of the musical performance rather than the venue. (3) merged the best of these two into one and provided the addictive listening experience where one forgets the "testing" and simply cannot stop listening to the end of the recording.

​No longer surprised by strangeness?​

The Firewall Module is really the most mature product we have come up with. It inevitably touches upon mysterious subjects, but now tell me, is there any single audiophile out there who has not touched upon very strange experiences? Our systems are like little mad-scientist laboratories where one of the main tools is direct human experience. That is already strange as it stands. But the scope of possible discovery given such a setup is still definitely in its infancy. ​But I think ​t​he ​general ​sarcasm-laden public field in which it exists​, though lagging behind, is also in development​. ​Enjoy your own experimentation and please feel free to share on our discussion forum on the Firewall Module product page.


Louis Motek  |