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Firewall Module

Date Added: 08/08/2018 by Jörg Stanislawski
The Firewall 64X that I received a few days ago replaced the 1X that I used on my passive power distributor.
Now I have re-read all the comments by other users of the new Firewall. What can I add?
I can only agree to all statements I see made by others. The 64X got me a big, big improvement in all aspects of sound imaginable.

There may not be a big improvement on the Echo's End Reference DAC, as it already has three of the 64X modules inside, so this fantastic shift in quality can be attributed to the clean power going into the Pre- and power amplifier. Even if I thought that my system sounds excellent with only the 1X installed and the wonderful Echo's End Reference DAC, I asked my neighbor to take a listen to prove I am not just imagining things.
Yes, it is a revelation!

The new module made the biggest improvements again on the jet great sounding discs. I searched and dug out a lot of discs that came with a flat, boring or distorted sound. Mostly these discs sound even more miserable, flatter, with a total collapse of soundstage, when played with really very expensive gear.
But again the Firewall 64X make it a much more comfortable listen, coming with more depth, room information and details. So those discs, collecting dust over the years and stayed unplayed on the shelves now get a re-listening. Distorted guitars are still sounding distorted, but with the Firewall 64X the music is no longer biting into my ears.
The sharpness that makes the listening uncomfortable is gone without a loss of details (there is more instead).

That only one Firewall 64X installed can make such a profound difference is amazing, when you consider the modest price for it.
How much money must someone invest in gear to get such an improvement? Or is there anybody out there who can name gear, a tweak, whatever, that comes with such a jump in sound quality?

Everyone who wants to build a system with, well, even only 3,000 EUR on hand, should calculate with the investment of one Firewall 64X module.
It is simply essential.

I wish that there will be someone who can compare two or three of the Firewall 64X modules, one C-MARC power cable going into a modest priced, passive power distributor of good quality with the Audioquest Niagara (10,000 EUR), the new one from Transparent Audio (15,000 EUR) or any other distributor in this price range or above. Let’s hope that this happens in the future. That would surely become a fascinating listening session.

In my opinion the Firewall 64X is the biggest bargain in high end audio equipment in a long long time.
Everyone should have at least one of it. :-)

Looking forward to coming rave reviews...

Liudas, thanks a thousand times!
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Firewall Module

Date Added: 07/31/2018 by Michael R.
This brief review is for the brand new, hot off the line, the 64X Firewall. Louis let me trade in my older very nice 5X Firewall for the new 64X. I was wondering how much an upgrade the 64X would be. After all the original 1X Firewall and the improved 5X Firewalls each were very, very nice improvements! How far could this go? With just one 64X Firewall? On my amp? Well, actually, without exaggerating, I was surprised. Way more improvement than the 5X Firewall was over the original Firewall. Striking gains in clarity, depth of the soundstage and delineation of instruments. When two oboes or flutes are playing the same notes, you hear both instruments distinctly! When a French horn is playing (often to the extreme left) and the trombone to the right, you hear each instrument, with it's own timbre and tone and can enjoy the spatial and tonal differences between them. This with just one 64x Firewall. Wow! Anyhow, I've very much enjoyed the new toy in town and have stayed up late at night listening to old pieces to hear them anew! Honestly! I'm a long time LessLoss buyer and very often I am constantly surprised how these young, hard working Lithuanians are so resourceful! I'm 100% convinced that I'm getting great value for my money. For sure I'll be getting more of the 64X's....... One last thing: my friend, the retired medical professor, visited my home and heard my system, filled with LessLoss cords and Firewalls and he has just purchased all his power cords and a specially made LessLoss distributor filled with five 64X Firewalls.
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Firewall Module

Date Added: 07/26/2018 by Stephen Braude
Got my Firewall 64x module a few days ago, cooked it on an FM tuner for 24 hours, and auditioned it the afterward on my SACD player, replacing 3 daisy-chained 1x modules. I was blown away by how much clearer familiar tracks now were, and with extended treble and bass as well. I assumed I'd hear some difference, but I never expected it to be so dramatic. After a few more days of break-in, the sound is a bit smoother and more natural. A fantastic product! I want more...
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Firewall Module

Date Added: 07/01/2018 by JonS
Just inserted a Firewall 64X on my integrated amp and all I can say is WOW! You don’t have to be a golden ear audiophile to very quickly recognize the excellent improvement in dynamics and musical flow. My impressions are very consistent with the comments already made by those who have received their 64X. The improvement is a substantial upgrade over the original Firewall. If you are sitting on the fence, I would recommend you go for it, it’s a no-brainer; I feel they offer such an improvement in my systems that I have re-ordered.
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Firewall Module

Date Added: 06/29/2018 by Jeff W
I have replaced my Firewall 5x with the new 64x on my transport, dac/amp, power conditioner and speaker woofers. I have found in the past that Firewall modules need 1,000-1,500 hours of playing time to settle in and can be a bit harsh until then.

The improvement in going from 5x to 64x is so obvious that I am ready to talk about them after only 100 hours.

The improvement in sound is so great that it creates a paradigm shift more than an upgrade. Dynamics are stupendous, both in quality and in quantity. Onset of notes is instant but without edge. Sustain and continuity of escalation and deescalation of volume within a note is quite like live music and the notes end very realistically. Tonality is vastly better across the frequency spectrum (bass tone- OMG Paul really could play that Bass!). Distortion is much lower as well.

Though finely recorded albums sound almost alive the transformation is most apparent on old favorites that are more problematic sounding. As a better vinyl playback system seems to place hiss and music on different temporal and spatial planes; the 64x does the same for ALL distortion on digital recordings. An example of the result is that I can hear the Beatles PLAY at the Hollywood Bowl and I FEEL like I am in front of a loud PA system in an open space. The notes of the Bass are clear and melodic yet separate from this is a wall of blurry and forceful bass from the PA system that washes over you just as I remember at outdoor concerts in the 80's and 90's.

I have never been a big fan of imaging. A funny statement but hear me out. Specificity of image placement always seemed to rest on a little spur of treble or upper midrange that sharply outlined sounds in a way I have never experienced live. With the 64x in place images are MORE specific than ever and utterly free of edge, outline or pointedness. Mid-bass centered instruments are as clearly placed as cymbals and have heft and body.

I have ordered a custom power distribution unit with 4 of the 64x units inside. I don't even know what to expect.
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Firewall Module

Date Added: 06/25/2018 by Joerg Meinhardt
Thank you so much for this new Hifi experience!!

Opened the package before my birthday … just to burn in on time :) … and will be celebrating now for many days to come, far beyond the 27th :)

So much more reality, the closest to musicians in my living room!

The soundstage widened and everything is placed more precisely with more space between.
Everything seems more fluid and easier to listen … again possible to play louder, without instant tinnitus alarm.

Dynamics are excellent, e.g. plucking strings and percussion. Less aggression, but more punch … contradiction?? … regardless, I heard it like that.

Bass is richer, deeper, more powerful and precise.
Improved textures and details I never heard before!

I could hardly stop to play more and more. Had to try on all my albums to see if it works on all, still wanted full length of each to enjoy … so very time consuming :)

Finally, when I put on the Holst Planets Uranus (Seiji Osawa, Boston Symphony, Decca 1979), I got goosebumps all over my body and watery eyes. It was so real and close … even though the recording has some ground noise.

All this was very amazing, after already having tweaked the hifi power with quite some efforts: new fuse box with exclusive phase and melting fuse for the hifi, with direct special cabling through the house, many parallel filters and other “informed obsidian voodoo” (Vortex Hifi).

Still hoping for the burn-in to melt the occasional high sibilant sounds, especially with female voices. With everything else so smooth, they stick out more. But depending on the recording, there might be none anyway.

Just had another impressive experience with good old Andreas Vollenweider, Caverna Magica … The stage is not only wide but it has a clearly defined end, which does not have to end at the walls of my living room!! And every one of the instruments sounds so much more natural !! Just love this !!

Funny, that this 3D effect seems to get stronger, if you leave your sweet spot for a minute and then return. My brain seems to adjust to the new standard quite fast and you have to show again, that it is so much more than ever before … :)

Very, very happy with your firewalls 64x !!!

Thanks again, Louis. A wonderful invention and very nicely packaged !!!

Best regards, all the best,


PS: The delivery was impressively fast with 24 hours!!
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Firewall Module

Date Added: 05/26/2018 by tonyk_oz

Having been a long-time fan of LessLoss’s superb products, I presently have their DFPC Signature and the C-MARQ power cables,C-MARQ interconnect, the original Echo’s End DAC, USB Firewall, and the 5X Firewalls in my modest system (Response Audio’s RA-801 tube amp and RA-100A tube CD player / and a highly-modded PrimaLuna Prologue Premium integrated amp), I have come to expect incremental sonic improvements with each addition or upgrade of their components. I am first and foremost a music lover and at this stage have been very happy with my system and enjoying my music. I should declare that I have no commercial interest or any ties with LessLoss.

I was therefore not prepared for the jaw-dropping sounds I heard after installing the new 64X Firewalls which had undergone only 15 hours of incomplete burn-in. I’m no professional audio reviewer and will therefore use my own simple descriptive terms.

I was simply astounded by the fluidity and ease of the flow of sound against a very black and silent background while the top-end sounded sweet and clear with no harshness and bass was superbly natural without any ‘boominess’. Everything sounded alive and dynamic yet natural with great depth, wider extension of both ends of the audio spectrum, spatial orientation and soundstage; female voices sounded exquisite and musical instruments sounded ‘live’ in good recordings. Close your eyes and you cannot place the speakers.

Some of the tracks I often use for testing include the following:
(1) Liszt’s “La Campanella” (Yundi Li – A Portrait) – you can hear the crystal glass-like ‘plinking’ sound of the top notes at the beginning of the track and distinguish practically every note played.
(2) Beethoven 5th Piano Concerto (Wilhelm Kempff –DG from the early 1960s) – Even such an early recording and my favourite version can come to life, especially the piano.
(3) Duet from Delibes’ “Lakme” (Lesley Garrett) – the clarity and spatial orientation of voices.
(4) The recently released remastered album “The New Sound of Maria Callas” – sounds more like a recent recording.
(5) Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” (Die Walkyrie) (Solti’s original 1960s Decca version)
- Takes you on a ride with the Valkyries.
(6) Beethoven 5th Symphony (G. Solti – Decca 1988) – experience the uplifting power of the final movement
(7) Vivaldi’s Concertos for the Emperor (Harmonia Mundi). – the strings in this recording often sound harsh and brittle in most systems but now sounds sweet and ‘tamed’.
(8) Cecilia Bartoli – ‘The Vivaldi Album’- listen to her incredible vocal pyrotechnics
(9) Rostropovich playing the Bach Suites – relish the” bite” of the cello’s glorious sound
(10) Diana Krall – “Temptation” from ‘The Girl in the other room’. Listen to the clarity and metallic timbre of the cymbal and of course, the wonderful husky voice of Diana’s.
On track 9 (‘Narrow Daylight”) – you can hear what real electronic guitar “distortion” is all about.
(11) Frank Sinatra – Track-8 from “Nothing But The Best” album:
(12) From a collection of test tracks including the best from Chesky’s collection.

The 64X Firewalls have been returned to the AudioDharma Pro Cable Cooker for full burn-in. I can anticipate further improvements. IMHO, I honestly reckon the 64X Firewall would simply be the single most effective component when it comes to sonic enhancement for any decent audio system.

Of all the LessLoss products, the Firewall 64X is the one that has singly produced the greatest sonic improvement, at least to my system, bearing in mind I have all the other components already installed.
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Firewall Module

Date Added: 05/25/2018 by Jakob
I replaced my first and second generation Firewall modules with this new (64X) version. I was quite satisfied with the previous ones and I hoped that one of 64X could replace the 2 I had with some slight performance gain. It is not a slight improvement. Even only using it for a few hours it is an obvious significant improvement. One aspect is completely unrestricted dynamic behavior and that I expected just from seeing that it is a much higher gauge construction. The noise floor dropped a lot which becomes most obvious if one listens to how a note decays. Now I can hear how piano but also other instruments decay and fade (and even subtle tonal changes during the decay). This is not buried in background noise. It became quite obvious when the last note in a recording got truncated (it was likely not obvious during mastering with higher noise floor equipment). The Firewall 64X does not edit and change the music, only removes noise which is masking the natural sound.
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Firewall Module

Date Added: 05/19/2018 by Guy
First impressions of the new FW64x.
Note: I used the first FW1x and upgraded to the FW5x when they became available and now to the new FW64x.

I replaced 2 daisy chained FW5x that I had on a Torus Power which powers the whole system with one FW64x.
Wow, what a difference!!!

The FW64x unleashed the music, beside being more quiet, cleaner, smoother, flow easier, it is more real sounding and let the energy of the music flow with what seems to be with no restriction. You can hear better the start and stop of notes. The instruments and voices sounds much more like the real thing.
It is more dynamic with great PRaT which makes the music more fun to listen to.

It's like the FW5x held back the music. which obviously one can't tell until hearing the FW64x...

It extends both sides of the frequency range, making the bass goes deeper and fuller and the highs, well, higher, with lovely sparkle to them.
There is a better grip of the music and more presence.
And all of these with much more emotional involvement.

When adding a couple more, one on the music server and one the DAC, you get everything described above to a much higher degree, really put a smile on your face :-)

This upgrade is much more significant than the upgrade from the FW1x to FW5x, and you can immediately hear it.
I'm very happy with it !!!
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Firewall Module

Date Added: 05/01/2018 by Nils Berntsson
I have a system powered by a custom distributor from LessLoss, internally wired with C-MARC hook-up wire and equipped with 4 pcs of the new Firewall 64X. As powercables, I use LessLoss C-MARC throughout.

The power system has now played some 300 hours and the resulting sonic performance is striking. The noise floor is extremely low with a background that is pitch black. The perspective and depth is very clear and pronounced. Texture and microdetails at all frequencies are coming through with wonderful resolution. In short, music is being played with great emotional impact.

In my opinion, there is no other part of a HiFi system that can be improved as much, with the limited cost involved.
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LessLoss started its business on Audiogon in late 2007. Within the first couple of month, word about LessLoss spread like wildfire among Audiogon members. Here is the feedback received from our clients during our first year of operation. This is from even before we had our own website.

Louis is one of the best in the business, truly professional and very fast production and delivery. I am very satisfied by your superb service. Many thanks.

Positive by Buyer Sebastian (135) on 07-29-2008

Excellent transaction with Lessloss on dynamic filtering power cord. Good communications & fast shipping. A+++++

Positive by Buyer Sennett (45) on 07-03-08

Bought 3 pc's from Liudas in Jan/08. Outstanding product as advertised. Performance is everything and more than I expected. Kudos to Lessloss cable for a great product. Very highly recommended...A+++

Positive by Buyer Phillykid (33) on 06-19-08

Bought the Lessloss PC cable about a month ago; the quality and build are excellent. Compares very favorably with more expensive PCs. Highly recommended. Thanks!

Positive by Buyer Pseles (138) on 05-30-08

A power cable that makes a huge difference; simply an excellent design. First-class sales and service - highest recommendation.

Positive by Buyer Palasr (246) on 05-29-08

Cable #6 powering my Emm Dac6e which comprises part of my headphone system. Again, more resolution, detail, quietness from my Victor HP1000phones. Best single device in my system ever. Time to purchase more. I'm spreading the word re: this marvel!!

Positive by Buyer Dott_c (534) on 05-28-08

Liudas,your service is INCREDIBLE,no waiting 4-6weeks for cables and the ones I already have are doing more than I hoped A+A+,Thanks again,Don

Positive by Buyer Drummermitchell (57) on 05-27-08

Lightspeed delivery,very nice cable.I am kind of proud Liudas of such good cables from this part of Europe

Positive by Buyer Zodiak5 (72) on 05-25-08

Liudas is a honest and dependable seller, always answers my e-mail questions promptly. The LessLoss cable is a work of art, and sounds good too, cable is still burning in. I'm quite happy with my purchase.

Positive by Buyer Jgy1 (54) on 05-24-08

Very smooth transaction, lovely cables. Thanks Liudas!

Positive by Buyer Tympani (99) on 05-23-08

Amazing power cord! It beats my other much more expensive cables hands down - blacker background, natural, more details and dynamics. All my CDs open up and sound more musical. Brought two cables so far and will be buying more for sure. Liudas is a s

Positive by Buyer Hfigear (18) on 05-22-08

Cable #5 powering my Day Sequerra tuner results in being able to receive more stations!!! No more hiss, greater dynamics. Makes it sound like my ADA Tune Suite XM. This cable is the most remarkable product that has come my way in the past 20 + years

Positive by Buyer Dott_c (534) on 05-17-08

Kind and lightspeed fast service. The cable is a steal and outperforms other cables, costing much much more. Increasing every aspect of sound you can imagine. Absolutely outstanding!!! Thanks again Liudas.

Positive by Buyer Stani (3) on 05-15-08

Item arrived quickly and well packaged. Excellent communication. A great product from a great seller.

Positive by Buyer Mouse (336) on 05-14-08

This is cable #4 in my system.Used powering my Ashley Xovermy MRS scares me out of the room!What power below 15Hz.No power cords that I have owned,many15X the $579.asking price have come close 2 this level of performance Looking forward 2 adding more

Positive by Buyer Dott_c (534) on 05-14-08

Cable #3 added to the PS of my Cello Palette. Well, no more static as I rotate the dials for the various frequencies. 1st cable to accomplish this! All power conditioners, including the Accuphase P1200 did not rectify the situation.Unbelievable!

Positive by Buyer Dott_c (534) on 05-13-08

Fast shipping and great sounding cables. Would not hesitate to deal with Liudas again.

Positive by Buyer Rschryer (183) on 05-11-08

This is my 2nd power cord from Lessloss. The first one was used to power my VRE-1, this one for the EMM CDSA SE. Again, a stunning result, w/quieter backgrounds, something that I thought I achieved w/the 1st cable. Next unit, the Xover.Unbelievable!

Positive by Buyer Dott_c (534) on 05-11-08

Excellent service and product, do not hesitate to try these cords. AAA+

Positive by Buyer Rpw (207) on 05-10-08

Super fast shiping and a fantastic power cord. The very best I have ever used. Thank you Liudas!

Positive by Buyer Stefank (36) on 05-05-08

You cant get a better seller in audiogon than Louis. For a cheap PC ( compared to many other manufacturers), he is responsive to your mails and even offer suggestion for cable configuration. Buy with confidence. First class seller with 1st class serv

Positive by Buyer Audioblazer (75) on 05-04-08

Excellent seller...and truely excellent cable. The Dynamic Filtering Power Cable is just fantastic...musical...liquid...3D. Thanks!

Positive by Buyer Gburt55 (24) on 05-02-08

Liudas has SUPERB DELIVERY,excellent communication. Cables are gorgeous.Can't wait till my amps come back,so I can reconnect.Can't say enough,check out all the POSITIVE FEEDBACK,Don Mitchell

Positive by Buyer Drummermitchell (57) on 05-01-08

The Lessloss offers WIDE dynamics.It's spooky quiet with an airy sound stage. Worth 10 times its list price.I am buying more!

Positive by Buyer Dott_c (534) on 04-30-08

Liudas is superb to deal with,4 day delivery to my door.wonderfully crafted cable. Excellent communication,and he's very patient with my questions,I'll be doing business with Liudas again(oops I already have)Thanks,Don

Positive by Buyer Drummermitchell (57) on 04-24-08

Very good sounding power cable,fast delivery-recommended.Thanks!

Positive by Buyer Zikhmark (779) on 04-22-08

I own a number of well know and expensive Powercords that I use throughout my system. The Lessloss is clearly on par with the best for less. Used on the preamp of a system that was never bass shy, I felt like I had discovered another octave of music

Positive by Buyer Marcner (246) on 04-22-08

Re: Purchase of Lessloss AC power cable. Immediately apparent something is special, it changes the envelope of the delivery of the music. The tripath solid state AR Amp sounds more flowing and used with my Tube SET, more bass from my 2 way speakers

Positive by Buyer Enaud (27) on 04-20-08

Very good power cable at reasonable price, fast shipping, easy communication. Highly recommended, both product and seller.

Positive by Buyer Jessenov (207) on 04-20-08

Thanks Liudas. Very fast shippment, the whole transaction took 3 days. Excellent cable, the best I've owned. It's my second purchase from Liudas so I know from experience that it will be even better after burn in. Highly recommended.

Positive by Buyer Jkuc (39) on 04-20-08

Quick shipment and very good AC cord. I'll be back for more.

Positive by Buyer Fig (242) on 04-18-08

STELLA SERVICE. Felt like a valued customer. Cables are simply amazing. The sound stage is huge and sibilance free. Amazes me the way instruments and voices soar out of thin air. Thanks Luidas.

Positive by Buyer Dabarrie (33) on 04-13-08

Outstanding service, excellent communication, and a fantastic product, one of the best power cables available for the $$$$. thanks again!

Positive by Buyer Jsowen (304) on 04-10-08

Quick delivery this time, My CD player never sounded so good. Thanks Luidas for another great cord to add to my system. A+++

Positive by Buyer Jimman (36) on 04-10-08

I would like to thank Liudas for his excellent service. He is selling a fabulus product that helped me to solve the problem of high frequency harshness I experienced with my CD player.I will buy more cables to replace my Acrolink and Oyaide Tunami

Positive by Buyer Geopolitis (12) on 04-08-08

I have now completed a full system (Digital/Power/Analog) integration using the LessLoss product. These power cables are a work of auditory art. Simply plug them in and be amazed! It's one product any sensible audio enthusiast should not miss out on.

Positive by Buyer Mang53 (494) on 03-16-08

I now have 4 of these in my system and every one of these on each component brought my system up to new levels. Nicely built as well. Highly recommended component!

Positive by Buyer Jp1208 (117) on 03-10-08

Liudas is the gold standard in service. His cord in my system amounted to a hugh and positive upgrade. Thank you.

Positive by Buyer Bander (189) on 03-05-08

Outstanding service and the cable is as stated. The best I have heard so far over other regarded power cables. Highly recommend!!

Positive by Buyer Teapac (69) on 03-04-08

Great on-going communications and terrific product.

Positive by Buyer Gerryn (192) on 03-03-08

I still find it hard to believe a power cord could be equal to or even greater than a serious interconnect upgrade, but it is! Thanks Liudas for the great product and perfect customer service.

Positive by Buyer Mang53 (494) on 03-03-08

The perfect seller in Audiogon: exceptional communication, easy transaction and fast and safe shipping. Recommended.

Positive by Buyer Ciomargabe (81) on 02-27-08

Perfect transaction.Great communication and very fast shipping. A+ Audiogon seller

Positive by Buyer Hi5harry (636) on 02-26-08

Superfast shipping, good communication, doesn't get any better than this. Also, the cables are butifully made of high quality components. Thanks Walter.

Positive by Buyer Kitncar (72) on 02-23-08

Excellent transaction. A great power cable and company. Worth the wait.

Positive by Buyer Rishel (114) on 02-20-08

A great experience overall, Liudas's enthusiasm for his product and the ongoing updates made this a very positive experience. The cord has made a significant difference in my system, most notably a much lower noise floor..

Positive by Buyer Ford07 (21) on 02-20-08

Trustworthy and very knowledgeable seller/designer/manufacturer. Kept in touch with updates and info. while cord was being manufactured and processed. It's all good - and all very high end.

Positive by Buyer Dadsears (45) on 02-13-08

Liudus is a great guy and the power cord is outstanding, I will glady buy from lessloss again, the cord took my system to another level

Positive by Buyer Kedoades (3) on 02-13-08

2nd entry; bought more cables. IMHO, better powercables than these are not available! Lessloss p/c's are MORE than a system upgrade. And 2 day delivery, from Lithuania?!! Amazing product!!!

Positive by Buyer Hoochie39 (225) on 02-13-08

Very nice sounding cable, beautiful build and a very reasonable price with fast international shipping. A+++

Positive by Buyer Gersimon (111) on 02-07-08 re: Cables

IMAGINE every listening session as your best listening session. Every recording played the best it can play. Your equipment performing always at optimum. Lessloss makes it happen! These cables are the best of the best!!!

Positive by Buyer Hoochie39 (225) on 01-22-08

In my years of audio and all the cords I tried Lessloss cords, made a difference you can hear for the better and it's not subtle. Good work Liudas! AAAA+

Positive by Buyer Jimman (36) on 01-21-08

Excellent seller and Audiogoner, great communicator. Power cable is outstanding, excellent... Great soundstage, excellent definition, black background as promissed.

Positive by Buyer Jkuc (39) on 01-18-08

Liudas is great to deal with: excellent communication and service. The cables are very well made and well worth the money. Thanks!

Positive by Buyer Jfd01 (93) on 12-12-07

Outstanding transaction and outstanding power cable.

Positive by Buyer Tubeyy (78) on 11-23-07

Great transaction well worth the wait, this is by far the best powercord I have used in my system over the past 20 years, some cost as high as $3,000 and this power cord for $500.00 beat them all hands down and is a steal at its current asking price.

Positive by Buyer Phillyb (150) on 11-16-07

Top notch construction, performance to match, and a great transaction. Highly recommended because the cable does what is claimed, lowers noise while improving dynamics. Thanks!

Positive by Buyer Wineaux (54) on 10-22-07

If it was just always so simple !! Excellent, correct and accurate communication. Absolutely no loss at all even before listening to the cables. Highly recommended.

Positive by Buyer Williamredburry (45) on 09-26-07

This cable was the BEST purchase that I've ever made!! I’m not affiliated with this product in anyway, but feel sorry for Audiophiles who don’t purchase these cables. Once Audiophiles try this cable, they will wonder how this product can be sold at such a low price. I’m baffled… In an industry full of snake oil, unethical cable retailers, enormous profits and scams - this LessLoss "Filtering Power Cable" is a "breakthrough product" which blows away the ALL competition at ANY price!!! I honestly don’t know how LessLoss can make a profit while using Oyaide connectors, hand braiding and an incredible passive AC filter. LessLoss "Filtering Power Cable" are sold from a manufacturer /owner /designer who is trustworthy, ethical, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to deal with. Take a chance!!!!, PayPal your money to Lithuania - and you'll be rewarded with great Customer Service, and the finest power cord made. Hear for yourself what you are missing!!! Thanks Again!!!

Positive by Buyer Spacecase (83) on 09-22-07

Excellent service and communication. Fast shipping. Thanks, Liudas!

Positive by Buyer Tvad (660) on 09-20-07

Excellent products! Delivery of the power cords and XLR digital interconnect cable,was received within 10days of shipping. Luidas kept me informed on the status of my order. Very good communication and feedback to my inquiries.

Positive by Buyer Kpoulard (18) on 09-10-07

First-rate all the way! The cables are sensational, and the price is a steal. The 1-2 week delivery from Lithuania is well worth the wait. Liudas and Vilmantas at LessLoss are perfectionists pursuing their love for the art of music reproduction.

Positive by Buyer Lookin4evr (117) on 08-17-07

Before upgrading your gear, please try the Lessloss Blackbody. It works wonders with my equipment and adds a realism, a new quality to the sound that will leave you speechless. Absolutely wonderful piece of gear.

Positive by Buyer Stani (6) on 01-31-10 re: Accessory