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Date Added: 02/22/2010 by Das Laurin
Blackbody (1st version)

Regarding the star rating for the Blackbody, I don't know how to rate it with the star system as there is nothing to measure it against - except perhaps for perceived value for money - which is highly subjective. I trust the review will speak for itself.

Source : AMR CD-77 with 77.1 upgrade
Pre-Amp : Modwright 9.0 SE Signature
Amplifier : Nu Force 9.0 V2 SE monoblocs
Speakers : Salk Veracity HT3's
Cables : Solitone Model X interconnects with bi-wire run of Anti-Cable - double, twisted pair on mid/tweeter, single parallel pair on woofer
AC Cabling : Four Oyaide Tunami power cords terminated with Oyaide P004/C004 connectors. FIM 302 IEC's ( gold plated copper ) preferred on Nu Force.
Accessories : Hi Fi Tuning fuse ( Modwright ) Furutech fuses ( Nu Force ) NOS Mullard 5AR4 & RCA 5687's (Modwright ) Eichmann Toppers on Salks.
Powerline : Four dedicated 20 amp lines with four Oyaide R1 receptacles fitted with WPC-Z (aluminium/carbon fibre ) faceplates
Stand : Grand Prix Audio Monaco spiked to custom sandbox 840cm x 750cm x 140cm filled with 400-1000um high silica sand with 18mm hardwood formply used as spike interface. Formula One Kevlar composite shelf under source.
Powerline conditioning : Currently trialing Alan Mahers Quantum Studio, various Infinity CBF in/near power box, Infinity Shields on amp receptacles. 2 Enacoms permanently fitted.
Room : 18ft x 12.5ft x 8ft opening into kitchen and hallway at narrow listening end. Salk HT3's spiked to weight calibrated Equa Rack footers on suspended wooden floor. DIY cylindrical bass traps in room corners, set of Cathedral Sound panels front and rear at ceiling level, custom panel traps at first reflection points, wool carpet in front of speakers.
System Strengths : Dynamic, fast, detailed, transparent, large 3 dimensional soundstage - no subwoofer needed.
System Weaknesses : Slight glassiness present in upper midrange, may be due to mild high frequency tilt of Nu Force (measured stats) plus Modwright tends to a bright, solid state presentation.

History : 10 years of serious tweaking and auditioning of components/cabling/footers/racks. I have come to realise that the devil is in the details. Cabling, resonance control, AC power issues, room treatments, each have to be thoroughly attended to. This is no place for the faint hearted. Without such attention to detail, at best, hi-fi mediocrity is achieved.

Back in 1979 I had a beautiful analogue system ( the classic Linn Sondek/Grace/Supex/ Naim amplification/ Gale GS401A speaker combination ). After several years I onsold the system due to the rarity of decent recordings available in North Queensland (land of Oz) at the time. A brief flirtation with car audio culminated in a tri-amped Nakamichi split system. In 2000 the home audiophile bug bit again and this time it was the CD challenge. I still own four CD players with the Meridian 508 (a classic) currently outclassed by the valved AMR CD-77. As a member of the South East Queensland Audio Club, I have heard many different types of systems including several in the $100,000 + range, so I am familiar with good, different and indifferent sound.

The LessLoss purchase experience :

Louis Motek was a pleasure to deal with and it seemed the same professionalism and attention to detail was evident when organising shipment and even packaging ( clearly a perfectionist ) as went into the design of his Blackbody. The unit arrived within days of being posted, fortified with tight-fitting high density black (of course) foam in a black box, superimposed with the Blackbody design on the outside, to mirror the Blackbody on the inside. I believe this was designed so one can test the unit first without removing it from the sealed box, a pre-condition if the item is returned.


My first knowledge about Lessloss audio products came a few years ago when I first read about their power cords on Audiogon. Out of audiophile curiosity, I tuned into their website and was attracted to the level of investigatory detail Louis Motek displayed in the technological ( and yet to be realised ) pursuit of his Blackbody, as well as his established product line. The Blackbody was then previewed in an esoteric sense as Louis had an obvious predisposition to explore theoretical physics and apply it to audio. I approached this with interest but a healthy degree of scepticism - how could one prove or disprove any of this. It was his obvious passion and sincerity that continued to maintain my curiosity and interest. When the Blackbody materialised a few years later, I was going to wait for the professional reviews to roll in before committing to an audition. However the pre-order special roped me in and I thought I'd give it a go, carefully going over with Louis the requirement for returning the Blackbody for a maximal refund, which I secretly expected. After all, this was not a power cord but an intangible black box - a completely passive device located some distance away from the componentry. I suspected it did something but exactly what. I have to this day rejected many well reviewed audio tweaks and accessories as neutrality was more often than not compromised to an unacceptable degree, even though performance in some areas was as claimed.

My system is fairly well tweaked and highly transparent. It walks a very fine line and the slightest change can upset the musical equilibrium with hi-fi heaven quickly descending into musical hi-fi hell. I first located the Blackbody under the Nu Force amps, on top of my sandbox ( I preferred the sandbox to the premium GPA Apex footer upgrade ). I figured if the Blackbody was going to clear up electronic garbage, then the switch mode power supplies of the Nu Force amps was a good place to start. In this location, the presentation changed, but for the worse. A sort of sonic smearing took place, rather than enhancement of any kind. To be fair, the Blackbody was located about 15cm from the amps - a little too close to give the proper 30 degree coverage to both amps. Next I tried it behind the Modwright pre-amp, sitting on the Monaco shelf. Again, only 15 cm from the back of the component on the edge of the shelf. Again the presentation changed, this time more favourably than with the Nu Force. There was some improved ambience and detail but with a trade-off. A shift in the frequency balance towards the highs exacerbated an existing system weakness.

On reflection at this point, I realised that anything that I had ever put on the Monaco stand other than the component ( I had tried many different component footers that had worked with my previous Spider Rack and custom granite shelving ) had upset the balance of this finely tuned stand. Even sandbags on top of the sandbox were detrimental to the overall balance while fine-tuning, creating frequency shifts that were clearly audible. So the Blackbody in these locations was imparting a resonant signature of its own by virtue of its mass - which was interfering with its intended passive function.

Next I tried a Blackbody facing down on top of the left Salk speaker. Again, a noticeable change with some apparent enhancement of the sound coming from the left speaker - but difficult to say whether this was better overall as it was no longer quite matched to the right. Trying it the other way around yielded the same result. I drew the conclusion that the only way to really tell here was to have a pair of Blackbody's. This would also reveal if the mass of the Blackbody was changing the resonant signature of the speaker enclosure or influencing the performance of the weight calibrated Equa Rack footers ( the Salks weigh 56kg each ). However, it was apparent the Blackbody was doing something positive here and I would have liked to have an extra Blackbody on hand to determine if the sonic result represented value for money.

Finally, I located the Blackbody on a CD rack fixed to the wall about 25cm behind the AMR CD-77. By this time I had begun to think it was not going to work in my system. Sitting back in my listening chair, it was as if a switch had been suddenly flicked. There was an immediate, unmistakable improvement in the sonics - an expansion of the soundstage accompanied by improved clarity and detail. On careful listening, the frequency balance was unchanged - the expansion of the soundstage was real and had occurred on its own merits, not due to a tipping of frequencies but an extension in both directions. I immediately removed the Blackbody to confirm this - the difference was black and white. The improvement in clarity and detail was consistent throughout the frequency range and bass fundamentals were more present. The only way I could think to explain this was that some sort of layer of ' grunge ' had been removed that had been previously hidden. Vocal nuances were enhanced and a relative subliminal aspect to the music emerged that made the music sound more like music. There was a realisation that there was no going back. This was not a subtle change but a significant one and rare in its total neutrality. The Blackbody was clearly acting as some sort of grunge filter, as surprisingly, that's exactly what you comparitively hear with it removed.

On the question of value for money, this would depend on the heights your system has scaled and which you aspire to. Unless there is some other way of getting rid of the sonic garbage, I now consider it indispensable. Louis tells me this is just the tip of the iceberg and that three located around the source give profound results. My stand doesn't lend itself to this but I am now considering the practicality of suspending a couple from the ceiling, just to satisfy my audiophile curiosity. However, I can say that just one properly located Blackbody is a worthwhile upgrade, without the presence of any downside. I can't say if this has expanded the known boundaries of audio by removing a hitherto unknown contaminant and that it cannot be duplicated by other means - that would have to be determined by those with more resolved and highly tweaked systems than mine.
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DFPC Series [Original]

Date Added: 02/19/2010 by Val, Poland
One hour ago I received my DFPC Original cables from LessLoss. -- Thank you very much.

I have unpacked one cable immediately and exchanged the pc cable Nordost Vishnu / very expensive one - and the result was, straight from the beginning, on my little office hifi system, consisting of:

-- DENSEN DM 10 amp

The sound is unbelievably spread and open, bass is deeper and more controlled, midrange is fruitty, rich, with proportion weight, high freequency silk without unwanted sharpness or edgy. The overal sound is very ralaxing and MUSICAL.

Louis, my big big congratulation with the LessLoss DFPC Original power cable. Everything sounds like new, never heard before.
In a blind test I would say that one of components was exchanged to another - amps, speakers or cd player, but I never would have thought it's the power cable ONLY. It seems some brands like Nordost are absolutely overpriced compared to the LessLoss original. One more amazing thing is that the pc cable has only just played aprx. 45 minutes and it is not burnt in yet.

Wishing you a very nice weekend from frozen and snowy Poland. Thank you once again.

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Date Added: 02/09/2010 by Rainer Weber, Regensburg, Germany
Blackbody (1st version)

The Blackbodys are extremely good. I've now got the best sound I've ever heard. Listening has become a pure pleasure and joy, and I insist on setting up with the Blackbodys at all future audio shows featuring the Kaweros.

Rainer Weber
Technical Director
Kaiser Acoustics, Germany
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Date Added: 02/09/2010 by Roger, USA
Blackbody (1st version)

I'm fully satisfied with the Blackbodys. I've kept most them in their boxes because they're easy to place and I don't worry about them getting damaged.

One interesting point I discovered was that I could remove the vibration feet I had under my sources that made it more difficult to cover everything with the Blackbodys and I noticed that I didn't miss them at all.

The Blackbodys are also great for movies with a lot of sound effects, adding more realism. The only downside is you never know when enough is enough.
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DFPC Series [Signature]

Date Added: 02/05/2010 by dave smith...usa
...as a cable junky I have had the opportunity to try many cables over the last 20+ years in this hobby/addiction...until very recently I held on to a belief that 'more expensive had to be better'..!!..then I took Mr. Motek up on his offer to try one of his lessloss DFPC 'signature' pcs...so much for my previously held beliefs....prior to my asking for a sample I had read a great deal about other audiophiles experiences with this pc and..as I think about it now..do not believe I read a single negative review or comment.if Mr. Motek was willing to send me a demo 'signature' pc..free of charge.. then who was I to turn down this opportunity to possibly increase the enjoyment I derive from my system...the first cable arrived and I quickly cooked it for 2 days on my audiodharma pro cable cooker. this after very briefly replacing the crystal cable 'ultra' pc on my meitner cdsa-se where I thought I might get the most benefit from the new cable...the only track I listened to was the first movement of beethoven's 5th symphony..vanska..and could immediately tell that something good was happening..but I needed to wait the 48 hrs to hear what the 'signature' could really sound like...long story short...the next time I inserted it in the same position what I heard amazed me..it was now multiple levels better. transparency improved. (much blacker background)...soundstage widened and deepened...the bass was fast and tight..better then before..vocal articulations and instrumental tonality improved....and complex musical passages,whether classical symphonic or rock, were now not instrumentally blurred but individually apparent...to say I was surprised would be an understatement...what I was hearing destroyed my previous theory regarding price/performance ratio...the rest of the story.....I have now replaced 2 other pcs..1 other cc 'ultra' and 1- jps 'aluminata' with the same ..additive findings...each addition building on the last...I will be demoing 2 more 'signature' pcs in the near future on my preamp..my guess is that they,too, will increase my enjoyment of the music I so love......my system is comprised of piega c-40 speakers...goldmund 29m amp....first sound paramount mkII series-3 preamp...meitner cdsa-sc player...worldpower 'powerwing' conditioner...and argento smr speaker and i/c cables...I might also add that Mr. Motek is in a very small group of owner-designers that I consider to be truely individually passionate about his products...he treats everyone as if he/she were his only customer...
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Date Added: 01/28/2010 by Pedro Nunes (Portugal)
Blackbody (1st version)

Congratulations! I didn't want to believe in the Blackbodys but they do work.

The sound becomes more clear/clean, more profound and tridimensional. I now can very easily pinpoint the places where the voices and instruments are placed, even in depth.

I have a couple of Blackbodys around my source and pre and another near my conditioner (which made a huge difference). This combination really works.

I wish I had some more right now to put on my amplifiers and perhaps my speakers.

Keep up the good work.

Pedro Nunes
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DFPC Series [Original]

Date Added: 01/22/2010 by Ken, Canada
With the LessLoss, music has snap and detail without sounding harsh. Delineation around all of the performers also increases making music easier to follow. All of this without the soundstage being pushed back (which is what my PS Audio cable does) or forward (which is what Virtual Dynamics cables do). I used to run all Virtual Dynamics cables until I heard the DFPC Original.

Listening to LessLoss cables is a very positive experience; dealing with LessLoss is just as positive if not more so. I had already been spreading the word about your cables after got my first one. Now I have more to tell my friends!

Ken, Canada
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DFPC Series [Original]

Date Added: 01/22/2010 by Dmitry, St. Petersburg, Russia
Some time ago I decided to deal with my power issues. You see, I have very dirty mains. Not only it is dirty because it is a big apartment block, but I have about 10 switching power supplies for everything including my laptops, printer, server, wi-fi, and so on, and I have my audio connected to the same outlet... This is a real spider's nest, and it stinks (in a sense of EMI pollution) like a horse, er... you know what I mean.

I tried various filters, all to no avail. I decided to deal with it at the source and purchased Monarchy Audio AC regenerator - it really improved everything, finally there was almost silence in my headphones when I turn the volume up. There was still some veil present and some slight noise residue which I suppose was airborne, so my not-so-expensive (but I thought good) DIY power cord might attract like an antenna.

Reading on the Internet, I have several times come across articles where people write about great experience they had with Monarchy Audio AC regenerator and LessLoss DFPC cords. It is supposed they make a great synergy together. I decided to purchase the LessLoss Mini and see for myself.

Louis Motek was not only kind enough to help me with a tricky shipping issue, but he actually offered me a great deal on upgrading the DFPC Mini to the DFPC Original. I could not resist and we had a deal.

Within a week my cord arrived - wow, that was a real thing. In the past, I used to have a "big" serious audiophile system, and I used to have some pretty expensive cords costing up to $1500. Besides, I have excellent experience building my own, sometimes extremely exotic, cords and cables. So, I know quality when I see it. In the DFPC, everything speaks quality.

Finally I had everything in place and installed as planned - I connected the DFPC to the Monarchy AC regenerator and then to my trusty extremely resolving SPL Phonitor headphone amplifier, feeding my Ultrasone Edition 8 headphones. Well, what can I say? I am speechless.

Clarity, depth, definition, bass, top, musicality... It's all there. Music is so much more LIVE and RIGHT. Connecting my previous cord, it almost made me laugh - it was just no competition. DFPC is better than anything I have ever "heard" regarding power cords. I really don't know what to improve in my sound now - it sounds so damn good that I just can not stop listening.

I have been using DFPC for something like 3 weeks before I decided to write this testimonial. Just to make the "original wow" go away and see if I was not over-enthusiastic - nope! It is still there - music living, breathing, singing.

I would like to sincerely thank Louis Motek for making this cable available, at not so big a price. Dealing with Louis was a sheer pleasure - there are very few people in hi-fi you can get better service from. And no, I am not getting any discounts for writing this. When I say something, I REALLY mean it. :)

St. Petersburg, Russia
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Date Added: 01/13/2010 by Jörg Stanislawski, Dortmund, Germany
Blackbody (1st version)

New Adventures in Sound!

A few days ago I received the Blackbody, so I had some time of experience, and I had two additional critical ears from the apartment below. It is impressive to hold the Blackbody in your hands and notice the impressive weight of the device. You have seen the pictures, but it is different to see and feel the Blackbody in reality.

My rack made it possible to place the Blackbody on the left and right side of each platform, so I could try it on every piece of gear, except the bunch of cables behind and I haven't tried it on speakers yet.

I will not bore you with details what records or CDs we listened to, or what part of aspects of the sound improved here or there, as you probably read a thousand times in the usual suspect magazines.

Let me only approve this:

The Blackbody functions as stated by LessLoss.

Every piece of gear I tried it on benfits in nearly the same strength.

It even works on the turntable, and that was something I didn't expect.

The critical second pair of ears and I detected the biggest improvement with a not ideal placement. Directly on top of the poweramp, facing towards the transformer below.

Records and CDs that I thought sound nearly perfect get shockingly better with the Blackbody.

You may have tried the whole range of tweaks available, but the Blackbody adds a new astonishing quality of improvement. Only one Blackbody shifts the sound to a new level of realism. It is not a subtle change or possible hallucination. In the studio with the musicians? You are there.

Equal improvement in sound quality could be had only with expensive investments. You can live happily with the sound that you get with your existing gear by adding only one Blackbody for a long time. So at first sight the Blackbody doesn't seem cheap, but the price is definitely modest, when you realize what it is cappable of and that you get something totally unique, never available before. Bear in mind that worldwide shipping with UPS is included. In Europe the exchange rate from USD to EUR adds another benefit.

This is no voodoo mambo-jambo, just impressive science in physics and surely a lot-lot-lot of brainwork. Are there any other companies telling you in such extreme detail how their products function and the theoretical foundations? Well, until now I haven't read anything similar.

How can you go wrong? Try one without unpacking it and if you are not satisfied you can give it back. But be prepared that you won't go back to listening without the Blackbody.

Absolutely wonderful product... and way cool it looks, too.
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Date Added: 01/10/2010 by Michael, Germany
Blackbody (1st version)

My highest congratulation for the design and development of the Blackbody.

Even directly being used straight out of the box the Blackbody's effect was immediately present.

I put one Blackbody behind my TacT Millenium digital amp and the other two Blackbodys at the external crossover boards of my loudspeakers - and I think I should have ordered a six-pack in order to 'clean' the source components including the DAC 2004 and my power conditioner without loosing the already achieved improvement.

In one word: transparency in its holistic meaning is what the Blackbodys are 'producing'. Transparency means that the often used phrase of removing a curtain is now truly valid. Fine details never heard before. The harshness of CDs has vanished and even distortions have disappeared. In consequence, staging and depth perception are incredible.

A real jaw dropping experience.

The effect is not subtle at all and much bigger than the effects achieved by power conditioning and high quality power cables.

The low resolution CD formatted music now really has an analogue touch.

I wonder how the effects will be on a phono preamp and turntable pick-up.

Success for your plans and activities.

Michael, Germany
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LessLoss started its business on Audiogon in late 2007. Within the first couple of month, word about LessLoss spread like wildfire among Audiogon members. Here is the feedback received from our clients during our first year of operation. This is from even before we had our own website.

Louis is one of the best in the business, truly professional and very fast production and delivery. I am very satisfied by your superb service. Many thanks.

Positive by Buyer Sebastian (135) on 07-29-2008

Excellent transaction with Lessloss on dynamic filtering power cord. Good communications & fast shipping. A+++++

Positive by Buyer Sennett (45) on 07-03-08

Bought 3 pc's from Liudas in Jan/08. Outstanding product as advertised. Performance is everything and more than I expected. Kudos to Lessloss cable for a great product. Very highly recommended...A+++

Positive by Buyer Phillykid (33) on 06-19-08

Bought the Lessloss PC cable about a month ago; the quality and build are excellent. Compares very favorably with more expensive PCs. Highly recommended. Thanks!

Positive by Buyer Pseles (138) on 05-30-08

A power cable that makes a huge difference; simply an excellent design. First-class sales and service - highest recommendation.

Positive by Buyer Palasr (246) on 05-29-08

Cable #6 powering my Emm Dac6e which comprises part of my headphone system. Again, more resolution, detail, quietness from my Victor HP1000phones. Best single device in my system ever. Time to purchase more. I'm spreading the word re: this marvel!!

Positive by Buyer Dott_c (534) on 05-28-08

Liudas,your service is INCREDIBLE,no waiting 4-6weeks for cables and the ones I already have are doing more than I hoped A+A+,Thanks again,Don

Positive by Buyer Drummermitchell (57) on 05-27-08

Lightspeed delivery,very nice cable.I am kind of proud Liudas of such good cables from this part of Europe

Positive by Buyer Zodiak5 (72) on 05-25-08

Liudas is a honest and dependable seller, always answers my e-mail questions promptly. The LessLoss cable is a work of art, and sounds good too, cable is still burning in. I'm quite happy with my purchase.

Positive by Buyer Jgy1 (54) on 05-24-08

Very smooth transaction, lovely cables. Thanks Liudas!

Positive by Buyer Tympani (99) on 05-23-08

Amazing power cord! It beats my other much more expensive cables hands down - blacker background, natural, more details and dynamics. All my CDs open up and sound more musical. Brought two cables so far and will be buying more for sure. Liudas is a s

Positive by Buyer Hfigear (18) on 05-22-08

Cable #5 powering my Day Sequerra tuner results in being able to receive more stations!!! No more hiss, greater dynamics. Makes it sound like my ADA Tune Suite XM. This cable is the most remarkable product that has come my way in the past 20 + years

Positive by Buyer Dott_c (534) on 05-17-08

Kind and lightspeed fast service. The cable is a steal and outperforms other cables, costing much much more. Increasing every aspect of sound you can imagine. Absolutely outstanding!!! Thanks again Liudas.

Positive by Buyer Stani (3) on 05-15-08

Item arrived quickly and well packaged. Excellent communication. A great product from a great seller.

Positive by Buyer Mouse (336) on 05-14-08

This is cable #4 in my system.Used powering my Ashley Xovermy MRS scares me out of the room!What power below 15Hz.No power cords that I have owned,many15X the $579.asking price have come close 2 this level of performance Looking forward 2 adding more

Positive by Buyer Dott_c (534) on 05-14-08

Cable #3 added to the PS of my Cello Palette. Well, no more static as I rotate the dials for the various frequencies. 1st cable to accomplish this! All power conditioners, including the Accuphase P1200 did not rectify the situation.Unbelievable!

Positive by Buyer Dott_c (534) on 05-13-08

Fast shipping and great sounding cables. Would not hesitate to deal with Liudas again.

Positive by Buyer Rschryer (183) on 05-11-08

This is my 2nd power cord from Lessloss. The first one was used to power my VRE-1, this one for the EMM CDSA SE. Again, a stunning result, w/quieter backgrounds, something that I thought I achieved w/the 1st cable. Next unit, the Xover.Unbelievable!

Positive by Buyer Dott_c (534) on 05-11-08

Excellent service and product, do not hesitate to try these cords. AAA+

Positive by Buyer Rpw (207) on 05-10-08

Super fast shiping and a fantastic power cord. The very best I have ever used. Thank you Liudas!

Positive by Buyer Stefank (36) on 05-05-08

You cant get a better seller in audiogon than Louis. For a cheap PC ( compared to many other manufacturers), he is responsive to your mails and even offer suggestion for cable configuration. Buy with confidence. First class seller with 1st class serv

Positive by Buyer Audioblazer (75) on 05-04-08

Excellent seller...and truely excellent cable. The Dynamic Filtering Power Cable is just fantastic...musical...liquid...3D. Thanks!

Positive by Buyer Gburt55 (24) on 05-02-08

Liudas has SUPERB DELIVERY,excellent communication. Cables are gorgeous.Can't wait till my amps come back,so I can reconnect.Can't say enough,check out all the POSITIVE FEEDBACK,Don Mitchell

Positive by Buyer Drummermitchell (57) on 05-01-08

The Lessloss offers WIDE dynamics.It's spooky quiet with an airy sound stage. Worth 10 times its list price.I am buying more!

Positive by Buyer Dott_c (534) on 04-30-08

Liudas is superb to deal with,4 day delivery to my door.wonderfully crafted cable. Excellent communication,and he's very patient with my questions,I'll be doing business with Liudas again(oops I already have)Thanks,Don

Positive by Buyer Drummermitchell (57) on 04-24-08

Very good sounding power cable,fast delivery-recommended.Thanks!

Positive by Buyer Zikhmark (779) on 04-22-08

I own a number of well know and expensive Powercords that I use throughout my system. The Lessloss is clearly on par with the best for less. Used on the preamp of a system that was never bass shy, I felt like I had discovered another octave of music

Positive by Buyer Marcner (246) on 04-22-08

Re: Purchase of Lessloss AC power cable. Immediately apparent something is special, it changes the envelope of the delivery of the music. The tripath solid state AR Amp sounds more flowing and used with my Tube SET, more bass from my 2 way speakers

Positive by Buyer Enaud (27) on 04-20-08

Very good power cable at reasonable price, fast shipping, easy communication. Highly recommended, both product and seller.

Positive by Buyer Jessenov (207) on 04-20-08

Thanks Liudas. Very fast shippment, the whole transaction took 3 days. Excellent cable, the best I've owned. It's my second purchase from Liudas so I know from experience that it will be even better after burn in. Highly recommended.

Positive by Buyer Jkuc (39) on 04-20-08

Quick shipment and very good AC cord. I'll be back for more.

Positive by Buyer Fig (242) on 04-18-08

STELLA SERVICE. Felt like a valued customer. Cables are simply amazing. The sound stage is huge and sibilance free. Amazes me the way instruments and voices soar out of thin air. Thanks Luidas.

Positive by Buyer Dabarrie (33) on 04-13-08

Outstanding service, excellent communication, and a fantastic product, one of the best power cables available for the $$$$. thanks again!

Positive by Buyer Jsowen (304) on 04-10-08

Quick delivery this time, My CD player never sounded so good. Thanks Luidas for another great cord to add to my system. A+++

Positive by Buyer Jimman (36) on 04-10-08

I would like to thank Liudas for his excellent service. He is selling a fabulus product that helped me to solve the problem of high frequency harshness I experienced with my CD player.I will buy more cables to replace my Acrolink and Oyaide Tunami

Positive by Buyer Geopolitis (12) on 04-08-08

I have now completed a full system (Digital/Power/Analog) integration using the LessLoss product. These power cables are a work of auditory art. Simply plug them in and be amazed! It's one product any sensible audio enthusiast should not miss out on.

Positive by Buyer Mang53 (494) on 03-16-08

I now have 4 of these in my system and every one of these on each component brought my system up to new levels. Nicely built as well. Highly recommended component!

Positive by Buyer Jp1208 (117) on 03-10-08

Liudas is the gold standard in service. His cord in my system amounted to a hugh and positive upgrade. Thank you.

Positive by Buyer Bander (189) on 03-05-08

Outstanding service and the cable is as stated. The best I have heard so far over other regarded power cables. Highly recommend!!

Positive by Buyer Teapac (69) on 03-04-08

Great on-going communications and terrific product.

Positive by Buyer Gerryn (192) on 03-03-08

I still find it hard to believe a power cord could be equal to or even greater than a serious interconnect upgrade, but it is! Thanks Liudas for the great product and perfect customer service.

Positive by Buyer Mang53 (494) on 03-03-08

The perfect seller in Audiogon: exceptional communication, easy transaction and fast and safe shipping. Recommended.

Positive by Buyer Ciomargabe (81) on 02-27-08

Perfect transaction.Great communication and very fast shipping. A+ Audiogon seller

Positive by Buyer Hi5harry (636) on 02-26-08

Superfast shipping, good communication, doesn't get any better than this. Also, the cables are butifully made of high quality components. Thanks Walter.

Positive by Buyer Kitncar (72) on 02-23-08

Excellent transaction. A great power cable and company. Worth the wait.

Positive by Buyer Rishel (114) on 02-20-08

A great experience overall, Liudas's enthusiasm for his product and the ongoing updates made this a very positive experience. The cord has made a significant difference in my system, most notably a much lower noise floor..

Positive by Buyer Ford07 (21) on 02-20-08

Trustworthy and very knowledgeable seller/designer/manufacturer. Kept in touch with updates and info. while cord was being manufactured and processed. It's all good - and all very high end.

Positive by Buyer Dadsears (45) on 02-13-08

Liudus is a great guy and the power cord is outstanding, I will glady buy from lessloss again, the cord took my system to another level

Positive by Buyer Kedoades (3) on 02-13-08

2nd entry; bought more cables. IMHO, better powercables than these are not available! Lessloss p/c's are MORE than a system upgrade. And 2 day delivery, from Lithuania?!! Amazing product!!!

Positive by Buyer Hoochie39 (225) on 02-13-08

Very nice sounding cable, beautiful build and a very reasonable price with fast international shipping. A+++

Positive by Buyer Gersimon (111) on 02-07-08 re: Cables

IMAGINE every listening session as your best listening session. Every recording played the best it can play. Your equipment performing always at optimum. Lessloss makes it happen! These cables are the best of the best!!!

Positive by Buyer Hoochie39 (225) on 01-22-08

In my years of audio and all the cords I tried Lessloss cords, made a difference you can hear for the better and it's not subtle. Good work Liudas! AAAA+

Positive by Buyer Jimman (36) on 01-21-08

Excellent seller and Audiogoner, great communicator. Power cable is outstanding, excellent... Great soundstage, excellent definition, black background as promissed.

Positive by Buyer Jkuc (39) on 01-18-08

Liudas is great to deal with: excellent communication and service. The cables are very well made and well worth the money. Thanks!

Positive by Buyer Jfd01 (93) on 12-12-07

Outstanding transaction and outstanding power cable.

Positive by Buyer Tubeyy (78) on 11-23-07

Great transaction well worth the wait, this is by far the best powercord I have used in my system over the past 20 years, some cost as high as $3,000 and this power cord for $500.00 beat them all hands down and is a steal at its current asking price.

Positive by Buyer Phillyb (150) on 11-16-07

Top notch construction, performance to match, and a great transaction. Highly recommended because the cable does what is claimed, lowers noise while improving dynamics. Thanks!

Positive by Buyer Wineaux (54) on 10-22-07

If it was just always so simple !! Excellent, correct and accurate communication. Absolutely no loss at all even before listening to the cables. Highly recommended.

Positive by Buyer Williamredburry (45) on 09-26-07

This cable was the BEST purchase that I've ever made!! I’m not affiliated with this product in anyway, but feel sorry for Audiophiles who don’t purchase these cables. Once Audiophiles try this cable, they will wonder how this product can be sold at such a low price. I’m baffled… In an industry full of snake oil, unethical cable retailers, enormous profits and scams - this LessLoss "Filtering Power Cable" is a "breakthrough product" which blows away the ALL competition at ANY price!!! I honestly don’t know how LessLoss can make a profit while using Oyaide connectors, hand braiding and an incredible passive AC filter. LessLoss "Filtering Power Cable" are sold from a manufacturer /owner /designer who is trustworthy, ethical, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to deal with. Take a chance!!!!, PayPal your money to Lithuania - and you'll be rewarded with great Customer Service, and the finest power cord made. Hear for yourself what you are missing!!! Thanks Again!!!

Positive by Buyer Spacecase (83) on 09-22-07

Excellent service and communication. Fast shipping. Thanks, Liudas!

Positive by Buyer Tvad (660) on 09-20-07

Excellent products! Delivery of the power cords and XLR digital interconnect cable,was received within 10days of shipping. Luidas kept me informed on the status of my order. Very good communication and feedback to my inquiries.

Positive by Buyer Kpoulard (18) on 09-10-07

First-rate all the way! The cables are sensational, and the price is a steal. The 1-2 week delivery from Lithuania is well worth the wait. Liudas and Vilmantas at LessLoss are perfectionists pursuing their love for the art of music reproduction.

Positive by Buyer Lookin4evr (117) on 08-17-07

Before upgrading your gear, please try the Lessloss Blackbody. It works wonders with my equipment and adds a realism, a new quality to the sound that will leave you speechless. Absolutely wonderful piece of gear.

Positive by Buyer Stani (6) on 01-31-10 re: Accessory