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DFPC Series [Signature]

Date Added: 09/08/2011 by patrick (Flanders, Belgium)
I bought two DFPC Signature power cords for my CD (Jadis J1) and DAC (VACDACII MKII) before I had the PS Audio PPP regenerator.
I did the test with and without the PS and I have to say that (at home) the result is better without the PS. Now, my setup is on a separate line, so no pollution of other things like TV, PC, washing machine, etc...
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DFPC Series [Signature]

Date Added: 09/22/2011 by Erick4hifi (Malaysia)
These DFPC signature cables are fantastic. Too good to describe it... fantastic ...truly fantastic ... Try one and you will be wanting more.

Thank you, Louis, for making my system go up a new level.
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DFPC Series [Signature]

Date Added: 10/21/2011 by Victor Wang
Dear Louis,

Just want to tell you, after about a half month's audition, I have got all the same merits and feelings from the DFPC Signatures as all other owners from the world's audiophiles.

Best Regards & Thank You!


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DFPC Series [Signature]

Date Added: 11/14/2011 by Tommy, Malaysia
I am a proud user of the DFPC Signature. Having four of them has transformed my system to a new level with darker background, better separation, the clarity of the instruments and bass is so good. Now I can sit back and enjoy the music.

Equipment used:

Audio Note Conquest 300B mono block
Audio Note M6 preamplifier
Reimyo Transport and DAC
Dali Helicon 300 MK2 (bookshelf)
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DFPC Series [Signature]

Date Added: 12/09/2011 by Michael, Sweden
I really don’t know how to put this in words. But I’ll try.

First of all let me give you some background. I run a small design company (Klutz Design) focusing on music oriented furniture designs. We’ve launched both a prototype of a listening chair, the Ballerina Sweetspot (soon to go into production) as well as a headphone stand, the CanCans (which is in production). And more to come. These products basically stem from our passion for music, and the appreciation which this gives us. Our pay-off is “Beauty. Fully. Listening” – basically summarizing our “insightful design for the passionate” philosophy through which we design beautiful products that add not only functional benefits to enhance our enjoyment of music, but that are also beautiful creations in their own right and lift our anticipations of our musical experiences. Designs that are beautiful, and that allow one to fully enjoy one's listening.

I finally ordered and just received a complete set of LessLoss cables (several DFPC Signatures, Anchorwave RCA and speaker cables).

I have only implemented two DFPC Signatures (Voltikus PSU for the Zodiac Gold DAC and the Reference PSU for the Bakoon AMP-11R) as well as the Anchorwave RCAs. I didn’t do anything “successively” – couldn’t resist just plugging all 3 of them in immediately. My temporarily employed entry-level bookshelf speakers from Amphion (only there because I sold my previous setup in anticipation of the Trenner & Friedl Pharaoh speakers), aren’t stable enough for the placement & weight of the Anchorwave speakercables, so I haven’t put in these yet. On paper, the speakers shouldn’t really be that “fine”/sensitive to convey any changes (they’re just EUR 800 speakers from my desktop system). Also, an important point of “clarification” is that I have never found myself susceptible to any type of “placebo” effect when it comes to hifi. I’ve listened to a lot of both expensive systems and cables and not necessarily been impressed. Neither do I consider myself a “technical” listener. Just “looking” for real music.

And real music is what I’ve found. The only way to describe what I hear with these first cables in the system, is an unbelievable presence – a combination of a “pitch black” background and clarity, more powerful yet oh so natural. I honestly didn’t know that these entry-level speakers could make this kind of music. I want to tell myself that I am just “hearing things”, that, as everyone one else, I’ve suddenly succumbed to a placebo effect. Because it simply can’t be possible that three cables, albeit great ones, can make such a difference. Right from the start. But they do. Absolutely stunning. I simply can’t wait until I get the T&F Pharaoh speakers and I get to implement the final Anchorwave speaker cables all the way through with an upgraded front end.

And I can’t wait until our first potential customers sit down in our Ballerina Sweetspot listening chair, and listens to the complete setup – with a risk that they’ll want to buy the complete system incl. the LessLoss cables first, before our chair. ;)

Thanks for making such great products.

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DFPC Series [Signature]

Date Added: 04/11/2012 by Larry Benjamin
I visited my audiophile friend, Charles, who just bought a LessLoss DFPC Signature power cord from you for his Mark Levinson transport. The sound was nothing short of transformative! Keep in mind, we're talking about just one power cord, and it hasn't even been broken in yet! It's been a while since I heard Charles' stereo last but I remember it sounding slightly cool and lean. Other than that, it's an excellent high-end tube-based system. So I was there listening to it with another friend and we were all astounded. I can't begin to imagine what the Firewall does. Previously, I was evaluating and critiquing the sound. But this time, the thought of critiquing would have been a ridiculous mental exercise. I just wanted to kick back and enjoy the music.

This one power cord transformed the way I listen to and evaluate a stereo. I used to prefer a warmer sound but now I realize that was just coloration masking the noise floor after hearing the Signature on Charles' transport. With the Signature on and the noise floor gone, I was hearing a less warm sound and preferring it for the first time, because it was actually more musical. I mentioned to Charles' friend that the stereo sounds more engaging than live music but in some ways it's not as real because the instruments are not blending together as well as they do at the symphony. He corrected me, saying that I'm used to listening to a symphony 50 feet back from the stage and that a recording has multiple microphones above the stage so what I'm hearing now is closer to what the musicians hear on stage. In a way, it's the best of both worlds because I was hearing all the inner detail but at the same time, everything sounded like a cohesive whole. Many audiophiles speak of detail in a negative sense but I'm referring to more resolution which give the audible cues to a more emotionally engaging sound. And I repeat, this was from a change of just one power cord, from a Shunyata Python to the Signature!
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DFPC Series [Signature]

Date Added: 04/11/2012 by Charles Katz
I've been an audiophile for 15 years, constantly trying to improve my stereo with, of course, musical satisfaction as the goal. I've been through countless component and power cord changes and upgrades, many of them improving the quality of the music. Many tweaks have included vibration control devices such as Herbie's damping devices put on the terminations of interconnects and power cords (highly recommended for cutting down unwanted vibrations) and A.C. devices like noise harvesters (also very good at reducing A.C. noise). These devices inched me closer to the sound I was looking for, drawing me more into the music, making the music more emotionally satisfying.

Recently I purchased a DFPC Signature power cord from LessLoss with overwhelming results. Used on my transport, the quality of music reached a level that I have been looking for since starting to make a satisfying stereo and, to be honest, did not know was achievable. A layer (blanket?) of noise disappeared and the music was now coming from a very black background revealing innner detail not heard before (perhaps heard but as sound, not music). The music is much more life-like now, the soundstage more dimensional and, most importantly, the artistry and emotion flows from the speakers. There were times late at night when my stereo sounded particularly good, engaging. With the Signature, that late night quality is there all the time now. I've done a lot of experimenting with my stereo over the years. Many devices, component upgrades, cords and tweaks have inched me closer to what I've been looking for, but the Signature has taken musical reproduction in my system to a whole different place, a quantum jump in my listening experience.
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DFPC Series [Signature]

Date Added: 04/20/2012 by Jón Thorsteinsson, Iceland
I am writing you just to communicate to you my satisfaction with the purchase, the fast delivery service, and the extremely good quality of the cables that I acquired from you, which was appreciable from the very first use.

In a few words: it feels like I have a completely new audio system.
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DFPC Series [Signature]

Date Added: 07/02/2012 by Karl
I have been using your DFPC Signature AC power cords for a year and a half now. A friend highly recommended them. He is a very knowledgeable audio buddy who is not only an accomplished musician but an engineer. He has extraordinarily good ears. We both have similar systems with the best CD player we have been able to find at any price and the rest of the system to match. Very highly resolving. Sometimes it is hard to resist doing just one more comparison and so it was the case with your wonderful power cords. I had been using some rather expensive AC cords and yours are clearly better. I settled in with the Signatures for about a year and then got some really good but somewhat affordable power cords just to try. They produced an absolutely glorious midrange which was quite seductive. ...That is until I put the Signatures back in and regained the highs and bass. Oh well, that was a bit expensive but informative.

My system powered with the DFPC Signature AC power cords has significantly better bass, fullness, richness and yet retains beautiful nuance, air and decay. Delightfully musical. My friend tried a full set of some extraordinarily good AC cords that cost three times what the Signatures costs ...and in the end he too preferred the Signatures.

I should point out that although we both use Signatures throughout our systems, in the end a different AC cord seemed to be a better match for our particular CD player.

Everyone's system and preferences are different, but at least for these two systems that is what works best.

Addendum as of December 2013:

We have been using your Signature AC cords in the entire system, including CD player, for some time now.
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DFPC Series [Signature]

Date Added: 08/27/2012 by Aaron Knock
Before getting the DFPC Signatures, my whole system costed around $7,000. Compared to many other reviews here, my system is far less expensive. So one major concern of mine was that my system simply would not allow me to hear the kind of improvements that others with far more expensive systems claimed to hear. I was worried I’d spend a lot of money ($2183 is a lot of money to me), end up with amazing-looking power cords, but hear very little improvement, or worse: no improvement at all!

So what led me to "take the plunge" was that the DFPC power cord is not just a power cord, it is a noise filter as well. Without considering this dual function I would never have spent that much on "just a power cord."

I got 2 DFPC Signatures: one on the source and one on the amp. The whole system requires only these two power cords. I upgraded to the Signatures from the stock power cords provided by the manufacturers. I’ve been using the DFPC Sigs for 3 months now.

System (total ca. $7000)
Speakers: Focal 816V ($2,100)
Speaker Cables: LessLoss Anchorwave (3m @ $2,000)
AVR: Yamaha RX-A 3010 ($2,000) -- used in 2 channel Pure Direct mode
Interconnects: Kimber PBJ ($150)
Source: Cambridge Audio 650C ($800)
Room: 16’x18‘x7.5’, untreated, laminate flooring, gyprock walls, open back wall



The cords grip the outlet/inlet very well, and are light and very flexible. In my system, the Signatures are visible, and so their flexibility was key not just to setup, but to aesthetic presentation, too.


Pre-Evaluation & critical listening method:

First, I keep my CD player running 24/7. I also warm up my amp for 20-30 minutes before listening. For critical listening, I used only a handful of music I was very familiar with. I would listen to 1 full track before switching power cords (or a few minutes of it at least) under an ABAB test scenario. During play, I would jot down short notes of things that stood out to me. Before switching cables, I’d pause after the track played to reflect on the track and possibly jot more things down. Then I’d switch out the power cords for the Signatures and repeat the same chunk of listening and note-taking.



Within a few seconds, audible improvements were completely obvious. The effect was an emotional response that caused me some laughter, eye-widening, and jaw-lowering. Keeping my emotions in tact, I listened further. Rather than take you through each track and the ABAB notes, let me just list some of the noted improvements (in no particular order).

- Clearer, crisper
- Higher fine detail resolution
- Vocals more real
- Fuller sound
- Deeper bass
- Bass more articulate
- Starting to hear the recorded room now
- Instantly real
- Lower noise floor: sounds like instruments used to sound through a veil.
- Smoother vocal

The improvement that the Signatures made which I value the most has been the element of realism. Never mind that my system’s low end is now more articulate (although I certainly love this), or that the music now sounds more 3-dimensional, or any of the other improvements these power cords offer; when I listen to music now, the illusion that Jeff Buckley is singing in front of me, or that Keith Jarrett is playing a harpsichord in my living room, is more real than ever. To achieve this level of realism with a system costing what mine does is remarkable. Sometimes vocals are so real sounding it’s eerie.


Putting the performance enhancement in perspective:

I’ve auditioned Simaudio’s 300D DAC ($1,800) and their $4,000 integrated amp (the 340i). The 300D is a good DAC for the money, but the performance enhancements offered by LessLoss DFPC Signatures are without question more in number and far more obvious. Now, I loved the $4000 Simaudio integrated amp; it was easily a substantial improvement over my home-theater amp—returning it made me sad. But, if I had to choose between the new amp and two DFPC Signatures (say price wasn’t an issue), I wouldn’t think twice: the Signatures for sure! Using the Signatures to lower the noise that enters my components not only produces more sonic improvements, but has a greater positive impact with respect to clarity and realism. Now, say we bring price back in the picture, the DFPC Signatures are virtually half the money of a serious amp upgrade (from Yamaha’s $2G flagship home-theater amp to the finely reviewed $4G Simaudio Moon 330i).


Dealing with LessLoss:

It’s obvious that Louis Motek prides himself on great customer service. When I emailed LessLoss, I got a reply directly from the boss. As such, I’ve had the pleasure of exchanging several emails with Louis and his responses have always been thoughtful and timely. His business, though on the net, really doesn't feel like it's far away. Shortly after ordering I had the well-packaged cords in hand.

This has been a sublime customer experience: products that deliver obvious and substantial performance enhancement, fast shipping, well-packaged products, and top-notch customer service.

Thank you!
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LessLoss started its business on Audiogon in late 2007. Within the first couple of month, word about LessLoss spread like wildfire among Audiogon members. Here is the feedback received from our clients during our first year of operation. This is from even before we had our own website.

Louis is one of the best in the business, truly professional and very fast production and delivery. I am very satisfied by your superb service. Many thanks.

Positive by Buyer Sebastian (135) on 07-29-2008

Excellent transaction with Lessloss on dynamic filtering power cord. Good communications & fast shipping. A+++++

Positive by Buyer Sennett (45) on 07-03-08

Bought 3 pc's from Liudas in Jan/08. Outstanding product as advertised. Performance is everything and more than I expected. Kudos to Lessloss cable for a great product. Very highly recommended...A+++

Positive by Buyer Phillykid (33) on 06-19-08

Bought the Lessloss PC cable about a month ago; the quality and build are excellent. Compares very favorably with more expensive PCs. Highly recommended. Thanks!

Positive by Buyer Pseles (138) on 05-30-08

A power cable that makes a huge difference; simply an excellent design. First-class sales and service - highest recommendation.

Positive by Buyer Palasr (246) on 05-29-08

Cable #6 powering my Emm Dac6e which comprises part of my headphone system. Again, more resolution, detail, quietness from my Victor HP1000phones. Best single device in my system ever. Time to purchase more. I'm spreading the word re: this marvel!!

Positive by Buyer Dott_c (534) on 05-28-08

Liudas,your service is INCREDIBLE,no waiting 4-6weeks for cables and the ones I already have are doing more than I hoped A+A+,Thanks again,Don

Positive by Buyer Drummermitchell (57) on 05-27-08

Lightspeed delivery,very nice cable.I am kind of proud Liudas of such good cables from this part of Europe

Positive by Buyer Zodiak5 (72) on 05-25-08

Liudas is a honest and dependable seller, always answers my e-mail questions promptly. The LessLoss cable is a work of art, and sounds good too, cable is still burning in. I'm quite happy with my purchase.

Positive by Buyer Jgy1 (54) on 05-24-08

Very smooth transaction, lovely cables. Thanks Liudas!

Positive by Buyer Tympani (99) on 05-23-08

Amazing power cord! It beats my other much more expensive cables hands down - blacker background, natural, more details and dynamics. All my CDs open up and sound more musical. Brought two cables so far and will be buying more for sure. Liudas is a s

Positive by Buyer Hfigear (18) on 05-22-08

Cable #5 powering my Day Sequerra tuner results in being able to receive more stations!!! No more hiss, greater dynamics. Makes it sound like my ADA Tune Suite XM. This cable is the most remarkable product that has come my way in the past 20 + years

Positive by Buyer Dott_c (534) on 05-17-08

Kind and lightspeed fast service. The cable is a steal and outperforms other cables, costing much much more. Increasing every aspect of sound you can imagine. Absolutely outstanding!!! Thanks again Liudas.

Positive by Buyer Stani (3) on 05-15-08

Item arrived quickly and well packaged. Excellent communication. A great product from a great seller.

Positive by Buyer Mouse (336) on 05-14-08

This is cable #4 in my system.Used powering my Ashley Xovermy MRS scares me out of the room!What power below 15Hz.No power cords that I have owned,many15X the $579.asking price have come close 2 this level of performance Looking forward 2 adding more

Positive by Buyer Dott_c (534) on 05-14-08

Cable #3 added to the PS of my Cello Palette. Well, no more static as I rotate the dials for the various frequencies. 1st cable to accomplish this! All power conditioners, including the Accuphase P1200 did not rectify the situation.Unbelievable!

Positive by Buyer Dott_c (534) on 05-13-08

Fast shipping and great sounding cables. Would not hesitate to deal with Liudas again.

Positive by Buyer Rschryer (183) on 05-11-08

This is my 2nd power cord from Lessloss. The first one was used to power my VRE-1, this one for the EMM CDSA SE. Again, a stunning result, w/quieter backgrounds, something that I thought I achieved w/the 1st cable. Next unit, the Xover.Unbelievable!

Positive by Buyer Dott_c (534) on 05-11-08

Excellent service and product, do not hesitate to try these cords. AAA+

Positive by Buyer Rpw (207) on 05-10-08

Super fast shiping and a fantastic power cord. The very best I have ever used. Thank you Liudas!

Positive by Buyer Stefank (36) on 05-05-08

You cant get a better seller in audiogon than Louis. For a cheap PC ( compared to many other manufacturers), he is responsive to your mails and even offer suggestion for cable configuration. Buy with confidence. First class seller with 1st class serv

Positive by Buyer Audioblazer (75) on 05-04-08

Excellent seller...and truely excellent cable. The Dynamic Filtering Power Cable is just fantastic...musical...liquid...3D. Thanks!

Positive by Buyer Gburt55 (24) on 05-02-08

Liudas has SUPERB DELIVERY,excellent communication. Cables are gorgeous.Can't wait till my amps come back,so I can reconnect.Can't say enough,check out all the POSITIVE FEEDBACK,Don Mitchell

Positive by Buyer Drummermitchell (57) on 05-01-08

The Lessloss offers WIDE dynamics.It's spooky quiet with an airy sound stage. Worth 10 times its list price.I am buying more!

Positive by Buyer Dott_c (534) on 04-30-08

Liudas is superb to deal with,4 day delivery to my door.wonderfully crafted cable. Excellent communication,and he's very patient with my questions,I'll be doing business with Liudas again(oops I already have)Thanks,Don

Positive by Buyer Drummermitchell (57) on 04-24-08

Very good sounding power cable,fast delivery-recommended.Thanks!

Positive by Buyer Zikhmark (779) on 04-22-08

I own a number of well know and expensive Powercords that I use throughout my system. The Lessloss is clearly on par with the best for less. Used on the preamp of a system that was never bass shy, I felt like I had discovered another octave of music

Positive by Buyer Marcner (246) on 04-22-08

Re: Purchase of Lessloss AC power cable. Immediately apparent something is special, it changes the envelope of the delivery of the music. The tripath solid state AR Amp sounds more flowing and used with my Tube SET, more bass from my 2 way speakers

Positive by Buyer Enaud (27) on 04-20-08

Very good power cable at reasonable price, fast shipping, easy communication. Highly recommended, both product and seller.

Positive by Buyer Jessenov (207) on 04-20-08

Thanks Liudas. Very fast shippment, the whole transaction took 3 days. Excellent cable, the best I've owned. It's my second purchase from Liudas so I know from experience that it will be even better after burn in. Highly recommended.

Positive by Buyer Jkuc (39) on 04-20-08

Quick shipment and very good AC cord. I'll be back for more.

Positive by Buyer Fig (242) on 04-18-08

STELLA SERVICE. Felt like a valued customer. Cables are simply amazing. The sound stage is huge and sibilance free. Amazes me the way instruments and voices soar out of thin air. Thanks Luidas.

Positive by Buyer Dabarrie (33) on 04-13-08

Outstanding service, excellent communication, and a fantastic product, one of the best power cables available for the $$$$. thanks again!

Positive by Buyer Jsowen (304) on 04-10-08

Quick delivery this time, My CD player never sounded so good. Thanks Luidas for another great cord to add to my system. A+++

Positive by Buyer Jimman (36) on 04-10-08

I would like to thank Liudas for his excellent service. He is selling a fabulus product that helped me to solve the problem of high frequency harshness I experienced with my CD player.I will buy more cables to replace my Acrolink and Oyaide Tunami

Positive by Buyer Geopolitis (12) on 04-08-08

I have now completed a full system (Digital/Power/Analog) integration using the LessLoss product. These power cables are a work of auditory art. Simply plug them in and be amazed! It's one product any sensible audio enthusiast should not miss out on.

Positive by Buyer Mang53 (494) on 03-16-08

I now have 4 of these in my system and every one of these on each component brought my system up to new levels. Nicely built as well. Highly recommended component!

Positive by Buyer Jp1208 (117) on 03-10-08

Liudas is the gold standard in service. His cord in my system amounted to a hugh and positive upgrade. Thank you.

Positive by Buyer Bander (189) on 03-05-08

Outstanding service and the cable is as stated. The best I have heard so far over other regarded power cables. Highly recommend!!

Positive by Buyer Teapac (69) on 03-04-08

Great on-going communications and terrific product.

Positive by Buyer Gerryn (192) on 03-03-08

I still find it hard to believe a power cord could be equal to or even greater than a serious interconnect upgrade, but it is! Thanks Liudas for the great product and perfect customer service.

Positive by Buyer Mang53 (494) on 03-03-08

The perfect seller in Audiogon: exceptional communication, easy transaction and fast and safe shipping. Recommended.

Positive by Buyer Ciomargabe (81) on 02-27-08

Perfect transaction.Great communication and very fast shipping. A+ Audiogon seller

Positive by Buyer Hi5harry (636) on 02-26-08

Superfast shipping, good communication, doesn't get any better than this. Also, the cables are butifully made of high quality components. Thanks Walter.

Positive by Buyer Kitncar (72) on 02-23-08

Excellent transaction. A great power cable and company. Worth the wait.

Positive by Buyer Rishel (114) on 02-20-08

A great experience overall, Liudas's enthusiasm for his product and the ongoing updates made this a very positive experience. The cord has made a significant difference in my system, most notably a much lower noise floor..

Positive by Buyer Ford07 (21) on 02-20-08

Trustworthy and very knowledgeable seller/designer/manufacturer. Kept in touch with updates and info. while cord was being manufactured and processed. It's all good - and all very high end.

Positive by Buyer Dadsears (45) on 02-13-08

Liudus is a great guy and the power cord is outstanding, I will glady buy from lessloss again, the cord took my system to another level

Positive by Buyer Kedoades (3) on 02-13-08

2nd entry; bought more cables. IMHO, better powercables than these are not available! Lessloss p/c's are MORE than a system upgrade. And 2 day delivery, from Lithuania?!! Amazing product!!!

Positive by Buyer Hoochie39 (225) on 02-13-08

Very nice sounding cable, beautiful build and a very reasonable price with fast international shipping. A+++

Positive by Buyer Gersimon (111) on 02-07-08 re: Cables

IMAGINE every listening session as your best listening session. Every recording played the best it can play. Your equipment performing always at optimum. Lessloss makes it happen! These cables are the best of the best!!!

Positive by Buyer Hoochie39 (225) on 01-22-08

In my years of audio and all the cords I tried Lessloss cords, made a difference you can hear for the better and it's not subtle. Good work Liudas! AAAA+

Positive by Buyer Jimman (36) on 01-21-08

Excellent seller and Audiogoner, great communicator. Power cable is outstanding, excellent... Great soundstage, excellent definition, black background as promissed.

Positive by Buyer Jkuc (39) on 01-18-08

Liudas is great to deal with: excellent communication and service. The cables are very well made and well worth the money. Thanks!

Positive by Buyer Jfd01 (93) on 12-12-07

Outstanding transaction and outstanding power cable.

Positive by Buyer Tubeyy (78) on 11-23-07

Great transaction well worth the wait, this is by far the best powercord I have used in my system over the past 20 years, some cost as high as $3,000 and this power cord for $500.00 beat them all hands down and is a steal at its current asking price.

Positive by Buyer Phillyb (150) on 11-16-07

Top notch construction, performance to match, and a great transaction. Highly recommended because the cable does what is claimed, lowers noise while improving dynamics. Thanks!

Positive by Buyer Wineaux (54) on 10-22-07

If it was just always so simple !! Excellent, correct and accurate communication. Absolutely no loss at all even before listening to the cables. Highly recommended.

Positive by Buyer Williamredburry (45) on 09-26-07

This cable was the BEST purchase that I've ever made!! I’m not affiliated with this product in anyway, but feel sorry for Audiophiles who don’t purchase these cables. Once Audiophiles try this cable, they will wonder how this product can be sold at such a low price. I’m baffled… In an industry full of snake oil, unethical cable retailers, enormous profits and scams - this LessLoss "Filtering Power Cable" is a "breakthrough product" which blows away the ALL competition at ANY price!!! I honestly don’t know how LessLoss can make a profit while using Oyaide connectors, hand braiding and an incredible passive AC filter. LessLoss "Filtering Power Cable" are sold from a manufacturer /owner /designer who is trustworthy, ethical, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to deal with. Take a chance!!!!, PayPal your money to Lithuania - and you'll be rewarded with great Customer Service, and the finest power cord made. Hear for yourself what you are missing!!! Thanks Again!!!

Positive by Buyer Spacecase (83) on 09-22-07

Excellent service and communication. Fast shipping. Thanks, Liudas!

Positive by Buyer Tvad (660) on 09-20-07

Excellent products! Delivery of the power cords and XLR digital interconnect cable,was received within 10days of shipping. Luidas kept me informed on the status of my order. Very good communication and feedback to my inquiries.

Positive by Buyer Kpoulard (18) on 09-10-07

First-rate all the way! The cables are sensational, and the price is a steal. The 1-2 week delivery from Lithuania is well worth the wait. Liudas and Vilmantas at LessLoss are perfectionists pursuing their love for the art of music reproduction.

Positive by Buyer Lookin4evr (117) on 08-17-07

Before upgrading your gear, please try the Lessloss Blackbody. It works wonders with my equipment and adds a realism, a new quality to the sound that will leave you speechless. Absolutely wonderful piece of gear.

Positive by Buyer Stani (6) on 01-31-10 re: Accessory