Introducing C-MARC™. A new generation of high performance wire and cable, well-equipped to deal with today’s over-polluted electro-magnetic environment.

Traditional Litz wire is made up of many isolated strands which are first bunched, and then twisted, forming elongated coils. The coils act as inductors and pick up noise.

C-MARC™ is a new type of Litz wire. C-MARC’s noise reduction is based on the bucking coil method using two counter-polarized coils. Every strand's clock-wise turn aligns with a corresponding counter-clockwise turn of exactly mirrored diameter and step. The two resulting counter-polarized coils are mutually superposed. A second-scale fractal replication of the already bucking coils is then repeated. Through electrical cancellation of the induced noise, C-MARC™ provides an enormous signal-to-noise ratio in today's demanding environment.

C-MARC™ — Cutting Through the Noise.

Open Letter to Friends and Loyal Supporters of LessLoss

LessLoss introduces C-MARC™ wire and cable expanded business concept

LessLoss introduces C-MARC™, the new standard for audio wire and cable!

C-MARC™ Projected Price List:
C-MARC™ Plug-and-Play Power Cable: $735 (2m length)
C-MARC™ Plug-and-Play RCA Interconnect: $850 (1m stereo pair)
C-MARC™ Plug-and-Play XLR Interconnect: $950 (1m stereo pair)
C-MARC™ Plug-and-Play Loudspeaker Cable: $1285 (1.5m stereo pair with spades)
C-MARC™ Hookup wire, bulk (0.8mm2): $30/meter
C-MARC™ Hookup wire, bulk (2.3mm2): $80/meter
C-MARC™ Hookup wire optional professional end prepping, tinned and ready for use: $5/end
C-MARC™ Coaxial cable, bulk (2 x 2.3mm2): $155/m
C-MARC™ Triaxial cable, bulk (2 x 2.3mm2 and 1 x 0.8mm2): $200/m

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Small access fee: Buy as little as one credit now and secure your place in line for the new C-MARC™ products.

Flexible planning: Can't decide yet? Expand your credit any time, in multiple credit orders. All credit remains valid for a whole year.

Valuable Early Bird benefits: Within one year, your credit will increase in value by 150% when being cashed in towards any C-MARC™ purchase.

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Friendly trade-in deals: Use surplus credit at 150% value as a discount towards any other LessLoss product!

Example: Get the Echo's End DAC in July of 2017 using credit you purchased now. Buy 36 credits at $98 each, paying 3528. In November, cash in your credit for $5292. At that time, just pay the difference of $50 and own the DAC.

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