Firewall for Headphones: free from any downsides!

July, 2024, author: Dawid Grzyb
"The more these modules are in use, the more their effectiveness compounds, specifically backdrop cleanliness, spatial focus and moisture."

"Higher instrumental and vocal hydration, more grounded sound, rounder less chiseled edges, tighter bass, improved clarity, less grain and all virtual shapes rendered more precisely on a background that felt sensibly more pristine."

"Not only do I deem Firewalls very useful with all kinds of speakers, I haven't yet encountered one that wouldn't audibly benefit from such assistance."

"free from any sonic downsides"

"In my system I see LessLoss Firewalls for speakers as necessities rather than accessories."

"Their work may seem mild at first, but disengaging them after a week or two of constant use is plainly painful. Then it hits us how much these small barrels actually contribute, or rather how much is lost upon taking them away."

"Firewalls don't add anything audible to a system's voicing that is not already there in the first place. These aren't tools meant to alter its core flavor. Instead they show how it fares without the well-known byproducts of noise; harshness, sharpness, leanness and grit."

"Bass stripped from noise develops extra heft and fullness alright, but also becomes tighter and more powerful"

"The entire musical image grows larger and more robust, while edginess that causes listening fatigue vanishes. Unsurprisingly, the latest Firewall tailored for headphones follows this exact protocol to a tee. As such it introduces only audible gains."

"More body, less pointy outline edges, less sharpness and less textural gloss, then followed by beefier tighter bass, more pronounced meatier midrange and far superior highs, particularly on decay and smoothness."

"Today's Firewall also greatly boosts the sensation of aural space, so that it feels more breathing, moving and alive."

"The very last instrumental reverbs significantly easier to 'see' and appreciate."

"Clarity is yet again the key word. With cans as resolving as the Susvara, well, this single aspect massively gains on importance. The most interesting thing is that the major quality hike introduced in the process happens alongside the additional provision of substance, textures and body instead of it being in the least decreased in trade as is often the case."

"elevated immediacy, energy, bite and snap"

"I heard primarily smoother and more distinct vocals."

"Sounded more clear and with extra bite to it, as if all its snappy jabs got shorter and more impactful in the process."

"With the LessLoss, the first part struck me as calmer, prettier and all in all fancier, while the energetic outro was noticeably more immediate, muscular and feistier. In other words, the two very distinct parts on that track had their specific quite opposite vibes pronounced better. I found that excellent."

"The Firewall [...] made the entire tune more flowing, still calmer and dreamier."

"Increased smoothness, ease, flow, juiciness and less compressed more distinct instruments. Individual bits on this tune registered as more pronounced sounds, which were again easier to follow and focus on. In effect the entire track registered as a more romantic and sensual version of itself with the LessLoss."

"Noticeable gains on rhythm and swing, as if the main instruments' individual notes were more on point."

"With the Firewall engaged revealed a significantly better grip on bass and less coarse yet fleshier more articulated female vocal."

"Sufficed to keep my ears happy and mark the clear quality bump."

"The Firewall injected more air into the view and dynamically expanded these roars to make them more sensible and instantaneous."

"Voice also struck me as more alive and here, while all the high-pitched sounds registered as quicker, somewhat uplifted, weightier and more shimmery."

"With the Firewall it was less pointy, denser, wilder, more raw, articulated and blunt. Most importantly, the Lithuanian support made a hugely positive difference on this specific song. To my ears the sensation was comparable to listening to it on a floorstander armed with say two small cones, and i.e. Zu Audio DWX armed with one large paper membrane that needs very little power to pump lots of air very effortlessly. The way how such drivers speak the rock language makes them something entirely different on scale, directness and sheer entertainment. The LessLoss simply knew the dialect."

"The bass dug deeper, claps had more snap and body to them, the vocal was more substantial and lifelike and spatial sizing grew noticeably larger. The song felt more intense, enveloping and grander in spite of its somewhat slow-paced rhythm. At that point I had enough data to understand how much the Firewall actually did, and how beneficial it was."

"The Firewall not only supported such repertoire as per the above, but it also allowed me to enjoy it at really loud volume. This was a personal win that I thoroughly appreciated."

"Considering how greatly the LessLoss Firewall elevated my experience with a specimen as universal as these planars, I can't think of any other headphones which wouldn't enjoy such company."

"The tech inside it has been around for years and proved highly effective for many people including yours truly. More importantly, it introduces gains which are very hard to come by elsewhere, especially at a dosage this high and for less coin. Personally I'm very happy that a Firewall device for cans is now a thing and every bit as effective as its awesome speaker siblings."

Hifi Knights
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C-MARC™ Stellar Power Cable: "I was rather surprised"

April, 2024, author: Srajan Ebaen
"the connectors clamp down like pit bulls."

"very pliable."

"Proper cable routing won't require a planning degree."

"sound quality dove still deeper into greater immediacy."

"more luminosity."

"higher charge, energy, enunciation and separation."

"The Stellar cords now shifted my textural needle a few degrees deeper into speed and illumination"

"I was rather surprised"

"greater motility and overall aeration"

"a very particular lit-up directness."

"if money were no issue, these leashes wouldn't return"

"In a high-resolution context, even small reductions in residual system noise can manifest as sonic advances. This particular noise isn't audible per se like a minor ground loop, transformer hum or power-supply surf emitting through a tweeter. Rather it's bat-sphere stuff which intermodulates or 'echoes down' into the audible band. Wherever capable noise killers manage to clear away some of that bat crap, we hear just a bit more micro detail. Nearly invariably that's about recorded space being better illuminated by very low-level reflections between and behind the images. It also moves more subliminal upper harmonics out of the noise floor. That overtone illumination generates more timbral diversity. Individual instruments and singers sound more not less different from each other. Finally there's a sense of flow or breath. That creates continuity or cohesion at the same time that greater resolution sets up more separation. When music rides more obviously on the real breath of singers and woodwinds or the microdynamic bel canto of other instrumentalists emoting with nuance–cellists can be ace at that–we invariably gain persuasiveness."

"Playback feels more human, less mechanical. Compared to my darker heavier thicker residents of less nuance, these were the shades of pastels the visiting Stellar cords played with in my hardware context."

"It gives more insight for less volume. Put differently, there's no need to fight with any obliqueness of darkness and its many manifestations. Just turn more light on.
Not bad for a pair of 'just' power cords, innit?"

"the Stellar range-topper would seem perfect for that first link between wall and power distributor. Now it will benefit all kit which hangs off the outlet expander to multiply the cost/performance ratio and spread around the luv of lower noise and higher resolution."
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BlackGround for Speakers elevates sound quality of $37k speakers up to $60k - $100k range

April, 2024, author: Rick Becker
"songs that I'd heard over a hundred times were giving me goosebumps once again."

"I was off to the races, wanting to hear more and more music as the effect grew stronger over the next few days."

"the effect of the BlackGround for Speakers was very evident."

"the music was more natural sounding."

"it was the genius of the BlackGround that addressed the environmental noise pollution"

"the LessLoss BlackGrounds improve the entire system."

"More transparency, cleaner air, and more distinct placement of instruments on a larger sound stage with noticeably greater depth."

"the female vocalists and instrumental separation were excellent, and the cymbals were highly resolved and shimmering. Everything I played was coming through at the highest level of sound quality I had ever experienced in my system."

"The bottom line here is that you get what you pay for with the Classic being a significant step above the original Prime cable, and the Entropic version taking the sound quality even higher with more stable, unwavering sustained notes, minute inner detail, more subtle tonal color, and tighter bass. Sibilance was more tightly controlled and the clapping of audiences was more realistic."

"The sonic signatures of all three LessLoss cables are the same. But each one does it better when you pay more. You see more deeply into the music. You hear more inner detail. And the musicians are more present in your listening room."

"There is a very positive synergy between the BlackGrounds and the LessLoss power cords"

"I was awestruck."

Buddy Guy was "right there", I proclaimed, pointing dead center just beyond the plane of the speakers. In fact, everyone was "right there" with more transparency and three-dimensionality, more impressive resolution and dynamics."

"I was captivated by the high degree of reality coming from the recorded music and the ease of ignoring the technology, allowing me to just imbibe the music.
Instruments or singers up front did not obscure instruments behind them. The monoblock Speaker Bases remove the equipment from the listening equation. Setting cost aside, the monoblock Speaker Bases are the units you want and I implore you not to audition them if you cannot afford them."

"Adding the monoblock Speaker Bases was transformative, bringing FM classical music beyond what I typically experience with CDs. The three-dimensional soundscape, the transparency, and the sense of air in the recording venues of live orchestras were dramatically improved. The resolution in the treble was particularly impressive with violins and cymbals"

"The improvement the monoblock Speaker Bases brought to my FM radio listening was an unexpected bonus. It reinforces Louis' contention that the effect of all the BlackGrounds extends out into the room, affecting not only the adjacent components but also the nearby FM antenna."

"Slam! The bass tightened up immediately and very impressively"

"The timbre brought out by the addition of the stereo Speaker Base raised the sound quality of the $37k QRC-2 speakers close to the flagship of the Acora line, the VRC-1, a truly world-class speaker priced at $218k. I was very impressed. But wait. It gets even better!"

"The bass tightened up even further and there was no degradation of the treble"

"I don't think I can find this much sonic improvement for this kind of money to upgrade what I already own."

"the pair of BlackGround for Speaker 10X monoblocks gives you the biggest acoustic return on investment. Add four speaker cables, one ground wire, and the Classic Entropic Process power cord (or splurge for the new Stellar) and you will have an entire system upgrade that will not become obsolete for less than $10k."

"It may be an 'end game' for your entire rig, leaving you to simply enjoy your music."

"Having worked with all three BlackGrounds, I can assure you the effect is cumulative. Furthermore, LessLoss offers substantial credit if you wish to upgrade from the stereo Speaker Base to the monoblocks. Very nice people."

"When I consider the BlackGround for Speakers elevated the sound quality of my system with $37k speakers up to the level of the best speakers I've heard in the $60k to $100k range, the value skyrockets."

"At the highest level with the monoblock Speaker Bases and the Classic Entropic power cord, the BlackGround for Speakers allowed me to experience greater resolution and transparency that revealed much finer inner detail, a far more colorful tonal palate, and holographic instrumentation far beyond what I thought my real-world system could deliver."

"Increased soundscaping and greater dynamics were also evident due to the lowered noise floor."

"The BlackGround for Speakers helps level the playing field against rigs with outrageously expensive products that only a few can afford."

"They are in a category of their own."

"the BlackGrounds feel like essential standard components. I never imagined I could own a system that could play music at such a high level."
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BlackGround: one of the most potent accessories in the LessLoss portfolio.

November, 2023, author: Dawid Grzyb
"higher density, contrast ratio and smoothness."

"extra softness, reverb, spatial order and tone, particularly audible in the upper band."

"The delta of these changes in my setup had me quite surprised"

"BlackGround is a terrific grit remover"

"To encapsulate BlackGround's action in practice, please imagine that one day the sound in your room seems somewhat matte, harsh, ethereal, overly contoured, tense and abnormally twitchy. The next day the same setup sounds just right from the get-go and is free from audible culprits you've noticed the other day. 24 hours later they're all there, again. Rinse and repeat for three weeks or so and that's pretty much exactly how my experience with introducing and removing the BlackGround went."

"Good days were those when these devices were connected to the mains and one BlackBody v2 and positioned near my DAC. The time they spent in their tiny cardboard coffins inside my car's trunk marked bad days. That's the simplest conclusion I have after having lived with LessLoss' latest conditioners for quite a while."

"it anchors a system's sound to make it more grounded and less shiny."

"this accessory did a lot"

"A whole extra tier of treble finesse"

"Just one proved enough to meaningfully amplify the shiny disc's performance in my room. That's why if I were a shopper interested in trying out today's product, my order would also include one BlackBody v2."

"This is one of the most potent accessories in the LessLoss portfolio right now and particularly surprising when paired with BlackBody v2."
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LessLoss BlackGround wins EnjoyTheMusic.com Blue Note Best of 2023 award!

December, 2022, author: Rick Becker

Blackbody v.2: I've never tested anything like it.

May, 2023, author: Dawid Grzyb
"If you've gone this far yet still are the curious type keen to take the red pill and personally investigate that rabbit hole, the company LessLoss will show you how deep it goes."

"I find this entire noise-killing lot highly efficacious.Today's Blackbody v2 is unlike any other LessLoss product I've sampled in the past."

"I've never tested anything like it."

"LessLoss' track record among customers and press is solid to say the least."

"I was ready for subtle differences revealed gradually within hours if not days, but that wasn't the case. Not only this product did something, but it did that pretty much right away and in fashion obvious enough that I didn't have to second guess what it was."

"The entire view grew a touch more anchored and denser in both cases, but higher humidity was the most obvious change. The air in-between key sound sources felt rich and fragrant just like before a storm. The overall vibe was less dry and chiseled."

"Instrumental and vocal shapes struck me as more moist and bloomier than before, while their outlines became somewhat thicker."

"Sound audibly leaned towards the extra color, boldness and aroma rather than twitchiness, sparks, elasticity and high contrast. Increased relaxation and less prickly incisiveness followed."

"Considering all this, Blackbody V2 was groomed to fit the usual LessLoss noise-killing profile indeed, so enjoyably familiar."

"Vast majority of setups will enjoy them."

"A single such unit absorbs very little radiation yet its action already registered. Two were more audible though not as much as five. Whatever it is that they do, my ears tell me that it stacks. Now I'm wondering what several dozens of these objects would've delivered."

"It's also worth knowing that daisy-chaining them is the best use case scenario. Then the main Blackbody v2 effect becomes noticeably more pronounced without further trimming dynamics. At least I haven't detected any changes in this regard."

"It's clearly meant for those who have their audio kits fully sorted and evaluate such products with their ears. For what it's worth, three springs back Blackbody v2 worked for Srajan and now it did for me."
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Blackground 10x Power Base: "Very obvious and significant" "All roses no thorns"

January, 2023, author: Srajan Ebaen
"What the BlackGround claims to do no other audio device I'm familiar with addresses."

"we might even call the BlackGround an awareness-raising tool."

"The effect takes a while to kick in, then more time to saturate fully. It's nothing like a light switch. But neither is it 500-hour break-in by which time we wouldn't have a clue. We're talking perhaps a day."

"impossible to mistake or overlook."

"After a full day of undisturbed presence, the BlackGround caused a wholesale removal of this treble dirt."

"Think satin sheets and silk pyjamas, not dry saw dust and brittle straw. To my ears, this shift in tonality/lighting was accompanied by a mellower more leisurely or relaxed mien. Energetic forwardness laid back, sharpness morphed to viscosity."

"On my table of musical qualities, the lazy Susan turned rhythmic tension to the far side to have me face the beauty of tone instead. Textures felt ultra suede or chenille, not spiky or metallic."

"sweetness which arises in lieu of the former metallic rust or splashiness"

"The BlackGround's before/after was dead obvious."

"Listeners familiar with their systems need only give the LessLoss BlackGround 24 hours then hit 'play'. They'll be at a complete loss to explain it but will most certainly hear it."

"My gut instinct predicts that listeners of predominantly acoustic libraries and particularly classical in all its forms will absolutely love it."

"How did Sven Boenicke describe his reaction? "It's that energy shift away from the glare and garbage especially in the top end into the organic, colorful and beautiful; the brown, red, orange and golden colors. That's what I so love. Plus it does something on the reach-out and communication level which is magic." I reckon that we very much heard the same thing. I also think that I get what Sven calls the reach-out communication factor. I experienced it as that more fluid viscous quality."

"This shift isn't barely audible like changing a DAC's digital filter. It's a very significant reset from an approach which cynics and cackling forum hyenas might insist couldn't possibly work."

"you'll introduce recognizable elements of the triode aesthetic."

"upsetting my balance enough simply reiterates how potent this stuff is."

"all roses no thorns."

"a 24-hour come-on-song period will have changed your tone textures and related perceptions in dead-obvious ways."

"the BlackGround works, period."

"the effect's particulars mirror prior LessLoss inventions like the Firewall for Loudspeakers and AC line conditioner but at higher potency."

"the effect is very obvious and significant."

"the full effect takes time to saturate and desaturate"

"In closing, the LessLoss BlackGround is a bona fide invention."

"Listeners who appreciate the sonic changes described will do themselves a serious disservice if they shun this device"

"Reviewers could worry over having visiting gear bask in the BlackGround's glow to misappropriate praise."
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"Like magic. The BlackGround 10x Power Base is Voodoo supreme."

December, 2022, author: Rick Becker
"There was more inner detail, not because notes were more resolved, but because a lot of noise had been eliminated."

"Like magic, the music got better in all the same ways it had the previous night, confirming what Louis had initially alerted me about. It is not a component you can A/B test rapidly because the change does not happen like flipping a light switch. But give it an hour to settle in and the effect is very obvious... and very welcome."

"The music continued to improve with more inner detail emerging, particularly with many of the obscure lyrics. I was understanding a lot more words and hearing a lot more tonality and musical nuance than ever before, particularly in the bass."

"I was able to hear more tonal color (timbre) so the music was a lot more interesting."

"And WOW! Sound quality jumped."

"You don't have to be an experienced Golden Ear audiophile to recognize these, either."

"A lot of noise that you probably didn't realize was present, disappears – across the board, from sub-bass through treble and probably into super-tweeter territory."

"Musical qualities become more evident. Things like improved resolution, attack & decay, tonal color, timbre, and dynamic shading."

"Softer tones become more evident. You can better hear the notes fade away into silence. You might think your hearing has improved."

"...major revelation was the sense of physical space. The soundscape was considerably deeper."

"Instruments, singers, and orchestra sections were more firmly positioned."

"The air of the recording venue was cleaner and more transparent. Subtle room tone cues were more evident, creating an acoustical environment in my room that was profoundly more real. It was this improvement in the way stereo tricks our brain into thinking we are hearing live music that makes the BlackGround 10X so dramatically appealing."

"If you pretty much loved your system before, you will love it even more, now."

"It was relaxing in that I was using less mental energy to figure out the lyrics, locate musicians in the soundscape, and sort out the interplay of musicians or sections of an orchestra. But it did not lull me to sleep or disinterest me in the music. On the contrary, the bouquet of musical qualities drew me deeper into the performances leaving me with energy left over to explore the music at higher emotional and intellectual levels, rather than struggling to just hear the music."

"It wasn't just occasional moments it was everything I listened to! I grew up with rock 'n roll, but with the BlackGround, I was surprised at how intrigued and mesmerized I became with classical music."

"Do you need footers? The BlackGround 10X is such a huge leap forward that I expect you can live happily without them."

"The big plus in using the BlackBody with the tube amps was the enhanced emotional connection with the music. I was compelled to listen more actively. This was an unexpected and welcomed surprise as this is why I've been a tube fan from the beginning. The music gets so real you can almost hear the performers sweat."

"...higher level of realism on well-recorded tracks, leading to a greater level of involvement with the music."

"...more of a sense of space around the instruments, and a more 3-dimensional sound stage. I find that I am paying more attention to the music and less to the quality of the reproduction."

"I get a better sense of being in a large concert hall."

"It sounded more like real musicians playing music right in his room than most of the rigs I've ever heard in my life."

"As I left his dedicated listening room with the BlackGround in hand I felt like the Grinch stealing Christmas."

"Audiophiles cover a broad spectrum of wealth. But cost is not the same as value. Whatever your financial circumstance, the BlackGround 10X addresses an issue that other components are not designed to handle. The benefit gained from the BlackGround 10X is unlikely to become obsolete."

"I can imagine spending anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 without any guarantee of equaling the transparency and musicality the BlackGround 10X provides. Maybe even more money than that."

"Most of the rooms that I hear at shows that sound as good or better than mine does when equipped with the BlackGround 10X are priced above $100,000 and even far above that. Many that are priced at several hundred thousand dollars have not sounded as close to live music."

"I strongly believe it will bring a greater sense of live music to even the most expensive systems."

"Call it voodoo if you wish, but it is a breakthrough technology that supplements and goes far beyond existing power conditioners. I have heard what it can do and I am buying a production version to replace the prototype."

"Over the years I have learned that one of the best ways to compete with components that cost way more than I can afford is with voodoo. The BlackGround 10X is voodoo supreme."
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LessLoss Power Distributor: "I saw no downsides ... showed a middle finger to that guesswork."

December, 2022, author: Dawid Grzyb
"...produced extra bass that dug deeper and scored more points on authority, while the resulting stronger, more controlled, overall feel morphed each bass-intense song into a noticeably more massive, yet at the same time agile version of itself."

"The entire landscape [...] also struck me as a fair bit inkier, more calm and spatially sorted. Tonal saturation went up to make fuller, fruitier sound, which seemed as articulated and brimming with details as ever."

"I saw no downsides to these changes, only improvements."

"The conclusion here is twofold. The efficacy of Firewalls inside these products truly piles up. These modules also make a noticeable difference in spite of all the extra contact points and wires along the road. Because of these mechanical obstacles I thought that the two wooden outlets used as described could've either crippled sound quality, or made no difference at all. Their Firewall squad, however, showed a middle finger to that guesswork. Live and learn, as they say."

"...pushed the performance envelope several notches further in the familiar direction and that made quite the difference."

"It enhanced contrasts, extended the color palette, injected extra blackness into the background and unlocked greater firmness and heft."

Hifi Knights
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"will audibly improve every setup I can imagine"

October, 2022, author: Dawid Grzyb
"...deep background blackness upon which instrumental moisture, resolution and sensation of the aural space itself blossomed."

"...not only removes excess fuzz, bloom, grain and veil, but it also accelerates sonic MO"

"...makes them more open, vigorous and alive."

"...juicy, texturally generous, propulsive, informational and spatially unrestricted at the same time."

"There's no question that the LessLoss' inherently fetching dark round bloomy anchored sound makes a nice first focal point to stop at and appreciate. Once that early sensation settles in however, the product introduces itself as a resolution fiend capable of casting enormously large landscapes busy with easily served details and pinpoint accurate finely outlined sound sources."

"The Lithuanian's ability to behave this velvety, smooth, atmospheric, aurally gifted, elastic and keen on extracting tiniest dust particles is highly admirable in my book."

"... superbly balanced and free from any obvious trade-offs. As such the LessLoss won't steer a setup's general gestalt in any particular direction. Instead it'll gladly and gracefully elevate what's already there."

"The LessLoss renders music as substantially more flowing and digestible than before, which I see as its primary attractor and most critical task."

"This highly universal and accomplished product will audibly improve every setup I can imagine no matter its core flavor. I also think that it has what it takes to hold its ground even against similar opponents higher up in the pricing hierarchy."

"Considering the LessLoss' price, artisanal execution, usefulness, overall sonic performance and its sheer potency, I've found no evidence that'd work against it."

"It's up there with the very best power distributors I've sampled and the most affordable of them all by far."

"This is a fully mature, elegantly voiced effort built upon very advanced noise-rejecting tech that proved highly efficacious."

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