Featuring industry unique C-MARCEntropic Process internal wiring throughout, as well as our multiple award-winning most advanced Firewall current conditioning technology in double configuration, the LessLoss hand-built power distributor provides the core foundation to any sound system's ultimate performance. All internal parts are tightly fit by clear, slow-curing epoxy resin which results in the widest, clearest soundstage as micro-vibrations are avoided at all physical contact points. This also guarantees that even decades from date of manufacture, all physical traits are maintained even as the natural hardwood ages. Highly recommended for installation are three Bindbreaker equipment feet, sold separately.

  • Hardwood construction, hand sanded and lacquered
  • 6 high performance gold plated outlets, no nickel substrate
  • High performance power inlet, gold plated, no nickel substrate
  • C-MARC™ 4.6mm2 Entropic Process internal wiring
  • Available with US/Japan or European Schuko outlets
  • US/Japan version features Panzerholz outlet frames with carbon fiber faceplates
  • Slow curing clear epoxy at all physical internal contact points
  • Dimensions: 31 x 16 x 16 cm
  • The ultimate power we can produce
  • No hint of ‘digititis’
  • Relaxed, fluid and natural sound
  • Enormous soundstage
  • Musical, engaging, controlled bass with surprising authority and ease
  • Crystal clear dynamic ‘punch’
  • Dark, silent backdrop upon which 3D realism springs to life
  • Holographic imaging

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One LessLoss Power Distributor, US/Japan version, with six outlets.
One LessLoss Power Distributor, European Schuko version, with six outlets.
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