Placing your equipment upon three Bindbreaker feet reduces the influence of microphonic effects within its circuitry. Micro-vibrational energy sinks into and is absorbed and dispersed by the Bindbreaker more readily than it bounces back up into the equipment. The result: fantastic clarity, lower noise, more focus, better imaging, more distinguishable bass, clear and uncolored highs, and a rich midrange with melodic qualities which simply sing music in all its purity. Music frees itself from the bounds of the loudspeaker.

Placing your equipment upon three Bindbreaker feet reduces the influence of microphonic effects within its circuitry. Micro-vibrational energy sinks into and is absorbed and dispersed by the Bindbreaker more readily than it bounces back up into the equipment. The result: fantastic clarity, lower noise, more focus, better imaging, more distinguishable bass, clear and uncolored highs, and a rich midrange with melodic qualities which simply sing music in all its purity. Music frees itself from the bounds of the loudspeaker.
I thought I would give you feedback on the products I have and the sound of my system. Products purchased so far. C-MARC Classic power cord 2 metre Entropic 5 of Firewall 640x (2 of which are C-MARC) 2 sets of Bindbreaker Equipment feet Power Distributor and the star of the show Echo’s End Reference DAC. These products have all contributed to making the sound of my system enjoyable to listen to. I now want to listen to my hifi system again, and looking to play CDs which I have not played for a long time (This is testament to how well things are). When I had the Echos' End Reference on loan it was touch and go whether I kept it. Basically (to my ears) there was too much attack / power to leading edge of strings (guitar) when they came in on the tracks I was using for the evaluation. In one sense a small thing, but when investing that much money I felt things had to be right. I then had an idea, a set of supports I had put in I never gauged the difference they made or not. This pretty much corrected the issue, and along with talking to Elite Audio (UK) I felt mentally more positive (state of mind does have an effect too). After further listening I was then completely happy with the sound. The change involved removing the supports I had put under, not the CD transport, but the external linear power supply. Hifi to me is not always a science, but behaves more like an art form. I was really concerned about bass from the Reference seeing other peoples review, but this has not been an issue. What it is is open and balanced (i.e. covers top end and bottom end equally). On a recent listening it is almost like you can hear the other side of the notes. Beautiful sounds which waft over, and work with my ears (a big thing for me). Will be looking to add more. Following your advice, more power cables and Bindbreakers. Eventually looking to BackGround 10x Power Base, and your last Newsletter reminded me of a couple of the Blackbodies conditioners. Many thanks for your company's products and design philosophy.
As an audiophile of many decades vintage and having selectively sampled top-of-the-range products from many \'big-name\' audio brands over many years, I\'ve ended up replacing them with LessLoss\' incredible breakthrough audio products (including power cables, IC cables,main and loudspeaker firewalls), I\'ve come to appreciate the wonderful sonic improvements they\'ve brought to my two systems and ended up either selling or given away those from other sources. It is ,of course, important that the components of an audio system is well-matched and properly set-up I have been using the Bimdbreakers since they were first introduced and was surprised at the difference they made when installed on my CD player (CDP) , tube amp and DAC - a marked improvement in definition, depth of sound field and clarity. When Louis announced the upgrade for the Bindbreaker - with just the dimpled baseplate only - I was initially sceptical and decided to try just a set of 3 for my CDP. They arrived a day ago and was I surprised that they sure as hell delivered - in spades. There was even greater depth and definition with added clarity and some pleasant subdued increase in the bass. I listen mainly to classical music and occasionally some light popular music (Diana Krall, Eva Cassidy etc). Female voices and strings in particular seem to benefit even more. Well, I\'ve just placed another order for more - Bindbreaker dimpled baseplates that is. Unlike many audio enthusiasts who regularly upgrade their main audio components ( amps, source components, DAC etc), I have found it more beneficial and economical to upgrade the performance of my system with said LessLoss superb products. I have no business or personal ties with LessLoss and must stress that my impressions are purely personal.
Bindbreakers update and upgrade Quite some time ago, I wrote about my experience with the first Bindbreakers in my HiFi system: 09/01/2019 by Joerg Meinhardt Since then, there are Bindbreakers everywhere in my HiFi system, just except for the loudspeakers, which need a more stable platform for grandkids and dogs running around and easy moving for speaker positioning. I am very happy with these 8 sets of 3 Bindbreakers and will always put them on any new device in the future as well. The sound changes are always similar, no matter which device it is, as my findings from my first review: - Soundstage deeper - Better separation of instruments - Airy open highs - Cleaner but even more colorful midrange - More punch, especially in the bass - More, deeper, and better controlled bass - Voices especially from a deeper stage position sound more realistic with less distortion - Less resonances in mid and low range. The only downside I see, is the required careful handling with setting the device vertically on all feet at the same time. You should not move the device around without lifting from all Bindbreaker feet at the same time. But sometimes the device moves around due to pushing a switch or plugging in a cable. So, I cannot follow the instructions perfectly, but it seems to work ok anyways. A little hint, get yourself some balloon kind of tools, that can be pumped up …“Inflatable Air Cushion Lifter”. Not perfect, but better than plain hands. Now the news from last week … the new base plates … and how it worked for me. I immediately ordered all 24 base plates as replacements without testing with some/one first … I trust Louis … And what was the result for an almost 2000 USD upgrade .. no regrets and very happy: Indeed more natural sound, especially noticeable with voices, and a much better stage positioning and control, and I would say even lager stage. Overall more natural and articulated. A great deal for me and big thanks to Louis and his team!! One more reason to trust them :) But, when I held the first Bindbreaker in my hand (2019), I was curious, why they did not come with these dimples … Without being able to argue, why I would prefer this … But now I know after the explanations from Louis :) And don’t worry about the mixed colours for the upgrades (top grey, base plate brown). It looks actually friendlier and does not seem to be unwanted or a mistake … I love it !!
Because I was reorganizing my equipment rack, I did an extensive shootout between the Bindbreakers and several other serious footers, including the seemingly nifty MIG-SX footers from Synergistic Research. And I tried each type of footer in several different configurations under the component, because different positioning of the footers usually altered the sound considerably. I tried the Bindbreakers and SR footers under several components and in every case the Bindbreakers were more detailed and musical. The sound with the Mig-SX had a seemingly ineliminable edge to it, and (I suppose not surprisingly) they sounded more metallic than the Bindbreakers. And since I had some Symposium Rollerblocks on hand, I also compared the Bindbreakers to them. Again, the sound with the Bindbreakers was more detailed and natural. This was not the first time I've compared the Bindbreakers to other footers. I've found them superior to Isoacoustics Orea Bordeaux, and vastly superior to Stillpoints minis. I've also found them to outperform (though not so dramatically) some expensive footers from Spira, which a friend loaned me to try. So I contend that the innovative Bindbreakers are a LessLoss triumph. One of your greatest deals. Bravo!
SETUPS WITHOUT BINDBREAKERS ARE MINDBREAKERS. I am totally in awe! A week and a half ago two sets of three Bindbreakers arrived by express UPS Service. My High-end buddy and I had long enjoyed the astonishing benefits of LessLoss products, C-MARC Firewalls, Entropic Power Cords and digital interconnects were in both our setups, supplemented in mine, by a specially build 10 outlet Entropic distributor/conditioner, Entropic loudspeaker Firewalls and Entropic Loudspeaker cables for my satellites and subwoofers.We had frequently discussed what might the Bindbreakers be able to bring to our already very well seasoned setups being able to play any kind of musical style with delicacy and heft. We both agreed LessLoss has never oversold ANY product to our knowledge, then again, we both had experience with feet under equipment, Black Diamond Racing Cones and others, and yes, they make a difference but .... We decided to buy two sets together, with the possibility of trying both but in the end saving some money by settling for one set each, were the end effect there, but miniscule. Well, both sets arrived at my place and I decided to begin with one set of three under my newly aquired dCS Network Bridge, an astonishing streamer, best I have ever heard. After an hour of burn in - yes, to my surprise BBs need burn in time - I thought it should be illegal to sell the dCS without Bindbreakers, such was the improvement on all parameters. BBs have puzzled me. They are not the kind of "in your face" enhancements, yet, I dare to say an enhancement I can no longer absolutely not live without. So what do they do? Above all else they make your setup ridiculously fast in a splendid way. Reaction - acceleration and braking time is shortened in a way that opens up the sensation of space, scale, depth, micro- and macro dynamics, slam and tip-toe expressions by musicians plus tone color to die for, I mean the setup literally sings it's heart out as the best singers magically can. That is what I cannot live without anymore. A week and a half ago I hadn't the slightest notion of that, only an undefined longing for.... Know that feeling? Let me fill you in, if you are still with me. At the end of the day I placed the second set under my LessLoss passive conditioner/distributor. Sho' 'nuff, more of the same and I stayed in sonic Heaven not being able to leave Radio Paradise as the next song kept opening up so intriguing that I just had to hear that one too. Mind you, Paradise casts compressed AAC, good quality, but compressed. I just couldn't care, just had to listen. After three wonderful days of almost 24/7 Radio Paradise my buddy wanted to try out the feet in his setup. I removed them, took them to his home, and, listening to his heavily improved setup I had not yet heard after the change, without installing them, was able to precisely predict to him what nasties they would remove. I was right and he was stunned. Placing just one set under his heavily modified Oppo streamer/DAC repeated what had happened with my sound. A few hours later I left him with a smile that almost ran twice around his face only to return to my own setup that had now turned completely dull. For the next week I could hardly bother to listen to music, not even the very best recordings and certainly not Radio Paradise which I started a couple of times a day but left after one or two songs. My high-end companion of course bought the second set from me after four days not wanting to go back to HIS now dull sound and I could finally order not two, but four sets for myself. I simply could not help it though my poor purse screamed in agony. Yesterday my new friend, the UPS truck driver, arrived with two bags containing the twelve BBs and it felt as the morning sun came in after a long winter storm. Burn in time repeated itself, but after an hour I had most of my wonderful sound back by placing three BBs under my streamer again, and, as in a fairy tale, Radio Paradise seemed to broadcast the same specially enhanced quality as a week before. Half a day later I lowered my all digital Steinway&Sons A2 four channel power amp/DAC/room control unit on the second set of BBs and I was equally stunned! Almost all the deep lows disappeared, sound got two dimensional and irritating and dynamics were gone. I was honestly chocked. I had purposely let the music play during the placement of the unit on the feet, not cutting signal at all to omit the power on/off sound change always there. I'm so glad I had experienced the burn in time already, so I stayed (almost) calm and kept listening. Lesson for y'all, don't judge BBs too early!!! 50 minutes later the tone color was nice again, scale and space had improved, and I could hear what the bass player did to his instrument, not only bass notes. After two hours the sound was better than it has ever been proving that enhancing signal sources with BBs take priority over conditioner/distributor - just like Louis had already stated. I am so lucky to still have two sets waiting to be unpacked, but that is for a follow up, folks. All I can say, is, Bindbreakers may not be in your face improvements but once you have learned what they do, you cannot live without them. To be continued .........
I now am using 5 sets of 3 Bindbreakers, under my monoblock amps, SACD player/DAC, passive preamp, and Aurender server. In each case they've replaced, and outperformed some very good alternatives, including Spira Ultra Tuning Feet, Symposium Rollerblocks, and Isoacoustics Orea. I plan to use another set on my 2nd DAC. The other footers definitely have their virtues. But in every case the Bindbreakers yielded clearer imaging and more robust instrumental and vocal timbres (more, and more realistic, meat on the bones). I consider the Bindbreakers, at their reasonable price point compared to most serious competitors , to be one of the great bargains in audio history, not to mention a truly ingenious device.
I would like to tell all of your potential future owners and/or current owners of any and all LessLoss products, past or current, that because I have a coterie of close friends and former associates who are always anxious to buy (for the past several years, only LessLoss offerings) from one owner (me) of LessLoss products, I have been in the process of upgrading. Because of that fortunate position I have been an owner of virtually every power cable, USB cable, USB keys, interconnect, Firewall 1x through 64x, analog hardware from the Echo's End Original to the Reference and now to the Reference Supreme twin-chassis unit. These statements are not driven by an ego trip or braggadocio. It is jut a statement of fact based upon my personal experience as an audio hobbyist which began decades ago by building much of my original equipment. Over those many years my systems grew enormously with much legendary equipment to my current system which is solely sourced from audio streaming to digital output DAC, and amp listening via headphones only. As one might expect over my many years of experience in this hobby, at every upgrade, I experienced the hope for improvement. Something I did not anticipate nor expect since beginning to incorporate LessLoss products into my system was the extent, the level of the immediate and future improvement that resulted. Such was beyond any prior experience with non LessLoss equipment. In my communications over recent years with other owners of LessLoss products I have come to find that my experience was not unique. We have all noted that the improvement actually realized, frequently "out of the box," far exceeded the results experienced with products from other manufacturers. In every case when an upgrade was suggested, the resulting revelatory experience was always immediate, and improved even more over time... And always exceeded what was expected. Candidly, LessLoss is a breath of fresh air in this industry of "grandiose promises resulting in nano-delivery."
after checking out various content on my Asus pa279q computer monitor, I have to tell you the bindbreaker feet really work magic on the picture quality of anything that's displayed. With the audio I got incremental improvements in quality as I put these feet under each of the equipment, which added up to a big improvement for sure, however when I put the bindbreaker feet under the monitor it's as if I got all the improvement immediately. I definitely liked the way that this monitor looked when connected to the custom distribution unit you built for me, through the lessloss c-marc power cable, although I have to tell you I was completely blown away by what these three feet under the computer monitor added to the picture quality. Before the bindbreaker feet, the picture quality was very natural, clear, dimensional, detailed, colorful, vibrant, lots of "pop" and contrast, with no sense of sameness on the screen. After I put the bindbreaker feet under the monitor, depending on the content it can truely appear as if you're looking out of a window. I played a few pc games(ie. Rise of the Tomb raider, Nier Automata, Crysis 3, etc.) and I couldn't believe how natural looking they were, how all the finest details were prominent and how the most subtle shades of color in the environment, whether it be on the walls of some cave or inside a facility were gushing out of the screen. I don't think I've ever been immersed in just exploring the environments of games to this degree, but it was so incredibly organic, lifelike and enchanting I just had to keep exploring. One specific example that I just can't pass up is Crysis 3. This game has always been eye candy, but this time around, when playing towards the beginning of the game where the setting was a stormy night outside a facility and the main character, inside a nano suit, is trying to covertly get to the next checkpoint was especially jaw-dropping. As you're nearing the checkpoint, there's a helicopter shining its bright light against the drops of rain and the metal of the facility in the darkness of the night with very solid and colorful lens flare effects. The deep contrast, ultra clarity, and natural/vibrant colors gave that scene an incredibly gorgeous, cinematic and immersive feel as if I were playing a movie instead of a game. So far, I got a chance to check out the old Lion King blu ray and it obviously didn't look real as it's a cartoon, but again, the very finest details are very easily seen, the most subtle shades of colors were obvious and beautiful and the overall image was extremely solid, shredded and stable, with absolutely nothing between me and the movie. The movie, without a doubt, had a "picture-perfect" look to it as if I had some crazy high-end Eizo monitor(I've never seen one but I would imagine it probably looks something like it lol). I also watched a few 4k youtube videos and again, that look as if there's nothing between me and the lifelike content on the monitor persists. It's very easy to look into what's being displayed instead of just watching it. One thing that did come to mind is the fact that this monitor does look better than most displays, but I really do feel as if now the internal lookup table(colour processor) is really shining due to all your products, thank you very much! As far as the amount of difference it made, what I can say about the effects of the bindbreaker feet on the picture quality is that it didn't make quite the same amount of difference as the power cable/distribution unit, although it was a profound difference none-the-less and it goes hand in hand with the power cable/distribution unit and complements each other perfectly. Thank you Louis and congratulations on such an amazing product.
The Bindbreaker liveliness came to my house After a recent purchase of an amazing LessLoss custom made firewall power distributor, Louis recommended to put the Bindbreakers underneath. So I rearranged my rack to get more space above the distributor and finally was ready for the Bindbreaker experience. Another big surprise happened with these, which should have been taken for granted, if Louis recommends explicitly :) I had small plain birch tree multiplex pieces under the distributor before, which I thought, should do at least an 80% job. I use such 4 cm high sheets in the entire rack and it is quite neutral and better than anything I tried before. So, about the surprise ... No, those were not 80% at all, after I exchanged my birch wood against the Bindbreakers!! A new world of liveliness entered my living room. - Soundstage deeper - Better separation of instruments - Airy open highs - Cleaner but even more colorful midrange - More punch, especially in the bass - More, deeper, and better controlled bass - Voices especially from a deeper stage position sound more realistic with less distortion - Less resonances in mid and low range. Used to have trouble especially with overlapping sounds, almost completely gone now ... without room treatment or adjusting the speakers\' position. This new liveliness does not lead to any listening fatigue, rather reduces it more. With the Bindbreakers I got a lot of \"bang\" for the price, and a big smile on my face while listening to my stereo!! And I will put it under my electronics as well. Have to replace my 4 cm birch wood with something lower (maybe Panzerholz) to fit it into my rack. Hard to imagine how much more liveliness this will bring ... is there any end?? Thanks Louis, for another wonderful product!!
I’ve spent the last two decades building up a small-room, small-ensemble stereo system for listening to piano, guitar, folk, country, and chamber music. I had settled on the boxes that suited me at my price point: a Lumin S1 server and L1 hard drive, Coincident Technology monoblocks with Takatsuki 300b’s, two Placette volume controls — one for each amp, to serve as balance controls, and Taksim speakers. Power is supplied by a Wattgate wall outlet feeding a Torus transformer. I wanted the best-sounding cables I could afford, and I wanted to stick with one manufacturer. I decided to try LessLoss’s C-Marc cables because they were priced sensibly, a US dealer had strongly recommended them, the online reviews were positive, and they were easy to handle (i.e., highly flexible). The actual technology is beyond me, but the LessLoss website is exhaustive, for those who want or need to know about those things. I’ve been following a series of steps: Step one: new signal cables. This meant two 1-metre C-Marc interconnects (RCA) and a pair of 2-metre C-Marc speaker cables.The improvement I got from the C-Marc’s was what Louis, and the reviews, told me to expect — more relaxed, liquid, with less grain than I’d been hearing before and also less congestion between notes. Changes in a stereo system tend to show up most obviously in the bass, and regarding that, bass went lower and cleaner, which is what I wanted and hoped for. Overall, C-Marcs were an obvious though not huge improvement. Step two: Two C-Marc power cords. I plugged these into my monoblocks. What I heard, after break-in, was the same as what I heard from the signal cables, but much more of it. I mean MUCH more. My system had already been doing well at filling in between the speakers. Now, between the speakers, the blackness between the notes was even blacker. That erased almost all cloudiness and made for much improved separation between instruments and between instrumental lines. All the while, the sound stayed relaxed. When I played rock’n’roll, the system kept up with it — drums sounded explosive, bass went deeper and cleaner but also was rich in overtones. Treble was highly detailed but never shrill. Louis had told me to expect this — that good sound starts at the wall, which means that the power cables are the foundation of his product line. Step three: LessLoss Bindbreakers. I was impressed enough by the cables that I thought I would try his Bindbreaker isolation devices. The obvious place to start with them was under the Placette RVCs, which still rested on the sorbothane nubs that they had come with. They made an immediate and huge improvement. Basically, they added more of what the cables had added but also expanded the soundstage into the corners of the room behind the speakers. There was correspondingly more space between the notes and each note has more weight to it. Pace, rhythm, and timing all improved. The expansion of the soundstage behind the speakers was the biggest shock so far when using LessLoss products. Even my wife noticed — “Matthew, what did you just do!?!?!?” Around here, that’s the ultimate test. Step four: More Bindbreakers. This time I placed them under the amps and server. I got more of what step three got me, which is what I’d hoped. Again, the improvement was obvious, and along the lines of step three had done, but more of it, though really, the jaw-dropping moment had been when I first put them under the Placettes. Step five: Still more Bindbreakers. I wondered what they would do under my speakers, so, two more sets of Bindbreakers. This is where things got fraught for a while. With them under the speakers, the soundstage expanded well out toward the listening chair, which was wonderful. BUT ... the sound also grew more congested, as if all the notes had got wrapped in fog. The expanded soundstage was a definite plus, but unless I could eliminate the fog, I couldn’t leave these in the system. So I tried two things: (1) Review the speaker placement. That helped, even moving them an inch did that, but not enough. Some of the cloudiness dissipated, but not enough, and bass still sounded muffled. So, (2) I adjusted the settings on my Lumin server. Specifically, after a few tries, I ended up turning off all upsampling/resampling, switching everything to Native, and then turned on DSD. Doing that basically solved the problems that the speakers had first encountered with the BB’s (cloudiness), without weakening the strengths (a much expanded soundstage, a very natural, liquid sound, a wonderful combination of weight and air). Good cables make a difference, and C-Marc’s are emphatically good ones. In the same vein, the Bindbreakers are the best isolation devices I’ve ever had in my system (and previous to this, I’d been using a series of highly regarded ones). LessLoss builds some amazing gear. And I haven’t even tried their Firewall technology yet. Will be saving for that. Some general notes: The cables take a long time to break in, and even once they’re broken in, they react more to the weather and to time-of-day issues than most cables. Live with it ... when they’re at their best, which is almost always, they’re amazing. I demagnetize my system more than I used to with these cables. Specifically, I do it every four or five days instead of every three weeks. These cables seem to benefit from that. Once you’ve installed these cables, don’t move them or even touch them. They’re sensitive to that. So are all cables, to a degree, but these more than most. Good audio starts at the wall. Get a high-end receptacle, if you want to do justice to these cables. Even the very best ones don’t cost that much. The Bindbreakers require break-in as well – a few days, at least. Strange but true. Perhaps because they are partly made of wood. When you change your cables, you’re changing the signal the speakers are receiving, so adjust your speaker placement once the C-Marc cables have broken in. It always helps.
Bass goes deeper and cleaner, an adjustment always does that. What I didn’t expect was that the treble did the same with your footers installed — it goes higher and smoother. But the difference I didn’t expect was to the soundstage, which is much expanded into the corners of the room and toward the listening chair. I’m shocked. My wife is also shocked. She rarely tells me she has noticed a difference when I've made a change to the system, but she did this time. So you’ve passed the Wife Test. I’m delighted, and she’s delighted.
After installing the custom power distribution unit (with 12 firewall 64x units inside) in my system and being completely blown away, I put three bindbreakers underneath that unit and I noticed (hahaha, like everyone else) a small but very noticeable difference in regards to the overall clarity. I wasn\'t entirely sure what exactly it did to the sound although as I purchased more bindbreaker feet, the difference became more and more appearant. I noticed that the bass was tighter, and even the mids and highs were tighter also. It sounds strange saying that the high frequencies were tighter, but that is what I heard. It sounded faster and more focused, as if the sound stage didn\'t just have better separation of sounds but the entire sound stage started to separate from the speakers. Even with the distribution unit, there was still a sort of flatness to the sound that\'s hard to really explain, that I never noticed until getting bindbreaker feet for my equipment. What I heard when I purchased bindbreaker feet for all of my equipment and even my SVS SB-16 Ultra subwoofer and Philharmonic 3 speakers was that the sound became extremely solid and fast (instead of slow and rubbery), with tons of \"pop\", further enhancing the dimentionality that the distribution unit gives and was completely released from the bounds of the speakers floating very lightly and effortlessly in mid-air. Back to the flatness of the sound I only noticed after getting the bindbreaker feet. It\'s not to say that the sound was dimensionally flat with the distribution unit but without the bindbreaker feet, although after a while of trying to figure out what I was hearing I came to the conclusion that the sound was texturally flat. I realized that with the distribution unit the sound was definitely more defined with more textures, although I do have to say that specifically, definition is the forte of these feet and does more in this area than even the c-marc power cables and distribution unit. What I was hearing was a VERY shredded and defined sound, where the finest textures are easily heard. The sound was as crisp as pork rinds(lol) but never harsh or edgy, always natural sounding. I know it states on the website that these feet aren\'t necessarily made for speakers although when I saw the price of still point products, I gave these feet a try even with my speakers and subwoofer and they sounded absolutely stunning! Please don\'t be afraid of purchasing these for your speaker as they WILL further enhance the sound(as long as they are not above the weight limit). They compliment the c-marc power cables and distribution unit beautifully and never take the sound in a direction that is not natural or organic. These feet don\'t make a big difference(as a lot of reviews mention) when you put them under one device, although when you use these feet under all your equipment, they make a drastic difference in the sound that I can\'t live without! I cannot recommend these Bindbreaker feet enough!
This is how I use the first set of BindBreakers; they are resting on a Silent Running Audio Ohio IsoBase, supporting the upgraded TW Raven Black Night Feet of the TW Raven GT turntable. Yes, they even improve the isolation further... and I thought everything was already maxed out! There's more detail & warmth & ambience, and more room to put stuff under the turntable, too - like my new Miyajima Mono Step Up Transformer. ;-) Ken Sternberg
Dear Louis, Even if the full loom of C-MARC cables and the new distributor (and 3 Bindbreakers, under the distributor) have only a mere 30 hours of play, I can already tell you that it is taking music to new heights. I can't comment about a single cable in particular (XLR interconnect, speaker cables, bi-wire jumpers and 3 power cables, new FW-based custom distributor and Bindbreakers) as they were all connected together at the same time. But what I hear right now is astonishing. As much as I have enjoyed the DFPC power cables (Original first, later upgraded to Signature) and the HTT interconnect, etc., the full loom of C-MARC cables and the new distributor (and two previously purchased 5X Firewalls) bring the sound of my cd's to an entirely new level. I will wait for the C-MARC loom to reach the 100 hours mark before posting further impressions, but so far, I have only one word: 'Wow!' ====== (after 100 hours) Things keep on evolving very nicely indeed, Louis. It is almost frustrating to realize that so much information was somehow lost or buried during all these years, including 'the LessLoss years' when it all started with a couple of DFPC Originals. About 100 hours of play and the music sounds extremely rich ('creamy'?), smooth but very detailed, powerful and engaging. Each cd reveals more layers of details and the C-MARC loom keeps all its promises. When I decided to participate in the early bird program, I have to admit that I was skeptical about the principle of purchasing an idea, a concept and not a finished product. I am very happy that I seized that opportunity! You were right: C-MARC is a game changer. ===== (after 400 hours) Although I feel that burn-in isn't completed yet, I wanted to inform you about my most recent impressions of the C-MARC loom after around 400 hours. Everything I mentioned before is confirmed in a splendid way: details, presence, 'kick', powerful bass, extended treble, etc. etc. etc... This is way above the level of my DFPC Signatures and HTT speaker and interconnect cables. When I return to my previous comments about these cables, it could potentially appear that the level of improvement that the C-MARC loom has brought is 'not believable', 'over enthusiastic' or worse, solicited and/or paid for. The extent of the improvement brought by the C-MARC cables is nothing short of dramatic. And as my 'main' components haven't changed over the recent years (Ayon cd player and amplifier, Sonus Faber speakers), I can comfortably 'feel' and hear the upgrade brought by the C-MARC loom. But owning tubes components, I have to say that burn-in is a pain... I wish I owned a second system to which the cables could be connected to for 500 hours. Witnessing the burn-in can be perceived by some as a nice process but not for me. Luckily, my patience was rewarded (and in this case, the upgrade was obvious even early on in the burn-in process). Being familiar with your cables, I am quite sure that the sound will still evolve in the course of the next few weeks. I don't think it is useful to try to go deeper into details; I am not a reviewer and not even an audiophile. But I can say that once again, you came up with a fantastic series of cables that clearly outperforms anything I owned previously, including much-loved LessLoss cables.
See the attached pictures of the Bindbreakers under my turntable. The perfect match! The turntable is my own work in progress since the last 10 years. Completed with a top platter (black on top) and record clamp of Acoustical Systems. The tonearm is the Terminator arm from Transfi Audio. Cartridge is ZYX R1000 Airy II Cosmos silver base, and cabling is Audio Note pure silver. Battery supply for the motor and air supply for the arm. Very natural sounding analog front end. Belt is Kapton, endless tape. Base, support table and arm base are made out of granite. Platter base is 40kg, total weight is approx 175kg. Burglar proof! You're happily invited to visit and listen, whenever you are in The Netherlands. I have to thank you for the innovative Bindbreaker. It took me more than three years to get the right footers under this table! Your innovative thinking and explanation made me jump in and buy them, very happy I did! Very nice results, much better flow. Enjoying great music! I have to thank you sir! Best regards, Saffier Brull The Netherlands
The Bindbreakers arrived and since Friday I compared them to the footers that ​I have used before. These are the Symposium Rollerblock Jr. and the Synergistic Research MIG 2. Both are reasonably priced and make a nice improvement to the sound reception. But they are not on par with the Bindbreakers. Placed under the turntable I didn’t expect to much, as the turntable rests also on a thick Symposium shelf. Wow, how could I be so mistaken? The improvement was not subtle, but, well… that could be settled somewhere between big and huge. It seemed as if the Bindbreakers ​do such a good job, that it feels as if all the information from the vinyl is sucked out and transported to your ears. And again it is not the often heard technical improvements that come with gear or tweaks of other competitors, but the same as is the case with the DFPC power cords, the Bindbeakers come with pure musicality and naturalness of tone. You can sit back relaxed and listen in awe of what you’ve missed before. It would be interesting if there is a customer who can compare the Bindbreakers with footers like Stillpoints or Finite Elemente that come with sometimes insane prices. Two days before receiving the Bindbreakers my CD drive gave up the ghost and has to be repaired. So I had to install my old Ariston CD player as a drive and connect it with the Echo\'s End. This showed the superiority of the Bindbreakers that took their place below the Echo\'s End. The combination of my old player with the Echo\'s End and connected with an old RCA digital cable from Zu outperformed the much better CD drive that was connected with a shorter, more classy AES/EBU cable to the Echo\'s End. The CD drive was placed on a Sicomin base, the Ariston player sits on a cheap, sort of Sorbothane foot. How much better will this get when my CD drive is back from repair? Also the Bindbreaker looks much different than similar tweaks of other manufacturers, I really like the design, and form follows function here, and not vice versa as is the case with some sofas that look nice, cost a fortune but gets your back in pain after resting half an hour. I\'m very very pleased with the performance of the Bindbreakers and they will definitely stay here. LessLoss came up with another reasonably priced item that gets the highest scoring. Thank you.
Just got my Bindbreakers yesterday. Once again LessLoss has done it! I have a very thick maple board and points from Mapleshade under my Meridian C-D player. Very fine improvement with these several years ago. But taking out the points and replacing them with Bindbreakers over the maple board showed a small but absolutely clear improvement in clarity and presence in my C-Ds. I\'ve been listening these past two days to several C-Ds thatI I know well. It is a joy to hear them again! That much more real, clean and present. I\'ve never been disappointed with a LessLoss product. Still true!

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Some ideas on micro-vibration management

First, remember please that we are dealing with micro-vibration. When we say micro-vibration, we are speaking of sub-measurable vibration. There are generally two schools for vibration absorbing feet: rubbery solutions and hard solutions. Rubbery solutions can be measured in their effectiveness, but this is due to the fact that they deal with low frequency, large amplitude vibration (like the kind found in industrial transformers, refrigerator pumps, water pumps, generators, etc.) As audiophiles we don’t really need shock absorbers which deal with large amplitudes. We are dealing with vibrations of a miniscule sort which are of sufficient frequency to be able to affect capacitance differences of such small a nature as to induce a smeared sensation of the audio, even though this effect remains immeasurable using even quite sophisticated lab equipment. This is hard to pinpoint while measuring, but critical listening reveals that all rubbery solutions introduce a rather muddy or slower type sound quality, and this is undesirable. Bindbreaker falls in the latter school of thought, the ‘hard’ solutions.

Two unique steps

In terms of functionality, there are two steps involved with the Bindbreaker. When speaking of vibration of any sort, there are always so-called modes of vibration involved. These modes have directions. The first task of the Bindbreaker is to polarize the micro-vibrations such that only those normal to gravity are accepted into the foot. (This is why rubbery feet don’t sound good, because they offer up and down vibration resonance damping, resulting that some amount of the vibration will always get reflected back up into the gear.) This first step is accomplished by the mechanical workings integrated within the smaller hexagonal cylinder on top.

The micro-vibrations the Bindbreaker deals with are acoustic in nature. Acoustic vibrations travel much more quickly through steel than they do through the cellulose fibers of wood grain. The top, smaller portion of the Bindbreaker is attached to the lower portion through hard steel only. No wood-to-wood contact is made. Thus, any and all vibrations which enter the large steel joining bolt have already been polarized in nature. This is because they only enter the large steel bolt normal to gravity. As these polarized micro-vibrations travel very quickly through steel, they immediately spread through the tightly joined thick steel plate which conducts the vibrations nearly instantaneously to the matrix of steel bolts at the bottom. The steel bolts are all in tight contact with the wood fibers within the larger bottom portion of the Bindbreaker.

The reason the Bindbreaker has a hexagonal shape is that the hexagon is the only figure naturally formed when maximum density of circles are arranged. We want maximum density because we want a maximum surface boundary layer between steel and wood. The wood provides maximum damping, the steel provides near-instantaneous conductivity. Thus, these two steps work in tandem in order to bring micro-vibrations away from the gear’s bottom as quickly as possible without any chance for them to spring back up towards the gear through resonance or impedance mismatch. The Bindbreaker is a vibration sink with one direction only: first only to the side, and then only into wood. The dimpled hardwood base plate at the bottom has the additional and subordinate function of further damping the numerous steel button hexagon sockets, for these form small resonant cavities of their own. Furthermore, the numerous dimples, aligned with the matrix of bolt heads at the bottom of the Bindbreaker's main structure, makes for greatly diminished axial microvibrations, further enhancing the overall effectiveness of the solution.


The result when used beneath audio equipment: fantastic clarity, lower noise, more focus, better imaging, musical bass, pristine highs, rich midrange with melodic qualities which simply sing music in all its purity. If you already enjoy the DFPC Series power cables, and now the Firewall modules, you will absolutely love the Bindbreaker feet. Perhaps one, if not very imaginative, way to describe their performance is that they work “like DFPCs on steroids.” You will not find a coloration here. You will find more and more music.

The result of their use is that the music frees itself from the bounds of the loudspeaker. Almost as if the music has sounded before the loudspeaker has had a chance to move. That’s how quick the Bindbreaker is to act. We are speaking here of possibly the most subtle art in all of audiophile culture. The product performs very strongly and is ready to join the LessLoss family of unique, cost-effective, superb performers.

Upon using the Bindbreaker feet, it is hard not to gain more respect for performers, for instrument makers, for conductors, and for composers. So much more is revealed from recordings one would have thought one knew everything about that one is, frankly, humbled by the very experience. This in some way is a lesson in the great mysteries of nature and how, with due diligence, one can ‘crack the code’ of immeasurable phenomena through strict logic and numerous trials.

The Bindbreaker vibration control feet are not intended to be used for loudspeakers. Use them under your source, under your preamp and under your amps. Use them under external power supply units and under shelves and plinths.

Bindbreaker Specification

— For use under any components whose weight is up to 100 kg.
— Recommended are three Bindbreaker feet per component.
— Sliding the Bindbreaker feet after equipment has been laid onto them is not recommended. Lay the equipment down vertically onto all three Bindbreaker feet at once.

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