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Firewall 640x Launch is Just Around the Corner!

Dear esteemed Customers,

Very good news from LessLoss Audio today. We are working hard and making good progress on the pending launch of the new Firewall 640x Plug-and-Play power conditioner.

LessLoss Firewall

Here are some of the FAQs we have been receiving, with their answers.

What is the projected timeline for availability of the new Firewall 640x and C-MARCFirewall 640x?

In about 14 to 20 days, we will make the announcement about availability. Our sincere plan for this launch is to have stock ready and available for purchase and shipment by the time we launch on our web shop. Even if there turns out to be a lead time, which depends on the size of the initial wave of orders, it will not be long. We estimate that the longest lead time in any case will be about 1-2 weeks max. We feel confident that we can live up to this lead time limit, unless we encounter unforeseen events, of which we'll keep you always informed.

How does the internal Firewall 640x module look? What is the internal resistance?

The internal electrical path of the new Firewall 640x module consists of three separate paths, one for Live line, one for Neutral, and one for Ground. Each of these separate paths is made up of two large conductive Entropic Process derived copper bars of 10mm^2 each. This means that each electrical path sees a conductive total cross section of 20mm^2 (yes, that reads twenty mm^2) of pure copper. Due to the Entropic Process carried out, this special copper is highly directional in nature, purpose made for each polarity. The entire module is potted with 100% clear slow-curing epoxy resin which hardens over a period of 48 hours to become rock-solid. See image of the internal module below.

LessLoss Firewall

The rods are so situated that both the Live and Neutral connections are made directly to the internal ends of the over-engineered pins of the IEC C14 inlet. These pins are solid copper and plated directly with gold.

The module itself is directly glued over its entire bottom surface to the oakwood housing of the Plug-and-Play unit for rock-solid adherence and maximal micro-vibration absorption. The use of 100% clear epoxy resin guarantees zero coloration as the surrounding electromagnetic field permeates the epoxy housing the conductive rods. Thus, the Firewall elements themselves, created under precise control by additive advanced 3D laser sintering technology, are the only element in this design to condition the power. Also visible in the photo above are translucent inserts at both ends of the Firewall elements. These special inserts have glass-similar dielectric properties and are precision formed by advanced laser 3D printing technology to guarantee precise alignment. At the same time, the interaction of electric and magnetic interaction of copper and Firewall element is controlled to very tight tolerances. The electro-magnetic field structuring that the Firewall carries out thus gains the very best conditions to works its "magic."

LessLoss Firewall

How does the Firewall work?

We try our hardest to understand this, but in truth, countless experiments and listening tests lead our way. The structure and materials of the Firewall element create asymmetric conditions for interaction with what would otherwise be a counter-spiral flow of electrical energy around a cylindrical conductor. Although we do not have the answers today, nor the technical expertise nor scientific equipment to perfectly systemize, categorize, and publish authoritative proofs, it is evident that, for some reason, this effective conditioning of power does carry over to charged batteries and capacitors, leading us without doubt to be cognizant of some form of 'memory' that electrical flow possesses and maintains. This has long been hinted at through the mysterious and numerous evidential examples of so-called 'burn-in' and its strange associated phenomena. Cryogenic treatment also must play a role. It is interesting to note in this context that mainstream science is now getting somewhat of a grasp of this memory effect that subatomic particles portray. Our collective experience as audiophiles shows us that this is undeniable, and now, recent discoveries and experiments in physics seem to be at least hot on its tail. See the following interesting clip for recent news about these groundbreaking insights.

Watch here.

What kind of deals can I expect?

Firstly, we are very happy to announce no price increase as a result of the implementation of these new technologies. As before, the price of both versions of the Plug-and-Play Firewall 640x shall remain as before:

Plug-and-Play Firewall 640x: 654 USD
Plug-and-Play C-MARCFirewall 640x: 1272 USD

Can I buy just the module itself and use it in my own designs?

Certainly. We welcome this and will provide the Firewall 640x for DIY Self-installation (the module itself only) for only 320 USD.

What kind of an upgrade deal will I be eligible to enjoy during the launch?

If you have the Firewall 64x, you can upgrade it to either the Firewall 640x or the C-MARCFirewall 640x, as follows:

- LessLoss pays all the shipping fees, both to you and for the return of the units to be traded in.
- You won't even need to leave home.
- You won't need to provide your own packaging materials. LessLoss will provide everything.
- Upgrade Firewall 64x to Firewall 640x: 654 - 327 = 327 USD
- Upgrade Firewall 64x to C-MARCFirewall 640x: 1272 - 327 = 945 USD
- Upgrade C-MARCFirewall 64x to C-MARCFirewall 640x: 1272 - 636 = 636 USD

What about quantity upgrades and discounts?

Our quantity discount offer will remain valid, even in conjunction with this attractive upgrade offer! This means that:

For 2 or 3 units upgraded in a single order (prices shown for each unit):

- Upgrade Firewall 64x to Firewall 640x: 654 - 33 - 327 = 294 USD
- Upgrade Firewall 64x to C-MARCFirewall 640x: 1272 - 64 - 327 = 881 USD
- Upgrade C-MARCFirewall 64x to C-MARCFirewall 640x: 1272 - 64 - 636 = 572 USD

And, for 4 or more units upgraded in a single order (prices shown for each unit):

- Upgrade Firewall 64x to Firewall 640x: 654 - 65 - 327 = 262 USD
- Upgrade Firewall 64x to C-MARCFirewall 640x: 1272 - 127 - 327 = 818 USD
- Upgrade C-MARCFirewall 64x to C-MARCFirewall 640x: 1272 - 127 - 636 = 509 USD

Other upgrades from earlier iterations of the Firewall modules will also be made available. We will grant you in credit 50% of what you initially paid for these.

LessLoss Firewall

Can I sign up already?

We would be happy to begin an informal tally at this point. This is not mandatory, nor does it guarantee any specific ship date at this time, but it would be very helpful to us in order to plan activities if you would kindly respond to this email stating very succinctly only the type and number of units you plan to purchase, regardless of what you'd be upgrading from. This way we can be sure to meet demand while maintaining zero lead time if possible.

Please do this even if you have already written us about it before. With many thousands of these units having been shipped, there are simply too many inquiries and details for us to keep an accurate log of. Thank you for your understanding and support. With your response you will contribute directly toward the smoothest upgrade for all of the LessLoss adopters and supporters throughout the world.

Thank you for embracing the latest LessLoss solutions and enabling us to continue this art while keeping it affordable!


Louis Motek |