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1.5 days to go before Early Bird launch of BlackGround!

Dear esteemed clients,

Having worked out some final nuances, we're now ramping up production and things are looking great!

LessLoss BlackGround

Early Bird launch in only 1.5 days!

We'll be announcing the Early Bird special offers, including availability of free BlackGround units, in our following Newsletter tomorrow! Just working out the final numbers now.

Updated connectivity instructions on our website!

Check our updated BlackGround web page here for details on the various uses for the new BlackGround voltage-ground interface. It can be used on:

  • Line level signals
  • Loudspeaker signals
  • AC power voltages up to 250V
  • DC power up to 250V
  • Blackbody v.2 grounding connections

Connecting Blackbodies and speaker signals is straight forward, as no special adapters or soldering are required. LessLoss offers our award-winning and industry unique C-MARC™ cables with all your needed cable termination options such as spades, bananas and small ring terminals for inter-connectivity.

Special option for use with unbalanced RCA cables.

An RCA splitter is needed if you want to tap RCA cables' signals without doing so internal to the equipment. Below is a schematic which shows the ease of use of such a signal tapping splitter.

LessLoss BlackGround

We will receive some samples of such high performance splitters likely tomorrow. We'll investigate their properties and, if they adhere to our high bar and expectations, we'll be ordering in bulk and will have them available for you to purchase with your set of specialty cables needed to easily enjoy the benefits of BlackGround on your unbalanced signal. See our web page for more details on connection and performance scaling.

A new special, purpose built jumper cable

LessLoss will also offer a great solution for those wishing to ramp up performance to magnificent levels using multiple BlackGround units. At very low price, we'll offer purpose built, 66mm length, 4mm^2 cross section solid copper jumpers with ring terminals attached at both ends to inter-connect multiple BlackGround units. These will be available in both white and black. (For instance you can use the white ones to bridge all the signals between the BlackGrounds and the black ones to bridge all the ground connections.) These will be made in perfect lengths such that, when connected, the BlackGrounds will have a distance of 2mm between one another.

LessLoss BlackGround

Thank you for your interest!


Louis Motek |