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6moons: "LessLoss: Best of 2021" & RCA Entropic Process upgrade news!

Dear esteemed Customers,

You got the trophy!


We're happy to announce that, out of 106 products reviewed during the course of the year 2021, 6moons has selected the LessLoss C-MARCEntropic Process cables as one of their Best of the Year! ...YAY!

Since you are the ones who enabled our R&D, through years of support, these fireworks are for you!


"I'm simply convinced... LessLoss has the answer." Best of 2021.


December, 2021, author: Srajan Ebaen

6moons has chosen the LessLoss C-MARC™ Entropic Process series of cables out of 106 reviewed products from various manufacturers during the year 2021 as their pick of the year!

"I'm simply convinced that for a very relaxed utterly grain-free and liquid sound, LessLoss' C-MARC Entropic range has the answer."

See it here.

And now for the other good news!

We are ready to accept upgrade orders for the new C-MARCEntropic Process RCA interconnect and digital cables!


How will it work?

- First, write us an email on [email protected] and describe, in full detail, exactly which prior art LessLoss RCA interconnect or digital cable you now own, including its length.

- Then tell us what length C-MARCEntropic Process RCA product you would like to upgrade to. If multiple, specify all individually.

- We'll respond with full details to your specific order, and will issue you a code to use on our web shop for the specific upgrade purchase.

- We'll create the cable(s) for you and ship them along with all needed fresh packing materials and return shipment documentation for the return of the prior art cable(s). A clear set of instructions will be included in the shipment.

- Then, at your convenience (there really is no rush), you'll either simply call up UPS to come pick it up, or you will be able to drop it off at any official UPS service shop. All shipping and collection will be paid for by LessLoss directly.

C-MARC™ Digital Cable BNC solution

If for a digital solution you require BNC, we have you covered! At no additional cost, simply for the asking, we will provide your C-MARC™ RCA Entropic Process digital cable with this high performance BNC adapter.


All you have to specify which end(s) you need it on. The cable is directional and has arrows which specify signal direction on each barrel (not visible in this particular photo)...


...but they are on the other side and look like this:


If in the future you change your gear and then need RCA plugs, no problem! Simply remove the BNC adapter and you're set.

We are ready when you are!

C-MARC™ RCA Entropic Process interconnect cable:


C-MARC™ RCA Entropic Process digital cable:


Thank you for your interest! It will be our pleasure to serve you soon with this fantastic quality.


Louis Motek |