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All-new Firewall 64X Early-Bird super deal!

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What's on the table at LessLoss?

Today's topic comes in the form of the first brainstorm I scribbled down. I realized that this is exactly what we want you to know, so instead of pseudo-sophisticated marketing statement​s​, here it is in all its bare-bones, shorthand glory:

LessLoss Firewall 64X

And it is inexpensive, represents a phenomenal performance boost, and defines our new state-of-the-art! This is our:

Pre-order announcement for the all-new Firewall 64X power conditioning module.

You have here at the end of this email a live link in the form of a blue button. ​It looks like this:

LessLoss Firewall 64X

Use that blue button to go to a specially prepared web page on our web shop. There you will be given your Special Code to use in the secure environment of our web shop.

What it's all about.

LessLoss Firewall 64X

In high end audio performance, it's all about power​ quality​. It really is. Where many audio designers fail miserably is at the preparation and conditioning of the power. After that you can do anything you want with​, say,​ fancy ​​interconnects or amps, but if the power has already distorted the ​creation of the ​source signal, the harm has already been done. There's no getting around that.

With the Firewall 1X power conditioning module, for over a thousand systems worldwide, we offered ​a plug-and-play solution to focus the sound throughout the entire frequency range, without introducing coloration. Then we took that same concept a huge leap further and introduced in the same sized oakwood enclosure the stacked Firewall 5X. Some through upgrades, others directly, discovered the revolutionary benefits to be had by using such a powerful and simple accessory. A noise floor that seems to ​decrease by orders of magnitude, revealing nuance, beauty, and much ​expressive intent by the performer, all without coloration or adding sameness to the sound. Our customers noted not only that complex structure of tone was revealed, not only that a foot-tapping, forehead-nodding reflex developed, but most everyone ​expressed that they definitely discovered new musical content which they had been completely oblivious to before. This opened entirely new realms of experience from what then seemed close-to-exhausted performance​ in many very mature systems​. Disc after disc and file after file, the smiles widened and we felt great about it! ​Thank you to all who expressed their feedback, both publicly and privately.

LessLoss Firewall 64X

The dilemma to solve

Seeking to further boost performance, with the form factor of the single naked Firewall board, pictured above, we could only expand to 5X of them and still fit within the same enclosure we developed for the Firewall 1X. Any further expansion of the Firewall stack led to quite complicated and elaborate custom solutions based on stacking multiple Firewall boards in arrays of multiple stacks, taking up considerable space, raising the weight of the solution to many Kilograms, and forcing us to build it as a stand-alone power distributor weighing and costing a substantial amount.

LessLoss Firewall 64X

Even so, because all of these custom Firewall-based solutions provided such extraordinary performance, well beyond that of the Firewall 5X alone, we just could not resist continuing to develop our technology. We were constantly trying out ideas as to how we could possibly make such performance physically fit into the small, lightweight oakwood enclosure. This had to be small enough and lightweight enough so as not to upset the delicate balance of any given system's setup. And it had to perform far, far better than even a long chain of existing Firewall 5X modules​.

Enter sleepless nights and endless R&D sessions.

Through the building of several large-scale Firewall-based stand-alone conditioners such as the one above, two factors of overall performance​ emerged: the number of Firewall boards in a single stack determined the overall silence of the noise floor, and the number of thus stacked stacks wired in parallel determined the overall pureness of micro-dynamic performance. Hence it was never enough simply to put many Firewalls in a ​single ​huge stack. The noise floor would then be very low but the dynamics would begin to be wanting. Best results were always to be had when any given number of Firewalls were separated into equal numbers in stacks, and those equal-numbered stacks ​were ​then wired in parallel to each other. Thus we always achieved the best overall micro-dynamics above a very low noise floor.

We wanted to take this formula to the extreme.

Within the electrical layout of the Firewall board there is one section (roughly 10mm long) where the cross section of conductive traces is reduced to 1mm^2. When four stacks were placed in parallel, we could get ​a sum of ​4mm^2 total cross section and enjoy all of the superb filtering benefits for a very low noise floor and ​at the same time ​gain micro-dynamics 'to die for.' If we put six stacks in parallel, we'd have 6mm^2 total cross section, and could still tell it was in some ways ​yet ​better.

In contrast, the new Firewall 64X has at its very heart, where the actual conditioning takes place, a whopping 20mm^2 cross sectional area per leg, meaning there is 20mm^2 for Live, 20mm^2 for Neutral and another 20mm^2 for ground! ​(In American Wire Gauge terms this is 4 AWG.) ​Thus we manage through the brute force of numbers to totally dwarf the micro-dynamic performance of any conceivable number of parallel wired Firewall ​board ​stacks. This comes with necessary design issues. With such a huge conductivity in a small space, it is impossible to use PCB technologies. Thus we now necessarily leave the Firewall concept as a PCB designed board behind. Instead, we manage to fit the new Firewall 64X into our existing form factor oakwood enclosure using a new cylindrical ​based ​shape. Three such cylindrically designed modules are epoxy glued for the most securely possible fit directly ​i​nto the ​custom-milled ​oakwood enclosure of each Firewall 64X module. The result is zero micro-buzzing or micro-ringing of any loose material, and the wood has best conditions to work its damping magic in its naturally occurring cellulose matrix of intrinsic wood grain.

LessLoss Firewall 64X

As for the new compact cylindrical structure of the modules themselves, the main issue to tackle was the precision 3D imitation of the structure of the 2D Firewall traces of the board version​,​ ​with layers around and between the large solid copper bars. With PCB technologies one has quite a lot of ​design ​freedom with regards to ​intricate ​trace layout because drilling micro​-​holes and etching ​fine ​traces has become an industrially standardized process which boasts great control and excellent repeatability (though even here once we introduce metallurgical layering the process quickly grew into an exercise of new unchartered R&D territory even for our experienced production partners). Today the newly developing and almost magical world of 3D printing is enabling new design decisions to be made and implemented in highly repeatable fashion. Ever new high tech filament materials are being developed, and today even multi-layering of print-in-metal is becoming a reality. We are happy that with these newest technologies we are able to push the bounds and create with them the most compact, most effective, and cost-effective power conditioner we ever imagined possible.

LessLoss Firewall 64X

The new Firewall 64X boasts a precision laser engraved oakwood enclosure with a highly flexible short umbilical, to which is attached a LessLoss branded high performance IEC C13 plug. The main features of this high performance, no-nonsense plug are explained in our 1-minute info-video here:

LessLoss Firewall 64X

The ​outer ​form factor of the enclosure is exactly the same as with the prior Firewall 1X and 5X products, but the laser engraving differentiates it clearly from the others. The smart look and extraordinary performance of the Firewall 64X makes it the perfect companion for use with the C-MARC™ hand-braided 'super-cord' power cable. Together this pair brings you far closer to the recorded event than anything we've ever accomplished. That all-famous "vanishing act" is strikingly effective and quite incredible to experience. After the initial adrenaline rush gives way to a more balanced poise, any idea of A/B testing ​is​ answered by a smirk and a "why would I even bother?"

LessLoss Firewall 64X

High performance C14 inlet

The Firewall 64X also comes with a high performance C14 inlet. For comparison, take a look at the standard type used in the Firewall 1X and 5X on the left, and compare with the high performance one pictured on the right. Not only is there a difference in metals used, but consider the enormous thickness difference, and you will see instantly why the sound will be that much smoother, that much more liquid, and that much more engaging, especially if one elects to use these around one's entire system. What's more, the gold version on the right is cryogenically treated to ensure total elemental relaxation of inner tensions. All of these features add up to undeniably superior performance.

LessLoss Firewall 64X

We'd​like everybody to be on board and to support us by electing to upgrade their existing Firewalls to the new Firewall 64X.

Firewall 64X

The name says it all. You can connect even 64 units of the Firewall 1X, or even 13 of the Firewall 5X, or any combination of them together in a long chain, and you will still not get the same level of performance you get form a single new Firewall 64X. It's really that good. And our history of product releases shows clearly that we never release any new products until we are convinced through and through, ​and ​there remains no doubt, that every aspect of performance has been clearly topped by the new performer. We are only then ready to release ​the new product when we have gained ​so much confidence in our strong belief that every single customer will instantly feel the same.

LessLoss Firewall 64X

This is a new realm of production performance for us, too. It is a sensitive process, building these new Firewall modules. Much care and attention must be given to precision in order that the sonic results are maximized. But we have now mastered the art of building these; the reliability is 100%; the compatibility ​with any gear ​is 100%. Development is complete, and it is now time to offer it​ to you, esteemed customers, and let you get on board at the most friendly conditions.

Projected delivery time: Depends on pre-order turnout, but we will begin without delay and will inform you as we go.

LessLoss Firewall 64X

This is the best, most accessible upgrade we have offered to date. Please don't delay! Participate so we could meet our goal of ​upgrading everyone's system with the new Firewall 64X!

LessLoss Firewall 64X

Best regards,

Louis Motek |