6moons publishes a preview to their review of the LessLoss Firewall

July, 2009, author: Marja & Henk
"Compared to many other power conditioners, the Firewall is completely passive. There are no transformers with their own EM radiation, no coils or capacitors, not even a lone fuse tucked away inside that 16kg log. The entire workings of the Firewall are based on a further deployment of the ideas and techniques used for the DFPC, albeit in enhanced fashion. Because the Firewall is intended to deliver the cleanest possible power, one must first identify what to filter out of the AC delivery."

"Because this filter has basically no capacity limits, we set it up as the power distribution center for our washer, dryer, water fountain, refrigerator and freezer. That combination formed a nice power-sucking consortium active 24/7 with cyclical loads for the desired effects. Audio observations to come next..."
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Dagogo.com review of the LessLoss Firewall

April 2009, author: Ed Momkus
"An incredible increase in body and weight without any loss of pace. I was totally surprised."

"All tonal ranges now have natural weight and body, and have great PRAT and speed."

"The Electrocompaniet Nemo monoblocks are very powerful high-current amps, but they never hiccupped or even burped when used with the Firewall. Their speed and slam remained, but they became richer and, in my opinion, more tonally accurate."

"The Firewall seems to allow the components plugged into it to render very a natural-sounding presentation. This is totally consistent with the sound I heard at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest when LessLoss teamed with Kaiser speakers, Mastersound 845 Monoblock tube amps, CEC transport and the LessLoss DAC 2004 to produce what I thought was the best sound of the show. Those of you that have several LessLoss DFPCs can expect the Firewall to multiply their effect and provide a very extended top- and bottom-end with extremely smooth frequency response and absolutely no glare."
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