Audiocavi cables guidebook grants Anchorwave a 5-star award

May, 2013, author: Gianni Doriani
"The voices were stable, delineated and present up to the feeling of the live."

"This performance also highlighted a particular aptitude of this cable even when the audio is complicated and crowded, with instruments and spurious sounds, showing that it is perfectly able to reproduce them in an exemplary manner, with an "x-ray" introspection, without thereby being harsh or unreal."

"The more the scores got instrumentally complex, the more the cable seemed to be more at ease, seamlessly presenting all the details and extending the notes both to the extreme highs and to the deepest bass, which was deep, very deep, but never artificially swollen."

"Micro contrast, presence, space and sonic clarity are features that this cable makes its own, in a natural way."

"The cleanliness, space and reproduced dynamic range can not be faulted."

... this cable could be one's final choice."

"For all its features it fully deserves our 5 Star *****."
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