"Like magic. The BlackGround 10x Power Base is Voodoo supreme."

December, 2022, author: Rick Becker
"There was more inner detail, not because notes were more resolved, but because a lot of noise had been eliminated."

"Like magic, the music got better in all the same ways it had the previous night, confirming what Louis had initially alerted me about. It is not a component you can A/B test rapidly because the change does not happen like flipping a light switch. But give it an hour to settle in and the effect is very obvious... and very welcome."

"The music continued to improve with more inner detail emerging, particularly with many of the obscure lyrics. I was understanding a lot more words and hearing a lot more tonality and musical nuance than ever before, particularly in the bass."

"I was able to hear more tonal color (timbre) so the music was a lot more interesting."

"And WOW! Sound quality jumped."

"You don't have to be an experienced Golden Ear audiophile to recognize these, either."

"A lot of noise that you probably didn't realize was present, disappears – across the board, from sub-bass through treble and probably into super-tweeter territory."

"Musical qualities become more evident. Things like improved resolution, attack & decay, tonal color, timbre, and dynamic shading."

"Softer tones become more evident. You can better hear the notes fade away into silence. You might think your hearing has improved."

"...major revelation was the sense of physical space. The soundscape was considerably deeper."

"Instruments, singers, and orchestra sections were more firmly positioned."

"The air of the recording venue was cleaner and more transparent. Subtle room tone cues were more evident, creating an acoustical environment in my room that was profoundly more real. It was this improvement in the way stereo tricks our brain into thinking we are hearing live music that makes the BlackGround 10X so dramatically appealing."

"If you pretty much loved your system before, you will love it even more, now."

"It was relaxing in that I was using less mental energy to figure out the lyrics, locate musicians in the soundscape, and sort out the interplay of musicians or sections of an orchestra. But it did not lull me to sleep or disinterest me in the music. On the contrary, the bouquet of musical qualities drew me deeper into the performances leaving me with energy left over to explore the music at higher emotional and intellectual levels, rather than struggling to just hear the music."

"It wasn't just occasional moments it was everything I listened to! I grew up with rock 'n roll, but with the BlackGround, I was surprised at how intrigued and mesmerized I became with classical music."

"Do you need footers? The BlackGround 10X is such a huge leap forward that I expect you can live happily without them."

"The big plus in using the BlackBody with the tube amps was the enhanced emotional connection with the music. I was compelled to listen more actively. This was an unexpected and welcomed surprise as this is why I've been a tube fan from the beginning. The music gets so real you can almost hear the performers sweat."

"...higher level of realism on well-recorded tracks, leading to a greater level of involvement with the music."

"...more of a sense of space around the instruments, and a more 3-dimensional sound stage. I find that I am paying more attention to the music and less to the quality of the reproduction."

"I get a better sense of being in a large concert hall."

"It sounded more like real musicians playing music right in his room than most of the rigs I've ever heard in my life."

"As I left his dedicated listening room with the BlackGround in hand I felt like the Grinch stealing Christmas."

"Audiophiles cover a broad spectrum of wealth. But cost is not the same as value. Whatever your financial circumstance, the BlackGround 10X addresses an issue that other components are not designed to handle. The benefit gained from the BlackGround 10X is unlikely to become obsolete."

"I can imagine spending anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 without any guarantee of equaling the transparency and musicality the BlackGround 10X provides. Maybe even more money than that."

"Most of the rooms that I hear at shows that sound as good or better than mine does when equipped with the BlackGround 10X are priced above $100,000 and even far above that. Many that are priced at several hundred thousand dollars have not sounded as close to live music."

"I strongly believe it will bring a greater sense of live music to even the most expensive systems."

"Call it voodoo if you wish, but it is a breakthrough technology that supplements and goes far beyond existing power conditioners. I have heard what it can do and I am buying a production version to replace the prototype."

"Over the years I have learned that one of the best ways to compete with components that cost way more than I can afford is with voodoo. The BlackGround 10X is voodoo supreme."
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