Stereo Times reviews the LessLoss Digital Cable

December 2010, author: Russell Lichter
"...felt more like actually "being at the performance," presenting greater image clarity and specificity."

"...able to easily picture the space in which the musicians played, that is, there was greater ambient retrieval."

"...a sense of actually "being there.""

"Nor did she have to struggle with the comparison by having me swap cables repeatedly back and forth: the differences were immediately obvious. Nothing subtle about it!"
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Mono and Stereo magazine reviews the LessLoss digital cable

May, 2013, author: Matej Isak
"Louis Motek and the LessLoss Audio team always seem to go a bit further, and in a direction that others might have missed, or didn't elaborate on properly."

"There was no need to push hard and rack my senses to recognize the clear distinction when I inserted the LessLoss digital cable into my system."

"I've used it in all the possible combinations of my digital rig and in each configuration I got a boost in performance."

"Consistency of performance is the hardest thing to keep across a whole product range, but LessLoss somehow pulls it off repeatedly with success. This says something about the seriousness of the development concept behind the LessLoss brand."

"Regardless of whether I was playing Red Book or high-resolution files, the LessLoss digital cable showed its strengths clearly. Fluidity, transparency and that recognizable LessLoss impact on the dynamics. The motif that LessLoss carries across the whole range is 'unconstricted energy.' "

"I would be so bold as to say that the LessLoss digital cable brings the same amount of effect that the LessLoss DFPC power cables do. Louis Motek and the LessLoss team are consistently doing something substantial in the realm of modern audio cable industry."

"When something substantial comes along my sensors go on red alert. This happened again with the LessLoss digital cable."

"Do not overlook the LessLoss digital cable if you're upgrading your digital cables or adding new ones. Your digital horizon will expand greatly."

"Highly recommended."
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