The Audio Beat reviews the Tunnelbridge distortionless interconnect system

June, 2012, author: Tim Aucremann
"The market churns out new models on a regular basis, requiring differentiation from all the other cables, and feasts us with a diversity of coloration."

"I can't help wondering if cable design has been stuck in a bubble, waiting for a breakthrough. Louis Motek, the director and chief designer for LessLoss Audio, thinks recalcitrant problems could just as easily be characterized as questions asked in the wrong way, while the mere fact that there are so many different-sounding cables strongly suggests that many of the right questions have not yet been asked."

"I have listened to this LP for almost 25 years and heard hints of these effects, but nothing prepared me for the sonic carnival I experienced through the LessLoss loom."

"I sensed performers fleshed out with body and movement. Steve Gadd's work on the hi-hat was exquisite, as I easily heard the tonal and dynamic difference between his touches on the cymbal's bell and its edge. Wherever I cast my ears, they reveled in fine-spun detail."

"With the orchestral depth clearly laid out before me, my ears could roam easily across contributions from sections and soloists, and then pull back to the whole -- just as I find myself doing in the concert hall."

"The psycho-acoustic sense of presence coupled with musical vibrancy and performance virtuosity delivered the kind of concert-hall experience that makes all the equipment fuss and bother worthwhile."

"With no further distraction from equipment, I put down pen and notepad to revel once again in this vibrant symphony. Here was what it's all about -- when the music made the stereo go away."

"Not expecting cables to do what the LessLoss did, I was surprised at the overall increase in detail."

"Overall, the LessLoss presentation was more palpable and dimensional, with better separation of instruments and an overall heightened sense of 'you are there' in the performance space."

"If it makes sense to imagine the elimination of cable variables from the menu of sonic choices that confront the modern audiophile, LessLoss has laid a path to that end."

"It redefined my expectations for audio signal cables."

"I am confident that the LessLoss loom will bring your system a step closer to its capacity for musical truth."
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