Mono and Stereo published first impressions about the LessLoss Anchorwave Speaker Cable

June, 2011, author: Matej Isak
"The LessLoss Anchorwave speaker cables introduced much more drama than expected. In a positive way!"
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Mono and Stereo published first impressions on LessLoss Anchorwave Interconnect

July, 2011, author: Matej Isak
"LessLoss clearly shows that the right knowledge and contemporary technologies can be supported with exotic materials in the service of music."

"LessLoss is surely a company to look at when you're in need and seek complete products."

"For now, SYNERGY it is!"
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Stereo Times reviews the LessLoss XLR Anchorwave

October, 2011, author: Russell Lichter
"...The Anchorwave is very detailed, and talk about nuances: even the nuances have nuances. I have the impression I am sensing details that may not even be fully conscious.."

"...The Anchorwave presents a striking image, very solid and palpable. The ambience of the piano interior, it's mechanism and materials are incisively portrayed."

"It has great weight and authority."

"...impressive for fullness of tone and accuracy of image and soundstage...

"There is an appealing naturalness of timbre in the singing, nothing etched or harmonically excessive. There is a compelling sense of pace and drive, a liveliness and vitality."

"...presented with spatial precision and realistic dynamics."

"The Anchorwaves bring out the real goods here, the richness and delicacy of the tone, the snap and rumble of the bass strings, and the clear image of a piano some fifteen or twenty feet behind the loudspeakers. This is the best sound and the most finely traced image from this CD I have heard. It is singularly thrilling."

"Highly recommended."
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Mono and Stereo reviews the LesssLoss Anchorwave interconnect and speaker cable

November, 2011, author: Matej Isak
"These are more than just well thought-out cables. They are contemporary arrays of harmoniously carved products from a designer that deeply respects and obviously understands both technology and music."

"A few of my colleagues who own Shunyata Research, MIT, Argento and Nordost were surprised by the capability of pure music flow that these LessLoss Anchorwaves provide."

"These days we have to admit we are on the verge of history where the old giants are being questioned. What is the real value...?"

"I'm happily reporting having gone through a definite upgrade path when adding them into my system chain. My critical demand for unaltered signal transmission was more than amply addressed. Being more then picky, when I'm deep into my late night sole analogue listening, they become more than just my best friends. LessLoss becomes a clear audio window into my favorite music recordings."

"Do not make the mistake of passing up on these two. They are more of a necessity than an option if you ask me. For my most demanding listening I can freely speak out and name them as my highest recommendation among the few."
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Polish online magazine Audiostereo publishes review of Anchorwave Interconnect, Speaker Cable, and DFPC Signature Power Cable

December, 2011, author: Marcin Olszewski
"The longer I listen to my system with the LessLoss cables in place, the more I realize that what I am hearing is not the result of a sound signature of these cables. This cannot possibly be so. It cannot be so because one cannot pinpoint the sound of the cables at all. What one can assert that one is not hearing is all that, pardon my language, crap, which always surrounds us. All the radio garbage from Wi-Fi transmitters, mobile phones, energy-saving light bulbs, and other so-called "advances of modern civilization." The listener is met with just clean pure sound, without the dirt and hash which we have now grown accustomed to hearing."

Polish version is here.
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Hi-Fi Choice and Home Cinema Recommended Components Award

February, 2012, author: Marek Dyba
Hi-Fi Choice and Home Cinema awards Recommended Components Award to the LessLoss DFPC Signature and Anchorwave Interconnects and Speaker Cables
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LessLoss DFPC Signature and Anchorwave Interconnects and Speaker Cables review

February, 2012, author: Marek Dyba
This review is in the Polish language. We will have an English translation available shortly.
Page two is here.
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AVShowrooms.com publishes Video Review of LessLoss Cables

March, 2012, author: Robert Grossman
In a series of five edited videos, Robert Grossman, principle librarian for the Philadelphia Orchestra, bassoon player, and lifelong audiophile, shows us how his system evolved and how the LessLoss DFPC Signatures and Anchorwave cables helped him achieve the best sound he's ever heard.

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The Audio Beat reviews the Anchorwave loudspeaker cable

June, 2012, author: Tim Aucremann
"The impressive low-frequency weight that I heard during break-in held true across all contexts."

"Bass through the Lamm M1.2s was the best I'd heard from their pairing with the Sashas: deep, hefty, tonally informed and well controlled."

"Performers and instruments were presented with a solidity that left no doubt about their place within the soundfield."

"Harmonics and overtones were generally excellent, particularly so in the mid to lower registers."

"Nicely extended highs gave no sense of brittleness or etch."
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Audiocavi cables guidebook grants Anchorwave a 5-star award

May, 2013, author: Gianni Doriani
"The voices were stable, delineated and present up to the feeling of the live."

"This performance also highlighted a particular aptitude of this cable even when the audio is complicated and crowded, with instruments and spurious sounds, showing that it is perfectly able to reproduce them in an exemplary manner, with an "x-ray" introspection, without thereby being harsh or unreal."

"The more the scores got instrumentally complex, the more the cable seemed to be more at ease, seamlessly presenting all the details and extending the notes both to the extreme highs and to the deepest bass, which was deep, very deep, but never artificially swollen."

"Micro contrast, presence, space and sonic clarity are features that this cable makes its own, in a natural way."

"The cleanliness, space and reproduced dynamic range can not be faulted."

... this cable could be one's final choice."

"For all its features it fully deserves our 5 Star *****."
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