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Backstage photos of work on the Laminar Streamer

Dear customers,

Welcome to "LessLoss Labs!"

Work on the Laminar Streamer is ongoing. We thought perhaps you'd like to see some of how this process looks.

Firing up some tests:

LessLoss Labs

Arguing about some intricacies (These are friendly arguments, as we are indeed gentlemen. When it rarely gets out of hand, we have different methods, which often involve beer and separate venues):

LessLoss Labs

Countless hours of this have gone into the Laminar Streamer:

LessLoss Labs

The number of hours is unknown. However, what is known, is that an end is on the horizon. We are making good progress. There are over 350 electrical parts in the Laminar Streamer.

LessLoss Labs

Stay tuned, and thanks for your interest in the Laminar Streamer!

Louis Motek  |