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Blackbody & Firewall News

Dear audiophile friends,

Since the release of the Blackbody, many have pre-ordered the device at considerable rebate. I am happy to say that almost all clients who have pre-ordered have now been served. It is heart-warming to hear your positive feedback and support. Thank you all for that! I am also thankful for your uploaded comments on the forums or on our website. (I don't know why Audiogon deletes some of these... there must be more about it than we know, or something...) A special thanks to those of you who are already placing repeat orders. Your support is highly appreciated and your systems' sound is going to really shine!

It seems that some people have accepted the Blackbody's ideas of operation as mysticism, when in fact it is not mysticism at all, but the fruit of some very consequent thought on electrodynamic interaction. It seems my initial explanations were not clear enough for the general public, and so it is up to us to do better. We have now uploaded a new web page of technical information which explains the operating principle of the Blackbody.

Come see it here.

Hopefully it all makes sense to more people, now.

New info on the Firewall:

There has been a change in the plans for the Firewall, and I now have the opportunity to let you know about some insider information here at LessLoss.

We have recently taken the purchase field for the Firewall off of the website. This product is going to be replaced in the near future (no date yet available) by a new, much more contemporarily designed power conditioner. It will bear the name Firewall, and it will not have the 8 fixed outputs as it was in the earlier design. Instead, there will be one output.

We have found through various tests and much feedback and through correspondence with our customers that the fixed 8-output idea was not flexible enough to cover a broad enough range of needs in individual systems. The Firewall is also very large, and this also makes it more difficult for people to place in their limited space around their systems. Not many people have that kind of room. Also, in the meantime, we have been working hard on newer technical solutions utilizing our skin effect filtering method which are even more perfected and elegant. We have managed to create a smaller Firewall prototype. This will have only one power output, artfully cleansed and perhaps even more dynamic in ability than at its input. The reason we decided that this is best is because of system flexibility. There are so many different system needs that we cannot possibly accommodate them all with the box design of old. There are many very high quality distribution solutions already available on the market, that it did not seem logical to force upon the user our own solution which is "all in one" and unflexible in this regard. Therefore, we will offer a new Firewall which will be more stylish and contemporary in appearance (see the new Blackbody for a very rough idea of where we are going here), will be smaller in size, will have one input and one output, and will really complement the beauty of the listening space as a piece of high end functional sculpture instead of the present 'big box' solution.

We are very happy about this new solution and are working hard to make it available as soon as possible.

And the best part is, because we don't have to put 1000 USD of high end connectors into it, with this solution we can focus the technology which we know best, which is the filtering for audio purposes, for perhaps even less money than the original Firewall. Also, with the smaller design, it will be possible for people to more flexibly and effectively use the Firewall, for example, using two of them: one for the digital or source gear and the other for amps. Or even one per piece of gear, using the small Firewalls as "supercables." People cannot do this that easily with the present Firewall. (If one stacked them it would indeed become a "wall" of wood -- but who needs that many outputs per unit then?

So, we intend to address all these things to make a fantastic, highly desirable product, and I'll be more happy offering this mature solution than the present one, which is by no means bad technically, just inflexible.

When it is announced, you will have the opportunity to pre-order the Firewall at considerable rebate, a service which I will be happy to offer to you as our valued returning (or first-time!) customer.

Not to forget: the Tunnelbridge project is in every way just as groundbreaking as the Blackbody and new Firewall -- so please stay in tune. More to come in the near future via follow-up newsletters.

Thanks for your interest and a Happy New Year to you all!

Louis Motek
Managing Director
LessLoss Audio Devices