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Blackbody v.2, Firewall for Loudspeakers, Bindbreaker news

Dear esteemed Customers,

A new review of the Bindbreaker equipment feet has been published in Hifi Knights publication.

Some highlights:

"Three Bindbreakers underneath the Lithuanian DAC yet again acted in the already well-known way, which resulted in sonics speedier and more open. Thinner and stronger pressed pencil swirls applied to all virtual outlines, which upped the ante on overall clarity. Bass became tighter and snappier but had its density intact. Background got a bit darker to reveal even more tiny bits suspended in-between instruments."

"At this point I knew which product benefited the most from Bindbreakers' presence, the LessLoss Echo's End emerged as the DAC of choice."

LessLoss Bindbreaker

"Rapid transients it further shortened and injected extra power to make the effect more palpable, involving, energetic and somewhat spicier. I took this particular shift as extended dynamic range, thus a clear upgrade, then followed by clearer lowest octaves and more firm and precisely sketched instrumental outlines."

LessLoss Bindbreaker

"Extra speed and energy happened without any heft or temperature makeovers. It's safe to say that Bindbreakers underneath all three amps opened them up in a way and extended their inherent flavours in the dynamic and snappy direction at no real cost. It was repetitive from one device to another."

LessLoss Bindbreaker

"In short, the result was better with Bindbreakers than without them, it arrived at no sonic penalty and scored high enough to justify the expense given my platform's total value. In this context today's pucks introduced the subtle yet audible improvement for mere pennies."

"Price-to-performance ratio was generous. Save select hardware swaps, I'd have a hard time spending the same coin elsewhere and netting a similar result."

Read the entire review here.

Purchase the affordable Bindbreaker equipment feet here.

Firewall for Loudspeakers - two pending press reviews

LessLoss Firewall

Watch this space on 6moons, and follow HiFi Knights, for two pending press reviews of the Firewall for Loudspeakers.

Read many of the user feedback comments already posted right here.

Blackbody v.2 - stellar associations, literally.

LessLoss Blackbody

This new product, coming soon, needs clarification. Because it goes beyond our typical day-to-day mindfulness, we have published a lengthy essay on its theory of operation. If you have missed it in our prior Newsletter, here's the link:

LessLoss Blackbody

This is the type of detective work that LessLoss engages with.

Feedback with mutual experience

This is interesting to share. After having read above article, one customer wrote back:

I live in Canada, so closer to the north.

I think there is some merit to your working theory. It explains why sometimes the system sounds like crap (even late at night) with nothing on in the house. Sure clean AC is part of this, but why then can the system sound great at 5:00 pm when it should sound its worse....

A little story about my personal experience below:

I work in the tech industry for a large software company. About ten years ago, my job was leading the north american support escalation team... Well we had a customer who had a massive data-center outage, and nobody could figure out what happened or why. During one of our conference calls with the hardware vendor, the customer, and the CPU manufacturer (not going to name names, but you can probably guess who), one of the lead CPU architects was on the call mentioned that they believed the causation of the software crash, with resulting outage was due to an increase in solar flairs.... They believed this based on how the random the CPU was behaving at the time the server software crashed. At the time, we sort of laughed it off. Interestingly, the server-hardware manufacturer agreed with the theory, and added evidence based on other customers who during the same period of time had experienced similar random outages.

Later on, in discussions with the CPU architect, I learned that many of their critical data-centers are buried deep into the earth or mountain sides to mitigate the effects of solar flairs on sensitive servers. So this is absolutely real! I think you may be onto something in terms of the effects of solar flairs on the perceived quality of our hifi!


Louis Motek |