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Blackbody v.2 news and pending release info

Dear esteemed Customers,

As we approach the release of the new Blackbody v.2 ambient field conditioner, we present to you its custom stand.

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The stand is made from organic glass and does not increase the space requirement for positioning of the Blackbody in your system. You need only 55mm of space with or without the stand.

What is special about the stand?

To answer this question, let's take a step back from our specific system, our listening room, our home, our neighborhood, our state, country, and continent. Let us consider the entire Earth and its magnetic field as a whole.

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Significant here for our understanding is not that the North/South polar magnetic field cuts through our specific location at some special angle. This is easily shown to be rather insignificant to our audio quality by the mere fact that you can set up your system against any wall of your listening space and the daily and hourly minute fluctuation in sound quality will be the same. Consider the larger picture once again.

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This very large magnetic field of the Earth extends out far beyond our atmosphere and has a funneling effect on greater cosmic precipitation, coming primarily from the Sun. Solar flares come and go like the flares of a campfire. You cannot predict their every move and as long as there is fuel to burn they will flicker at will and seemingly at random. Due to the violence of these solar events, solar wind is generated. These are primarily ions of high energy particles together with bursts of electromagnetic radiation of super high frequency. Because they interact with the magnetic field, extending far away from the Earth, the field acts as a guide and focusses this solar wind such that it can only enter the Earth from the polar regions.

When this solar wind of charged particles is strongest, we can actually see the interaction of atoms in our atmosphere with these charged particles in the form of the Aurora.

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These occur mainly at the poles, but in rare events the Aurora can be seen all throughout the Earth, even as far from the poles as the Equator. Just because the normal strength of the solar wind is not strong enough to constantly make Aurora visible, it does not mean that it does not exist. The ebb and flow of this solar wind has implications on daily and hourly fluctuations on sound quality, giving us "good days" and "bad days" of sonic purity. This has been a riddle for a long time in the audio world, and LessLoss will soon release our solution to this problem in the form of the Blackbody v.2 product.

Our task with the Blackbody is to mitigate the effects of this solar precipitation which is always occuring to some degree. Because we know the source direction whence this high energy precipitation impacts our Earth, it is possible to calculate the best angle to place the Blackbody v.2. This angle will be such that the face of the unit is normal to Celestial North (if our sound system is in the northern hemisphere).

Celestial North and Earth's North

Let us assume that all audiophile furniture lies flat. This is easy enough, and can generally be held to be a tangential plane to the surface of the Earth at any given location. Locations on Earth differ with respect to Celestial North in the following way.

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At every latitude on Earth, from the Equator to the poles, the angle from any local flat surface to Celestial North is given by the respective distance on the globe's surface to the pole. At the Equator itself, the angle from flat surface to Celestial North is 90 degrees, meaning you would look toward the horizon towards the Earth's North. At the North pole, the angle would be 0 degrees (meaning you would look straight up). In between these two extremes, the angle differs at every latitude.

To solve this, LessLoss will custom build everybody's Blackbody stand to the precise angle needed for your exact location. This way, all you need to do when setting up the Blackbody is to determine where the Earth's local North direction is, which you can do with any standard compass.

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(Note: don't do this around your magnetic speakers as you will get a false reading. Make sure you do this far away from any magnets or iron objects. The very best reading will be had if you go outside, but even then beware of things like iron man-holes in the street or iron gutters in street curbs.)

There is a very easy way to determine the proper angle once the Earth's local North direction has been determined. All you have to do is open up Google Maps and find your house. Right click on the house, and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on "What's here?" and at the bottom of the screen you will see two numbers. These are the latitude and longitude numbers, in degrees, of your location.

You take the first number, which is the latitude number, and subtract it from 90, and you will get the exact angle needed for the stand at that location. This will maximize its front face exposure to the incoming low-level cosmic precipitation and result in maximum effectiveness. We spent years honing this by ear but present you with the golden knowledge which is calculable. Ground the Blackbody v.2 using our recommended C-MARC™ grounding cable and, instantly, much will be accomplished to mitigate the daily fluctuations of sonic smear and unclarity.

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You can ground more than one Blackbody v.2 in a chain and use only one grounding wire to the ground of your home in order to reduce wire clutter.

You need not make the calculation of inclination angle yourself. We can do it for you by simply using your shipping address, if in fact that is where your sound system is located.

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We know we'll be catering to audiophiles all over the world, so here are a few examples of locations and their respective inclination angles:

London: 38.5°

New York: 49.3°

Paris: 41.2°

Moscow: 34.3°

Tokyo: 54.4°

Los Angeles: 56°

Stockholm: 30.7°

Our custom angled stands will help you greatly enhance your listening experience and open up a cosmic level of insight, both figuratively and literally. Read that again. This is a first for the new level of audio performance LessLoss is offering!

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Learn more about the new Blackbody v.2 and how we came to this solution!

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Make sure you take the time to delve into the logic behind the discovery of most effective angle, too!

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What is the projected price?

Under construction... will inform when we know.

When will the Blackbody be available? Will there be an Early Bird discount?

We want to keep your lead time as short as possible, so what we will do this time is stock these before announcing availability. This way we can offer a launch of new product with zero lead time! That is our aim this time, a first for LessLoss Audio!


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