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BlackGround 10x Power Base now in assembly; submitted to 6moons for review; review in part published

Dear esteemed clients,

We are now in possession of our first run of beautifully lacquered enclosures for the new BlackGround 10x Power Base and have already begun the process of assembly. We could not be more satisfied with the outcome.

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

There will be ground symbol markings laser engraved by the polished ground terminals. (This is to differentiate these from the "+" and "-" terminals which will be used in later versions for loudspeaker signal conditioning, which will also use these same polished terminals.)

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

2nd review in progess!

Also, please keep your eye out here, as 6moons is as of yesterday in receipt of a final production test unit and has already begun the reviewing progress. Three pages are up already at the time of this writing. Watch this space over at 6moons as the review unfolds!

Also if you have not yet seen it, please note 1st review has already been published over at!

Thank you everyone for your patience while we work hard to keep your lead time as short as possible, while not compromising on quality.


Louis Motek |