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BlackGround 10x Speaker Base - Single Channel version

Dear esteemed clients,

The BlackGround 10x Power Base launch has been (and still is) a huge success. Thank you to all who have participated. Thank you also to everyone who is still waiting. We took care of everything in our power to increase production speed, but we have hit the limit of what is possible. I know it is a test of your patience, but be assured that it will all pay off very well. We are shipping as readily and quickly as possible. And the Early Bird special with free C-MARCPrime power cable is still on! Take advantage of it here! Anyone who wants a second unit can be given a special quantity discount. Just write to me and we'll work out the details.

Feedback is coming in now that some of the earliest customers have had several weeks with their units.

Some customer feedback:

"one of the most interesting experiences yet."

"experienced an irresistible desire to sit down and listen to more music, as well as more types of music."

"musical satisfaction and involvement"

"connects me to the emotive aspect of the performance"

"saturates me with a joyous satisfaction"

"all the "fine stuff", the stuff that promotes the sense of authentic/natural sound had improved - and not in a subtle manner!"

"much more precise, augmenting the reality of the recordings"

"much more natural-sounding than before"

"I do believe that the Blackground is the single most efficient item in the LessLoss arsenal"

"There was not the slightest notion of The Law of Diminishing Returns when going from "only" one 10x to adding the second."

"dynamically satisfying, even explosive, at very low volume presenting all forms of music interestingly whether it be chamber music or Jimi Hendrix"

"I think that pointing out our listening session lasted for a full nine hours without any fatigue says it all."

"No matter what kind of music you love you’ll gain a friend for life with your own 10x BlackGround Power Base."

What's in the pipeline now?

We're going to release the BlackGround 10x Speaker Base - Single Channel version next.

Here I'll explain how it differs from the 10x Power Base.

First of all, it will have the following lettering laser engraved onto the top:

10x Speaker Base - Single Channel

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

Single channel means that you will have all 10 onboard BlackGround modules available for a single loudspeaker signal. A single loudspeaker signal is made up of both positive and negative polarities (Red and Black terminals accordingly on your amp or speaker posts).

So, if you will be using this single channel version on your stereo set of speakers, you will need two of these units. One for right channel, one for left channel. We will sell these at a 5% discount on both if you get them together.

A bird's eye view

Here's the unit from the top.

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

As you can see, there are two new terminals at the back which are not present in the 10x Power Base version.

Now let's zoom in for a closer look at these.

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

The two terminals on the right are exactly as in the 10x Power Base. They are simply at ground potential, and marked with ground symbols accordingly. There are two so you could bridge one unit to another with a grounding cable. This keeps you from needing to use a power cord for grounding purposes. You can simply ground it into your 10x Power Base using these terminals and a grounding cable. Nice and elegant.

However, there are two new terminals on the left. These are for the tapped speaker signal. You can tap these from either your amp's terminals, or from your speaker terminals. As these units will likely be placed closer to your equipment than to your speakers, you will probably want to use the amp terminals. But either way is just fine.

Now let's zoom up even closer.

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

I turned the unit around on the table. In the center of this picture you see the negative terminal. It is marked with a "—" sign in the circle there. This is where you connect the black terminal of the amp to.

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

Now you see the "+" marked terminal. This is where you connect the Red terminal from the amp.

Basically you only need our Large size Grounding Cable product for these two connections. We will easily customize these for you with Black and Red markings free of charge. Just ask.

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

Here are the two Ground terminals marked with the ground symbols. These are at the exact same potential as the grounding pin on the power inlet you see on the left. Again, you don't even need this power inlet if you are grounding this unit by simply bridging the ground over from the 10x Power Base over to it. Just use a Large size Grounding Cable which we offer. It is not expensive at all, and performs incredibly because it is a C-MARC™ cable.

If you don't have a 10x Power Base and you want to use this unit anyway, you can use any power cable you wish to provide ground potential. The idea here is that the power inlet you see pictured is only connected to the grounding pin inside the unit. The other two pins are not even connected. This way, there will never be any danger of introducing power voltages into this unit, which is meant only for your speaker signals and ground potential.

So, there you have it! Here's the unit from the front.

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

In near future we will release this unit and will offer you a great Early Bird Price for it. Again, as always, in return for your patience, we will grant you special pricing conditions to help you bridge the time and reward you for your patience as we busy ourselves building for you.

We will also release a two channel version. Users of the two channel version will enjoy four BlackGround modules per channel, all in a single enclosure. I'll write about that in a later Newsletter.

So, it'll be your choice: the 8x Two Channel version or the (it actually comes to) 20x Single Channel version! We'll have friendly upgrade deals later, so you can always start with the two channel version and upgrade later!

Gotta get back to work. We haven't even had time to get a unit out to the photo studio for some professional photos!

Thank you all for your support. It's a great pleasure to share the joys of these incredible sonic achievements with you.


Louis Motek |