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BlackGround Speaker Base Early Bird offer has launched!

Dear esteemed clients,

Your opportunity to save by pre-ordering the new BlackGround Speaker Base now has begun!

BlackGround 8x/10x Speaker Base

Two versions available

We are launching two versions simultaneously:

The BlackGround 8x Speaker Base - dual channel version
One unit conditions two channels in a single solution. Here you can save 394 USD + the cost of the required wiring.

BlackGround 8x/10x Speaker Base

The BlackGround 10x Speaker Base - single channel version
Two units are necessary for stereo implementation. When purchased together during the Early Bird offer you can save 1183 USD + the cost of the required wiring.

BlackGround 8x/10x Speaker Base

(Please never mind the difference in lighting in the above smart phone images. We are organizing nice professional studio photos which will surface near the end or possibly just after the Early Bird offer expires.)

How to use

To connect and enjoy, two things need to be connected to the BlackGround Speaker Base. These are:

(1) The Loudspeaker signal.
(2) Ground potential of your home's wiring.

All input connections to the BlackGround Speaker Base must be banana terminated.

For #1 you have two options: you can either tap the signal from your speaker input binding posts, or you can tap the signal from your amp's output binding posts. We recommend using whichever will result in shorter wiring depending on where you plan to place the BlackGround Speaker Base in your system.

For #2 you also have two options: you can either use any power cord which has a 15A IEC and which has a ground line, or, if you have the BlackGround 10x Power Base, you can use a C-MARC™ Grounding Cable with banana terminations, and connect the ground of the Power Base to the Speaker Base that way. So if you elect to place the Speaker Base on top of the Power Base, you will only need a very short (~30cm) Grounding Cable to make the ground connection.

Which to choose?

Some pointers:

- For highest performance aspirations, choose to purchase two units of the 10x Speaker Base - single channel version. You'll use one for the left channel and one for the right channel. Not only will you receive 5% discount of their sum, you will also be able to use the Early Bird Special Code LL788 for a total discount on both of 1183 USD. We will supply you with the two needed Grounding Cables and the four needed speaker signal tapping wires free of charge in the lengths you need during the Early Bird offer. So during the Early Bird launch you will save on that as well!

- For currently less liquid budgets, for now, choose to purchase one unit of the 8x Speaker Base - dual channel version. This single unit will provide conditioning for both stereo channels of audio. You'll be able to use the Early Bird Special Code LL394 for a discount of 394 USD. During the Early Bird launch, free of charge to you, we will supply you with the single needed Grounding Cable with banana terminations in the length you need to reach from 10x Power Base to 8x Speaker Base - dual channel version. If you don't have the 10x Power Base, we will offer you a single C-MARCPrime power cable in the length you need for a discount of 10%. If this power cable is the grounding option you need, write to us by email and we will issue you an individual Special Code to use for your custom order.

- The purchase now, during the Early Bird launch, of the 8x Speaker Base - dual channel version, will automatically qualify you for a future upgrade to two units of the 10x Speaker Base - single channel version, without any financial penalty. Think of this offer as having already invested in that financial portion of your future purchase of the two single channel units! If you act now and take advantage of the Early Bird offer, this additional upgrade offer will remain valid without time expiration.

This last bit is worth highlighting:

Under normal circumstances, for the upgrade, you'd be credited 65% of the price of the 8x Speaker Base, but only now, during the Early Bird launch, we are offering you future savings of the remaining 35%! This is a 1084 USD value over and above the Early Bird discount that you can save any time in the future if you act now.

For more details describing both units, come visit our new BlackGround Speaker Base page!

What can I expect sonically if I'm already using the 10x Power Base?

Some words about the sonic experience. There are unbelievably large quantities of details, smoothness, and musical expression, totally unavailable to the listener without the use of this technology. It completely transforms the notion of speaker "speed," "exactitude," "naturalness," "control," etc.

Ok, so you already know the 10x Power Base. The 20x additional BlackGround modules that you would introduce with the two 10x Speaker Base units will be a gigantic step forward, to the point where any recording is tasty, beautiful, and captivating to listen to. It is almost like somebody somehow made all of the speaker membranes weigh only a quarter of what they did before, and at the same time somehow quadrupled the power of the amps. Holographs become absolutely 'touchable.' Well, maybe not with the fingers, but with the mind, which then says nothing but "yes, yes, yes" at every moment of the listening experience. Even with still quite cold amps! And the bass becomes just as much musically moving as the mids. Even if it is some sort of Acid Jazz electronic bass beat, it is perceived as pure music expression, and it is beautiful, tasteful, and thoroughly enjoyable. You will love it!

You know how at the end of a beautiful piece of music, you somehow wished it would just go on and on and on? And that bitter-sweet feeling that, yeah, it has to end sometime. Well it seems with the Speaker Base you get that same feeling accelerated with every note. I noticed myself experiencing this the other day. I wanted every individual Acid Jazz bass beat to never end, even if I don't normally listen to that type of music. Thankfully, my 'ear' said, there are are so many of them in succession! Usually I don't really listen to repetitive music like that, but now really it all comes across as simply beautiful expression with many colors and flavors. The vibe just gets under your skin and seems to bypass the intellectual layers of soul 'protection.' And so when you really do put on soul, watch out! It will move you more than you expect!

A deep-seated respect, a cherishing, for musicians and musicianship has never been as high. That's really one recurring theme with all of the BlackGround products. Whether 10x Power Base, 8x Speaker Base - dual channel, or 10x Speaker Base - single channel, the results are always completely convincing, and unexpectedly powerful. Usually we think more in terms of first critical listening, and then, if all is good, acceptance. This technology seems to turn everything around and messes with our heads. It's more like initial utter acceptance, and then the mind asking, what in the world is going on here? It's simply fascinating to experience! And once in, it definitely is not going out again. Several have written that they intended to A/B test but never for a second felt the urge to actually remove it. Amazing!

Time window for production?

It will go much faster than with the 10x Power Base launch. Production is already underway and, in fact, we have already shipped a few of these already! The earlier you act, the shorter the projected lead time will be so you could secure a place at the top of our production roster. I project this Early Bird launch to go much more quickly than the Power Base launch because we have worked out all the technological intricacies for producing efficiently.

Thank you all for your support and engagement! I remain available should you have additional questions. (Read the web page at the bottom where it says "FREE ITEMS during the Early Bird offer!" for how to specify the free cables!)


Louis Motek |