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C-MARC Stellar production update, New Horizons update, and BlackGround 10x Power Base wins Blue Note 2023 award!

Dear esteemed clients,

LessLoss did it again! Our new BlackGround 10x Power Base has won the 2023 Blue Note award from

Congratulations go out from LessLoss to all our wonderful clients for having helped make this happen through support and interest in our advanced art!

BlackGround 6x/10x Power Base

BlackGround 6x/10x Power Base

Thank you!

Get one here.

If you already have one, do not underestimate the benefits of getting a second one. The same boost in quality will yet again overwhelm you. This is the mark of advanced technologies. You cannot overdo it with these. No skewing nor sound coloration ensues.

Stellar production update

LessLoss C-MARC Stellar Power Cable

We are working hard on our first production batch, ramping up as we go. Things will go faster now due to having received more materials needed last week.

LessLoss C-MARC Stellar Power Cable

Once we get through the first batch in about a week or so we should be able to assess at least roughly how long everyone's lead time is likely to be. It will still be a rough estimate, but we should begin shipping out first Early Bird pre-orders only some days from now!

Thank you all for your patience in return for your Early Bird discounts!

New Horizons update

Our limited edition New Horizons mono block amp project is also moving forward. We have now finalized all the circuitry and have run the fist long term heat tests. Everything is in order. So now we can turn our attention to enclosure design and start making prototypes. This will happen in the next 6-8 weeks.

This amp sounds so good it will revolutionize what one thinks an amp is even capable of. Fantastic!

Further review of BlackGround 8x/10x Speaker Base

We have shipped both an 8x Dual Channel and two 10x Single Channel BlackGround Speaker Base units to a reviewer, and they have arrived in his hands. You can expect to see his review and opinions in the upcoming future!

Secret projects planned!

We also have some exciting new ideas for phenomenal new products in the works. Stay tuned to learn more here on this Newsletter!

Thank you to all,


Louis Motek |