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C-MARC™ Early Bird Credit program draws to an end very soon!

Dear esteemed Customers,

LessLoss C-MARC Power Cable

The response to our Early Bird Credit program has been very good. Thank you all who have helped launch C-MARC™. For those who are still contemplating, there is still an opportunity left.

LessLoss C-MARC Power Cable

T​hat's right! Since the response has been so great, and people are still deciding how to manage their credits, we are extending the offer a couple more days. We'll be happy to hear from you with your inquiries. Check out our website which has been updated with all the new C-MARC™ cables:

LessLoss C-MARC Power Cable

C-MARC™ is now in!

We've received the first shipment of C-MARC™, so next week we'll begin production. We'll be producing in the order in which the orders came in, fair and square. Thank you for your patience while we work on ramping up our production. We want to emphasize everything being right rather than send anyone any sloppy job. Not our style!

~ We wish you all a happy Easter! ~


Louis Motek |