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C-MARC™ Entropic Process Power Cable - See the new review!

Dear esteemed Customers,

The audiophile equipment review magazines Hifi Knights and 6moons have just published an independent review of our top-of-the-line C-MARCEntropic Process power cable.

LessLoss C-MARC power cable LessLoss C-MARC power cable

This represents our 125th independent press review and our 589th public review overall!

The numbers don't lie. We constantly get reviewer inquiries from around the globe. See what the seasoned reviewers have to say, and don't take our word for it!

LessLoss C-MARC power cable

Some highlights from the review

[First, on the C-MARC™ standard version power cable]

"The LessLoss C-MARC power cable was their first product reviewed at this site, and awarded with our Victor badge on top of that. Three years ago I knew of no better solution, which is why two of these cords have been on duty under my roof ever since, and their use time can be counted in thousands of hours by now."

"LessLoss C-MARC's delivery was fully free from any excessive shine, itchiness, tension, nervousness and metallic tint, but at no cost paid by diluting the message or making it dull. Their approach took some edge off music without making it prettier than it was."

"…managed to blend clarity, transparency and backdrop blackness with tone, saturation and roundness, but in such a way that any biases towards any specific trait were kept in check. This evenness and polish were the clear sign of a higher-tiered, more mature performance."

"…C-MARCs rendered the same view deeper, wider, filled with more subtleties and higher oxygen content, which translated into more precisely outlined and articulate sound sources with no harm done to their humane textural fill."

"…multi-layered, breathing and utmost dark canvas sealed the deal. All in all, I’ve found the original C-MARCs very easygoing, relaxed, refined and meticulously balanced, and three years later my take on them didn’t change."

LessLoss C-MARC power cable

[and on the C-MARC™ Entropic Process power cable]

"Now, moving on from the first C-MARC™ generation of power cables, their entropic-processed sibling is alike-profiled at its core and there’s no question about it, but at the same time it offers substantially more."

"Although similar to the original, the latest C-MARC isn’t just its slightly better version. On several counts it’s a noticeably different product that also quickly revealed itself as far better by my standards."

"…both compared C-MARCs, quite identical in appearance, had me in for a big surprise. I first imagined that noticing any firm distinctions between them should take at least several days with enforced yet helpful breaks along the road, but that wasn’t the case at all. [...] where the latest LessLoss positioned itself had revealed itself to me within minutes, and that I truly didn’t expect."

"The newcomer C-MARC’s take on the usual repertoire was quicker, more oxygenated, direct and immediate, just as if its general meta took a firm turn towards the hi-res route."

"…more articulate and speedier…"

"…perfectly clean."

"How my setup staged was the biggest difference of them all."

LessLoss C-MARC power cable

"The entropic-processed C-MARC located me inside that highly potent huge aural illusion even closer to sound sources than its kin, so it secured more points for their visibility and sensible physical feel."

"…packed more punch to net a substantially more elastic, sportier and tactile outcome, and had voices less chunky, yet more organic and articulate in comparison."

"Potency was the key word yet again."

"…pushed my rig’s performance more. …it simply became better."

"Considering how LessLoss’ newly processed power cord presented itself against its very accomplished previous version, and how much this design progressed over the last three years in general, its price increase is fully justified in my book."

"Now the C-MARC™ Entropic Process power cord joins it at the top of my list."

"When I get to choose between penning a story about, say, a DAC and power cable, the former seems the far more appealing route in most cases but not today."

"LessLoss’ noise-silencing technology is its most interesting and important work."

"…quite an unexpected surprise that this latest incarnation offers."

"My tip of the hat to team LessLoss for improving their own C-MARC game this meaningfully, and not charging an arm and leg for that progress."

Read the entire review on Hifi Knights or 6moons.

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LessLoss C-MARC power cable


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