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C-MARC™ is a Big Hit!

Dear Esteemed Customers,

C-MARC™ is a big hit!

LessLoss C-MARC

We are actively at work providing customers with requested upgrades from:

- DFPC Mini
- DFPC Original
- DFPC Signature
- DFPC Reference
- C-MARC™ Triaxial version

Already, repeat upgrade orders are coming in. The inevitable thus developed: a lead time now applies to all new C-MARC™ power cord orders. As such, although our promotional upgrade offer has ended, we will not therefore refuse additional inquiries. What we do refuse, is to let our customers down. So please, if you have an upgrade request, voice it to us in an email soon and we'll get right back to you. Use the resulting lead time to your advantage and get the best deal you'll ever see on the new hand braided C-MARC™ 'super-cord!'

New Informative Video

Many have asked how, after years of embracing the Oyaide 079 series plugs as the best, we made the switch over to a different one. There are many differences in this new plug, the features of which we decided to put into a short video (~1 min) to showcase whence the additional high performance is in fact derived. Instead of constantly talking about things like "lows, highs, soundstage depth, image placement," etc., we want to show you how physical design relates directly to sonic performance. For us, sonic performance means "digging deeper" in a truthful manner, where not new coloration, but actual recorded material is revealed to the listener. The steps which lead in that direction are physical ones, described in the short video. Take a look, please!

LessLoss C-MARC

Special requests

We entertain, whenever possible, specialty cable production requests. Often times we can implement special requests at zero additional fee. For example, th​is special cable made using a 32A Powercon plug, pictured below:

LessLoss C-MARC

The implementation of this plug for a customer's power distributor was carried out at no additional cost.

LessLoss C-MARC

A ​Labor of Love

The new C-MARC™ hand braided 'super-cord' of 3 x 4.6mm^2 conductive cross section is an extremely labor intensive product. Hence, when the roster grows due to growing popularity, the inevitable lead time starts to develop.

LessLoss C-MARC

Build Cycle

When we work, we work in batches of approximately this size. A cycle of work develops. So please accept our apologies if our prognosis of lead time is not spot on. We try to make accurate predictions but sometimes ​they are​n't ​as accurate as we'd like. Nevertheless, everyone has been incredibly happy with the results so far. We feel it justified to say that the wait is well worth it. Our gratitude goes out to everyone who is practicing patience and understands that this level of quality does not happen instantly.

LessLoss C-MARC

With this many new hand braided C-MARC™​ power cables going out, there are also going to be quite a few returned previously owned legacy power cords coming in. Some have been inquiring about purchasing those 'on the cheap.' We don't currently have a system with dealing with reservations of the legacy products. We do not want to introduce an auction system, not because we opt to decline maximum yield in terms of income for them, but because time and human resources are limited in our rather small company and we are not set up to deal with such a system at this time.

Inquiries List: get on it, now!

Therefore, I propose to initiate a simple list of inquiries, beginning now. If you would like​ to claim a legacy product from LessLoss, we will serve you in the order in which the inquiries come in, beginning now. In your inquiry, you must state the following:

--> Name of cable product
--> Length interested in. Be exact. It can be a range, but you have to mention it.
--> Plug types, both ends of cable. (Schuko, 'USA type,' 15A IEC, 20A IEC, UK type, AU type, etc.)

Then, upon receipt of a matching legacy product, we will contact you in the order in which the inquiries came in. This should be sufficient to serve everyone well and will not burden us more than we can handle. There are only 24 hours in a day...

LessLoss C-MARC


Prices for B-Stock legacy product, upon availability:

DFPC Original: 250 USD each.
DFPC Signature: 350 USD each.
DFPC Reference: 450 USD each.

Quality assurance

All legacy product is thoroughly checked by LessLoss to ensure that they perform to our strictest standards.

Thank you for your interest and support! You support us, we support you, and the world is a slightly better place.

Happy listening!

Best regards,

Louis Motek |