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C-MARC™ Pricing and Early Bird Special Pre-Order Offer!

Dear esteemed Customers,

Thank you for your support of the new, super high performance LessLoss C-MARC™ wire and cable!

Projected Pricing (might still change but not radically):

C-MARC™ Hookup wire, bulk (0.8mm^2): $30/meter
C-MARC™ Hookup wire, bulk (2.3mm^2): $80/meter
C-MARC™ Hookup wire optional professional end prepping, tinned and ready for use: $5/end

C-MARC™ Coaxial cable, bulk (2 x 2.3mm^2): $155/m
C-MARC™ Triaxial cable, bulk (2 x 2.3mm^2 and 1 x 0.8mm^2): $200/m

C-MARC™ Plug-and-Play Power Cable: $1150 (2m length)
C-MARC™ Plug-and-Play RCA Interconnect: $850 (1m stereo pair)
C-MARC™ Plug-and-Play XLR Interconnect: $950 (1m stereo pair)
C-MARC™ Plug-and-Play Loudspeaker Cable: $1285 (1.5m stereo pair with spades)

Early Bird Special!

Pre-pay as little as $98 and immediately get:

  • Full access to our Early Bird special pricing (described below)
  • An early place in our job roster and shipping queue
  • An expandable As-You-Go discount offer (described below)
  • Added value credit towards the purchase of any new LessLoss product, valid for one full year!
Early Bird special pricing credit system - get in now and save big!

  • Super small access fee: You only need to pre-pay $98 to reserve your place in line. Regardless of how many cables you will want to get.
  • Super flexible planning:
    You don't need to know right now exactly what you will want to get. You will always be able to expand your credit before the pre-order period has ended. You'll always be kept up-to-date about the time left, well in advance. No worries there.
  • Super valuable Early Bird benefits: Your $98 pre-payment will increase in value by 150% before being exchanged as credit towards your future C-MARC™ purchase. Example: you make an Early Bird pre-payment of $98 now, and you will get $147 in credit towards the final purchase. Make two pre-payments of $98 each, and get $294 in credit. Expand as you wish, as you go, as long as the pre-order period is in effect!
  • Super attractive custom deals: Cash in as much of your Early Bird credit for C-MARC™ cables as you wish. Or save some of it for later. Your Early Bird credit will continue to be valid for one full year.
  • Super friendly trade-in deals through Louis Motek: You can also get more Early Bird credit than you foresee you'll need for C-MARC™ wire and cable alone, and then use the surplus credit as huge value added discount towards any other LessLoss product! Also, as part of the upgrade program to existing customers, Louis Motek will accept existing LessLoss cable product towards exchange into 1X and/or 5X Firewalls at extremely friendly conditions!
To go forward and reserve your place in line, please click the button below, which will take you to the Early Bird Credit page and will qualify you for early access under these special insider conditions to the new C-MARC™ wire and cable line.

Any questions, write to me at [email protected]

Your pre-order is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Louis Motek |