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Confirmed: Every Echo's End gets this robust custom flight case

Dear esteemed customers,

We finally received a sample custom equipped flight case for the Echo's End DAC which satisfies all of our requirements. We are sure that you will be most happy with our choice. The flight case itself will come in a thin cardboard box, whose purpose is mostly to reduce shipping costs because UPS charges less for cardboard boxes than for crates of any size which feature handles. It is also a strategic move because standard shipping labels and document pouches adhere reliably to flat, clean cardboard surfaces. We don't want anything getting in the way of your most speedy delivery. With over 4000 high performance items shipped, to date none have gone astray. Only once, back in 2008, did a customer report having discovered his parcel inside his compost(!) shed by his back yard garden, but that was apparently the safest place, as it was raining hard that day and supposedly nobody heard the courier's knock at the door.

Even if left out in the rain, the Echo's End DAC will be completely protected from moisture. This case can be dropped repeatedly and no harm will befall the finish of the unit. It is tough and means serious business.

LessLoss Echo's End


The flight case features well protected latches and a handle with very robust hinges. There is also an air pressure release valve directly under the handle which is a feature all serious flight cases should have. This is a sealed container with surrounding gasket. In-flight air pressure changes can compromise the seal which surrounds the outer closing lip. The valve serves to equalize inner and outer air pressure differences. It also makes the unit easier to open, so that it would not emulate the yet unopened jar of preserved fruit which can be stubborn to give way.

LessLoss Echo's End

Smooth action

The latches feature recessed spring-action buttons which unlock them smoothly. There is no thud or bump when unlocking them. No yanking, tugging, or fingernail splitting required! Likewise, it is possible to close the case silently, which can be a handy feature if you'd rather like to save your ears for the delicate pleasures of deep music appreciation (or rapping on something more worthwhile in tone quality, like the vibrating cabinet of a speaker you're working on, or need to...!).

LessLoss Echo's End

Streamlined design

Echo's End fits perfectly into the custom hard foam cutout. The flight case has ample padding, but no more than needed, to ensure a safe journey, whether it be to the northernmost coast of Alaska, to the busy streets of Delhi, or to the village barn you converted to a prized listening room in Southeast France. This is truly the ideal solution for Echo's End.

LessLoss Echo's End

Provision has been made for finger insertion at the sides. If you're fingers don't fit, try and find a woman who cares.

LessLoss Echo's End

The rubber gasket runs around the entire lip, creating a water tight seal when the lid is closed.

LessLoss Echo's End

So the decision is final

There you have it. Practically indestructible. Lightweight. Durable. Water tight. Re-usable practically indefinitely. Something definitely worthwhile to invest in, but we are giving it to you for free along with the Echo's End DAC.

LessLoss Echo's End

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Happy Holidays from the entire team here at LessLoss​ and all our best wishes for you and your close ones in 2016​​!

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