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Firewall Awarded / The Virtues of Panzerholz

Dear Audiophiles,

The Firewall has been awarded by The SoundStage! Network with the Ultra Audio Select Component Award. The SoundStage! Network is published by Doug Schneider and Jeff Fritz is Editor-In-Chief.

A review of the new Panzerholz Firewall by Colin Smith on Ultra Audio has been published.

"LessLoss has delivered a triumph."

What is Panzerholz?

You will notice that we are using materials not common to the traditional vein of audiophile gear manufacturing. Among these are Panzerholz.

Panzerholz vs Aluminum

We investigated the acoustical properties of Panzerholz and compared them in a sound recording studio with those of Aluminum.

Panzerholz vs Aluminum

In this experiment, it is shown beyond doubt that Panzerholz is a very advantageous material for audiophiles, due to its very homogenous and extreme acoustic damping properties.

Panzerholz vs Aluminum

We investigate and share with you the acoustical damping advantages, and how these are clearly quantified and displayed. This yields some shocking results to those who have grown accustomed to seeing ever thicker Aluminum enclosure materials in modern audiophile components.

Panzerholz vs Aluminum

Come, see for yourself, and listen to our sound files posted there, so that you, too, could know all about The Virtues of Panzerholz.

Louis Motek
LessLoss Audio